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Music Existence. Retrieved August 16, Retrieved March 12, Atwood Magazine. July 5, Verge Campus. September 6, Retrieved January 15, October 6, Retrieved October 7, Recorded Music NZ. Over the past 14 years, the United States has made itself less congenial to immigrants without any legal status at all. The Real ID Act, passed by Congress in , has inhibited the ability of unauthorized residents to obtain plausible-looking fake documents.

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The spread of the E-Verify system is likewise discouraging to the immigrants who have no legal basis at all for their presence in the United States. Asylum seekers, by contrast, are allowed to work pending resolution of their cases.

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  7. This is one reason why some asylum applicants seek to remain within the asylum system as long as they can. So long as their applications are pending, or under appeal, they benefit from a legal immigration status inside the United States.

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    And because the asylum system is so incredibly slow, who knows how long that status might last? It may be that those with the very weakest claims drop out at the start of the process. Half of those admitted to the U.

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    The other half, however, find their best opportunity to be the provisional legality offered by the asylum process. The Trump administration has sought to stop this process before it even starts by preventing migrants from entering the United States in the first place.

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    Frustration with the long delay pushed Ramirez to his fatal decision to swim across. The detention of asylum seekers is also intended as a deterrent, but it has not proved very effective. Congress has funded only 45, detention beds, declining to 40, after September of this year.

    And since a judicial settlement forbids immigration authorities to detain adults and unaccompanied minors together, the detention policy in turn has given rise to the inhumane system of separate facilities for minors.

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    And of course the people responsible for administering that inevitable failure become short-tempered, harsh, and secretive. They are bureaucrats tasked to do the predictably impossible. The response of many people of goodwill—open the gates, let the asylum seekers in—will bump into the reality of millions more who will want to come. The more allowed in, the more who will gamble on forcing their way in after them, the more lives will be lost as they make their way toward the United States.

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    The asylum system is profoundly broken, and the only way to make it work is to begin with fundamental questions. If poverty, unemployment, crime, spousal abuse, and other non-state-imposed forms of human suffering justify an asylum claim, then at least 2 billion people on Earth are eligible if they can make it over the border.

    If every asylum claim must be adjudicated by a quasi-judicial tribunal, then appealed, then enforced only after another quasi-judicial tribunal and another appeal, then the asylum system becomes an invitation for abuse, joined to a full-employment scheme for immigration lawyers. Unlike asylum seekers, refugees who seek entry into the United States are managed through an entirely executive process. The U. Perhaps even more important: The refugee system is based on truth. Refugees have been displaced from their home countries. The asylum system, by contrast, is built on the idea that most of the asylum seekers moving to the U.