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The King of Swords Tarot Card Meanings

It can also indicate that you are letting your heart overrule your head and may be losing your cool over silly things. This card can also represent infertility or an absent father so it is a not good omen if you are planning a child. If you are single, the King of Swords reversed can indicate that you will meet someone who embodies the qualities outlined in the above section or you are displaying some of those characteristics yourself in your love life.

If you meet someone who embodies these qualities, steer well clear. He will not treat you well and may be violent or dangerous.

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It can also simply indicate a relationship with a man who is a bachelor or single father. It can also indicate that you should use your head more when it comes to weeding out unsuitable partners and not let your heart make all the decisions before someone has earned your trust.

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In a career Tarot reading, the King of Swords reversed can represent a mature older man in your work environment who may be intimidating you or even bullying you. He may be power hungry, judgemental, cold and aggressive and may try to use his intelligence and authority to try and undermine you. In business, this card reversed can also indicate that a lack of structure, routine or self-discipline may be hampering your success. This card can also signify legal matter not being resolved in your favour.

King of Swords Meaning - Tarot Card Meanings – Labyrinthos

In a financial Tarot spread, the King of Swords reversed can indicate that a lack of control or self-discipline in your financial management could lead to issues so make sure you are keeping control of them and acting with integrity in all financial matters. In a health Tarot spread, the King of Swords reversed can indicate that you feel powerless at the moment. If you are going through medical treatment, you may feel like the medical professionals you are dealing with are making all the calls or not listening to your thoughts on the best course of treatment.

Listen to your healthcare providers but make sure any concerns you have are listened to and addressed. In a spiritual context, the King of Swords reversed indicates that you need to keep your head engaged in your spiritual development. You need to use your head to filter out the useful bits from the huge volume of information that is coming your way. In a general context, the King of Swords represents structure, routine, self-discipline, power authority. It is a Minor Arcana card of being methodical, using your head, mind over matter and the head over the heart.

This card signifies logic and reason, integrity, ethics and morals. The King of Swords can represent legal matters, law enforcement, military, police and judges. As a person, the King of Swords is a mature male who is cool, self-disciplined, intelligent, honest and strong. He is rational, logical and a deep thinker. He does not like to publicly display his emotions and prefers to use his intellect over his emotions to deal with situations.

He is a great conversationalist and fiercely loyal and protective of his loved ones. He does well in structured environments and needs to have a routine to operate at his best. He can be clinical and stern. In the extreme negative, he can be a bully or a tyrant and he can be cold or distant if someone is too irrational for his liking.

But generally he is analytical and fair-minded.

King of Swords Tarot Card: Upright, Reversed, & Love Meanings

He takes his responsibilities seriously, is dependable and plays by the rules. Structure, routine, intelligent, rational, logical, power, authority, strength, manners, conversation, discerning, detached, cool, honesty, integrity, ethics, morals, clinical, stern, methodical, self-discipline, head over heart, use your head, military, law enforcement, legal matters, judge, father. King of Swords. Upright Meaning Guide. Reversed Meaning Guide. Court cards, like the King of Swords , are unnumbered which makes using numerology to unlock their basic symbology challenging.

On the surface we have the male ruler of the elemental domain of Air but not much else to go on. We can however link Tarot's Kings to their supreme ruler and card number 4 of the Major Arcana , The Emperor , which would give any King a numerological attribute of 4 by proxy. The same element and numerology is found in the 4 of Swords. The suit of Swords tends toward the negative aspects of numerology but the 4 of Swords is one of the exceptions with its peaceful knight lying on top of a coffin in what appears to be inside a church.

Is he dead or alive and just meditating on his own mortality?

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Both cards have the duality of representing life or death. The King, with his raised sword, may be about to pass a sentence of capital punishment.

Symbolism in King of Swords tarot card

There's a potential threat of an abrupt ending. The other two being the 9 Of Cups and the 4 Of Pentacles. This King is not a man who is making future plans or dwelling on past issues and conflicts. His attention is in the present moment and, with his raised sword, he is dealing with what is happening right now.

King of Swords

Unlike the Queen Of Swords who is looking for, or guarded against, potential future problems the King is dealing with real current problems. When estimating timing of events in Tarot this King would be the best candidate for right now or immediately. The Swords offer a great range of vocational possibilities in their symbolism. The symbolic relationship to this card may not be vocational, it could be a description of his personality. In this case this man could be cold or domineering, argumentative, arrogant, authoritative, assertive, career minded or ambitious.

King of Swords in 4 Minutes

His positive traits could be that he is brave and courageous or highly intelligent. He could even be someone who has spent time in prison or lives outside of the law.