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The above parameters will determine if the laser can be used for pyrolytic processing, i. When considering deep penetration welding and thick section cutting of metals, only carbon dioxide gas lasers ouput wavelength The situation is very different, however, when the precision processing of usually thin materials is considered, and several different types of laser are used.

Basics of Laser Material Processing

The processing capabilities of these lasers are related closely to the characteristics of the laser output. Note that once the laser wavelength drops below the 0. The pulse repetition rate capability of the particular laser then adds to the process efficiency. For more information, please contact us. What is a solid state laser? What is an excimer laser? What is a laser? What is an argon-ion laser?

What is a fibre laser? Nd:YAG laser welding.

Laser material processing applications

Figure Elongated focus energy distribution along optical axis. Laser drilling is the process of creating thru-holes by repeatedly pulsing focused laser energy on a material and evaporating the melted material. The greater the pulse energy, the more material is melted and vaporized.

Over the years, several laser drilling techniques have evolved, including signal pulse, percussion, trepanning and helical drilling. Laser-drilled holes are used in many applications, including drilling of silicon wafers and rubber. Top-Hat beam shapers can improve the edge quality and diameter accuracy of the holes, while vortex phase plates enable drilling of ring shapes.

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Laser micro-drilling of stainless steel tube A laser beam is projected through a transparent material and absorbed in an adjacent material on the backside, such as GaN on Sapphire. The laser lift-off separation process allows processing large area devices with the required finesse and reproducibility. For this reason, it is very common in the LED industry for separating light-emitting films and also in displays for television and mobile devices. Our solution is based on proprietary diffractive beam shaping concepts and can be tailored to any wavelength from nm deep UV to nm IR lasers.

Japan develops blue laser for advanced materials processing | Industrial Laser Solutions

By utilizing our solution, one can use lower cost Multi-Mode lasers to achieve an efficient power density in a thin line. Separation of a substrate from a glass panel The principle of laser surface treatment is the modification of a surface as a result of interaction between a beam of high power density coherent light and the surface within a specified atmosphere vacuum, protective or processing gases.

Some of the typical uses of laser surface treatment are laser hardening and laser re-melting. The component surface is briefly heated above the melting temperature. The melt then solidifies and re-crystalizes without major changes in the chemical composition. Search for:.

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Material Processing. Download PDF. Worldwide laser applications 1 Diffractive optical elements DOEs play an important role in provision of the process-adapted laser beam shaping. The key parameters achieved are: Multiplying process speed and throughput Process precision Wall steepness Heat affected zone Process effectiveness.

Figure 2. Laser ablation 2.

Optical System Solutions for Laser Material Processing

Figure 3. Laser structuring 3. Figure 4. Laser welding 4. Figure 5.

Laser Materials Processing: Fundamentals and Applications (Lecture-3)

Homogenizer energy distribution. Figure 6. Laser ablation process 5.

Figure 7. Energy distribution of custom homogenizer. Figure 8. Laser perforation for food packaging 6. Figure 9.