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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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La politique et la science. Paris, Odile Jacob, , 3 19 p. Granovetter Mark. Guillo Dominique. Paris, Presses Universitaires de France Premier cycle , , x p. Heinich Nathalie. Paris, Presses Universitaires de France Politique d'aujourd'hui , , p. Houtkoop-Steenstra Hanneke. The living questionnaire.

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Hunyadi Mark. Une critique de Michael Walzer. Traditions, transitions et transformations. Jobert Annette. Jean-Daniel Reynaud. Kaufmann Vincent. La question du report modal. Keslassy Eric. Paris, L'Harmattan Ouverture philosophique , , p. L'acteur et ses raisons. Paris, Presses Universitaires. Laflamme Simon. Repertoires of evaluation in France and the United States. Cambridge, Cambridge University. Press, , xv p. Le Bart Christian. Sociologie d'une passion. Rennes, Presses Universitaires de Rennes Le sens social , , p.

Le Breton David.

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Paris, Presses Universitaires de France. Quadrige , , p. Paris, Presses. Universitaires de France Sociologie d'aujourd'hui , , VI p. Lembo Ron. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, ,. Paris, Conseil. Recovering work. Maggi Bruno dir. Marchais-Roubelat Anne. Jacques Lesourne. Martin Pierre.

Mathieu Lilian. L'Harmattan Logiques sociales , , p. Mendras Henri , Oberti Marco. Trente recherches exemplaires. Michaud Yves dir. Odile Jacob, , p. Paris, L'Harmattan Logiques sociales ,. Recherches scientifiques , , p. Postface de Claude Bartolone. Peatrik Anne-Marie. Paris, Nathan Fac. Peretti-Watel Patrick. Pinard Rolande.

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De l'artisan au manager. Poirrier Philippe. Renouard Jean-Marie. Paris, L'Harmattan Logiques sociales , , p. Sainteny Guillaume. Spary Emma C. French natural history from old regime to revolution. Chicago, Chicago University Press, , xv p. Sumakai'i Fink Amir , Press Jacob. The lives of gay men in Israel. Tacussel Patrick. Les saisons passent. EN When nobody shows up for her birthday, Ariane decides to leave the countryside behind and discover the big city, where she engages with a series of colourful people.

FR Jean pose des alarmes dans des demeures en France. She encounters Jean, a local electrician and a passionate affair swiftly follows. But one fateful evening her whole life is upended in a matter of minutes. Controversial French author Michel Houellebecq is electrifying as the 56 year-old depressive Paul. Stellar French actor Guillaume Canet plays the lead role. The film is a portrait of a young man caught between radically different worlds and conflicting aspirations.

Marianne Tardieu takes us on an interesting journey. Entre-temps, il travaille dans un centre commercial. Un film original, haut en couleur avec un message social fort. Amadeo comes back after 16 years in exile. Director Laurent Cantet explores the dreams, ambitions and mistakes made by the five friends along the way, with a sentimental and philosophical touch. A strange disappearance causes their lives to change. He and a friend form a DJ duo called Cheers. Two of their friends form a group with a similarly odd name: Daft Punk.

EN When a mother reveals her plans for a gender transition, the world of her teenage daughter changes as their time together becomes limited to Tuesday afternoons. The movie was shot over the course of a year, every Tuesday, to fit with the atmosphere.

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EN A young boy who is bullied at school gets bitten by a scientific ant and becomes Antboy. When the supervillain Flea kidnaps the girl of his dreams, he calls on his friends to help save her. An homage to Spiderman.

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This gripping drama is already the third film from acclaimed director Athanasios Karanikolas. Jean A. EN With no way to live a traditional lifestyle in his Aboriginal community, the ageing Charlie struggles to make his own way in life. FR This is the start of an epic journey that teaches them the importance of embracing their differences and the unique qualities they each possess.

A humorous tale with a political message about equality and friendship. EN In an isolated small town in Ireland lives a young girl called Niamh. After a violent attack in which her entire family is killed, Niamh is adopted by her neighbours. But the strange and violent events that killed her family start to follow Niamh. This frank and powerful horror film explores the real world horrors of child abuse. The film is based on a true story about three teenagers in West Memphis, who were convicted of killing three young boys. A private investigator suspects all is not as it seems.

Alexandre O. This film took 11 years to make and many of the people interviewed, died before it was completed, as did John Wojtowicz himself. EN The human being is a sick animal; its natural impulses and drive for selfdevelopment have been imprisoned by reason and culture. Lou and Martin, two adolescents living on an island, attempt to escape the suffocation of overprotective parents.

Will they succeed in building trust in the midst of forces that drive them apart? It presents ten stories that all take place in Ghent. The project was an initiative to celebrate the 40th edition of Film Fest Gent in but the Follow Team rallied up scripts, and volunteers made another edition of Follow Gent. But their fantasy life slowly starts to crumble as they start to create a new model for living.

A never-ending game of seduction starts. Gary M. Kramer from Indiewire. A heart-warming film for the whole family. Pourtant, GrandOncle est grand et poltron, et Lilla Anna est petite et courageuse. Ensemble ils vivent des aventures amusantes et insolites. Un moment de plaisir pour toute la famille. Academy Award nominee Robert Kenner exposes the corrupt practises of multinational businesses. However, by the time of his death he has only reached the letter N.

The movie was selected for the Berlin International Film Festival. EN Academy Award nominee Nacho Vigalondo directs this paranoid thriller about a man, Nick, who wins a competition to have a date with his favourite actress. But when she refuses, a mysterious man offers to help Nick spy on her. Ertan slowly tries to reconnect with his son. During his escape he looks back on his life. The movie was nominated for two Awards at Cannes Film Festival. This intriguing episode is transformed into a plea for beauty, creativity and joy.

The film functions as a metaphor for contemporary Spain and its ongoing state of crisis. EN Winner of 3 awards at the Festival of Cannes, the film follows a boy at a school for the deaf in Ukraine. The school is ruled by corruption, prostitution and violence and the young man tries to navigate through all those events. Prostitution, corruption et violence y font la loi. While their mother is away earning a living in Italy, Georgiana becomes head of the family and finds her adolescence cut brutally short.

Arthur Champilou de aVoir-aLire. A blind teenager wants to escape his everyday life by going on an exchange programme, but the arrival of Gabriel, a new student, makes him change his plans. EN Strangers in their own birthplace, year-old Danny and year-old Odysseus cross the entire country in search of their Greek father, after their Albanian mother passes away. The movie was warmly received by the Cannes crowds and was nominated in two categories. During her quest, she crosses path with the Japanese DJ Furu, who is playing the very last records of his career.

Brother No.

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Born in a wooden hut and raised in extreme poverty, James Brown was in prison before his eighteenth birthday. It was there that he began to sing gospel and, upon his release, he climbed his obstinate way to success. James Brown! EN A touching confrontation with death. The frontman of the Dutch band The Scene describes a night in the hospital. When the morphine starts kicking in, the fear of death also sets in.

In his hallucinations, he travels across a web of memories, images and emotions, until he almost reaches a state of resignation. A new day begins. Or is it heaven? FR Une approche originale de la confrontation avec la mort. Simmons plus terrifiant que jamais. Simmons, who is as fearsome as ever as the conductor. Menahem Golan and Yoram Globus, who created the most powerful independent film company in the world. The movie is anchored using intimate one-on-one interviews with the man himself. Directed by Academy Award nominee Steve James. We also see how his four sons face the same challenges as their father.

A beautiful and passionate documentary about legacy. Nominated for best documentary at Sundance Film Festival. The legendary Nouvelle Vague director has made at least 20 movies, documentaries and television programmes with Paris as the main actor. FR La relation entre Rohmer et la ville de Paris. EN This documentary explores the home, life, films and legacy of Ingmar Bergman, as described by famous filmmakers like Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro, who explain the impact the filmmaker had on their lives and careers.

Together with writer and literary critic Roderik Six they will discuss his work and, of course, cinema. Herzog views all the proceedings with fixed detachment. He remains cool. He takes no sides. He may even be slightly amused. Special screening with live music performed by Legowelt. When she hears about a high-class brothel she becomes intrigued and eventually joins while her husband is at work. Un jour. He falls in love with the girl that rides horseback, but his rope dancing rival makes sure he gets fired. Shortly before closing time, scheming loser Sonny Al Pacino and his slow-witted buddy, Sal John Cazale , burst into a Brooklyn bank for what should be a run-of-the-mill robbery, but everything goes wrong.

When a famous film star comes to Rome, he does everything he can to meet her, and when he does, he is completely charmed by her. The songs in which Ravel employs modality are based in their entirety both melodically and har- monically on a particular mode. Works of Debussy and Poulenc, on the other hand, did not employ modality as the sole harmonic or melodic basis of a composition. Instead, chords characteristic of modal harmony, modal melodic fragments, or modal passages which digress briefly from tonality were often interspersed within a tonal idiom.

Utilization of the modes significantly affected the quality of chords found at cadences. The minor v is found in a dominant function throughout "D'Anr. The harmony of "D'Anne jouant de l'Espinette" Example 2 , another of the Trois Chants , is derived from the dorian mode; subsequently the minor dominant, as well as a minor-minor form of the dominant- seventh chord, is used.

Parenthetical examples may be found in the Appendix, at measures indicated. The minor v's in both "Fantoches" and "Lia's Aria" and in the two Poulenc examples are not part of any larger modal section, but are rather like "borrowed chords," often functioning almost as passing chords see "Air Vif," Example 5. Though a chord built on the seventh degree sometimes occurs in a minor form, the major lowered subtonic triad is more common and gives a distinct feeling of modality, particularly when it precedes the tonic, as in Debussy's "Chevaux de Bois" Example 6 , "Fantoches" Example?

I n rnf rn rvr i cj'i ft-, r i. A less striking example, "Chanson de la Mariee" example 10 also makes increased use of the subdominant, particularly in the initial tonic-subdominant alternation. In a manner similar to that in which the modes were used by Debussy, the whole-tone scale, another alternative to a tonal basis for harmony, was employed by Debussy, Ravel, and Poulenc.

Melodic fragments derived from the whole-tone scale are conspicuous in many of the songs of all three composers. Particularly significant to Im- pressionistic harmony arc the augmented triads resulting from that scale. The scale degrees on which these chords are built seem to vary from song to song. An augmented chord built on the tonic occurs in "II pleure dans mon coeur" Example The augmented mediant triad found in foulenc's Example C'est l'Extase, measures Debussy.

Not all of the Impressionistic innovations in harmony stem from new scales.

On the contrary, novel chords, "le regal de 1 ' o u'i e , " often occurred for their own sake. Debussy, Ravel, and Poulenc employed a still more uncustomary dominant chord built in fifths, as found in "Mandoline" Example 16 and "Tout gai! Debussy dolce e legg. The alteration of a single tone within a tertian chord of dominant function tended to weaken the sense of tonal orientation. An unusual effect is given to the dominant-seventh chord in "Chanson des cueilleuses de lentisques" Example 18 by raising the seventh a half-step, introducing a tone outside the scale and giving the typically major-minor chord a major-major quality.

Example Chanson des cueilleuses, measures Ravel ft-. De- hussy in particular, having been influenced by Wagner's technique of delaying harmonic resolutions in order to sustain a musical thought over long stretches, made sparing use of authentic ca- dences throughout somewhat extended passages of music. Similarly, the final measures of "Tout gai!

This last chord, like the one in "Kandoline," sounds in fifths. Examples 19 and Example Mandoline, measures Debussy The dominant-tonic relationship is particularly lacking in the Impressionistic treatment of secondary dominants. In various passages in "C'est l'Extase" Example 21 a sense of tonality is practically lost due to a profusion of unresolved secondary dominants.

La j n contexts for what would seem to be purely coloristic reasons. Examples of isolated secondary dominants which do not resolve to their tonics pervade the works of Debussy, Ravel, and Foulenc, except in sections where the influence of folk music as in Ravel's Greek Folk Songs , and, to a lesser extent, in Poulenc's 19 Airs Chant es calls for a simpler harmonic scheme. These successions of seventh and ninth chords represent one aspect of parallel writing which appears with characteristic frequency in the music of the Impressionists and particularly that of Debussy.

Two broad categories of parallelism may be observed: the first involves the succession of chords of the same quality and dimension i. Due to the introduction of extra-diatonic tones into the tonal fabric, parallel chords of the same con- struction seem to damage tonal orientation more so than do 20 Example En Sourdine, measures 9 Debussy those of disparate design whose tones move in similar motion, "ajor triads, as well as major-minor and half-diminished seventh chords, are often employed in long successions. One of the harmonic contributions of the Impressionists stemmed from consistent variations of the traditional triad.

Example D'Anne qui me jecta, measure 8 Ravel t: t ii 22 dominant sevenths abounded so in Impressionistic music seemed to signify a growing acceptance of tiie seventh as a valid constituent of chords of any function. Other triadic extensions also came into ever-increasing usage and were usually qualified by spacings which either outlined the chord in thirds or which provided a frame for the chord with the root in the bass and the extension the ninth, eleventh, or thirteenth sounding highest above the other tones.

The greater the number of chordal constituents allowed greater freedom in the omission of certain chord tones. Neither of the dominant thirteenths in "Tout gai! Other ninth chord: Example Tout gai! Still others are formed by broken figure.? Whereas the ninth chord was used fairly frequently by Debussy and Poulenc as well as by Ravel, elevenths and thirteenths 24 31 J Beau 3oir, measures dim. Inter- vals of the second, fourth, and sixth occurring over the root of a triad often did not resolve as had been customary of non- harmonic dissonances. These tones occurred with chords to such a great extent and were so often spaced in open positions against the root that they suggest appraisal as essential chordal constituents.

Similarly, seconds and fourths were included in a variety of chordal functions and structures. The tonic appears with both added second Example 39 and added fourth Examples 40 and 4l. Usually made up cf the simple tonic triad or an open fifth implying such, 21 the pedal, or "escape chord," ' is sustained throughout otherwise changing harmonies.

Example 55'. Qu'unjour, how once, Da mich gui. New scales were adapted to fit into a tonal idiom. Tertian chords were often modified, in extended forms or with added tones, particularly the sixth and also the fourth and second; even though these modifications be- came more and more accepted through use, the triad remained the basic harmonic construction. Pandiatonicism was by far a rarer motivator of polychords than was the traditional conception of a pedal point. Such consistent modifications were bound to weaken tonality, nonetheless, and the idea of functional harmony seems almost antithetical to Debussy's remarks: "Are you incapable of listening to chords without demanding to see their identity cards and travel orders?

Cooper, p.