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Yet even more intriguing than their employment is their employer - a certain Mr Sherlock Holmes of b Baker Street. How will the master criminal fare against the legendary detective? In this stunning re-creation of the classic Raffles stories, Richard Foreman brings one of the most famous characters in literature vividly back to life. Raffles, the famous cricketer and amateur cracksman, is back in an original adventure. Raffles decides to undertake a job close to home, at the Albany.

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His new neighbour is Rupert Robert Fuller, a powerful - and odious - financier. In order to distract Fuller, whilst he breaks into the banker's opulent apartment, Raffles calls upon his friend - the cricketing legend C. Yet how much is Raffles being distracted himself Mary Flanagan, Fuller's beautiful and enigmatic maid? Has someone finally stolen the gentleman thief's heart?

Raffles The Gentleman Thief returns in this magnificent third instalment of Richard Foreman's new series based upon the adventures of one of the classic characters of British fiction. Since the disappearance of Mary Flanagan the events of which are contained in the story Raffles: Bowled Over Raffles has grown despondent, sick with boredom. Thankfully a remedy is found, in the form of an invite to a party.

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Strike has everything you need for a rocking party. Strike is the perfect team building activity.

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  • Members FREE Christmas in July Raffles.

Hang out with your mates after work, celebrate special events, or take your girl out for a fun date. Strike Laser takes laser tag to the next level. State-of-the-art laser tag technology, amazing props, and individual soundscapes ensure that you get an unbelievable laser tag experience. Battle it out in style at Strike Laser.

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Strike is more than your typical bowling alley. The food from their kitchen will keep you coming back for more. I found myself often laughing with Raffles and cringing with Bunny at the various people they encounter. The casual mention of real people like H.

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Wells, Winston Churchill and the famous sportsman C. Fry - here a friend of Raffles - naturally brings authenticity to the story, and you really do feel like you're witnessing history first hand. What members say.

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