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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Claude Huggins, after founding the town of Hugginsville on the site of his wife's death and bear mauling because he was too scared to leave, was bullied into changing the name of the town to Two Farts by a band of roving bullies. Once again too scared to completely change the name, Huggins portmanteau-ed the name Two Farts into Teufort. L'ultimo testamento di Zepheniah Mann viene scritto ed emanato. Link , Link. Abraham Lincoln inventa le scale, che rimpiazzano il salto razzo.

Redmond and Blutarch Mann sell their gravel mine to Barnabas Hale for 5 cents. Hale then turns it into a coal mine promising jobs for the surrounding region. La Shiny's Bullion viene istituita. Blutarch Mann commissiona a Radigan Conagher di costruire un estensore della vita. Emily richiede a Conagher do costruire un estensore della vita anche per Redmond Mann. Biggs inizia a costruire aste d'acciaio. Radigan Conagher finise di cotruire l'estensore della vita per Blutarch Mann.

Radigan Conagher finisce un altro estensore della vita per Redmond Mann. Radigan Conagher finisce l'estensore della vita per una festa riservata. Nell'articolo, i funzionari Mann Co. Mann Co. A mineshaft collapses on top of Bilious Hale and his employees, but Bilious Hale punches his way out saving himself and his living employees.

Franklin D. Roosevelt perde entrambe le sue game durante un salto razzo. Come risultato, prefreziona la moderna casa. Bilious Hale , eager to re-ignite the nation's waning interest in coal, introduced the steam-powered hat at the Paris World Fashion Expo. La birra Red Shed viene distillata in Tougaloo. Bilious Hale supplies them with weapons and ammunition.

American soft drink magnate Theophilus Bonk added sugar to the same mixture as the first set of batteries, creating Bonk! Redstone Cargo viene stabilita. Inizia la Seconda Guerra Mondiale. Anche se lui voleva disperatamente combattere la Seconda Guerra Mondiale, il Soldato venne respinto da ogni ramo dell' U. Il padre del Grosso , un contro-rivoluzionario, viene ucciso. Il Grosso e la sua famiglia vengono deportati in un gulag nel Nord della Siberia. Il gulag del Nord della Siberia brucia assieme alle guardie e tutti i prigionieri, inclusi il Grosso e la sua famiglia, scappano.

New Zealander infant Mun-Dee accidentally breaks a hole in his country's underwater dome while flying away in a rocketship, leaving his parents the only survivors. The rocket crashes in Australia, where the baby is raised by a local couple and eventually becomes the Sniper. Jeremy, who will later take on the moniker of Scout , is born in or around this year. Il Soldato finisce la sua strage Nazista in Polonia dopo aver sentito che la Seconda Guerra Mondiale era finita nel While Saxton Hale and Margret are beating panthers to death, Charles Darling kidnaps the panthers Hale and Margret were punching to put them in his new animal dungeon.

Primaprime arriva con una serie di fimati istruttivi. Saxton Hale's Barbershop Action debutta negli U. Margret's husband Roger's funeral is held. A giant snapping turtle attacks and Saxton Hale promptly strangles it with his suit jacket. The alcoholic Demoman's body begins to scrounge most of its nutrients from grain alcohol and aspirin.

Solo quattro oggetti iniziano ad essere prodotti per gli anziani: cappelli, carne, cofanetti, e Saxton Hale's Mildly Thrilling Tales. Sotto pressione dal Senato, la Mann Co. Il settaggio principale per Team Fortress 2. Saxton Hale lancia delle bombe incendiarie contro un elicottero a causa di una faida durata molto tempo con gli hippies.

In Teufort, all but The Administrator 's genealogy records are destroyed, apparently for no reason. Gray Mann assassinates Redmond and Blutarch Mann to gain control of their respective corporations. This also marks the end of The Gravel War. After Gray Mann kills Redmond and Blutarch Mann and leaves the room, the brothers arise from their bodies as ghosts, or spirits. They immediately begin fighting over who was killed last, and therefore who won the Gravel War. The brothers visit the Soldier at Castle Merasmus for advice, who tells them that neither of them is dead until they "cross over into the next world".

Both Redmond and Blutarch leave to go to separate pay phones to call their previous employees from life. Blutarch calls Miriam and Redmond calls Phyllis, both telling them to go to the Alamo's new location and retrieve their bodies, to have the mercenaries deliver the bodies of the other brother to Hell.

Merasmus returns from WizardCon to find that the RED Soldier , now a park ranger, has let his castle be overrun by raccoons and turned into a raccoon sanctuary. Being evicted from his own home as a result, and soldier gaining ownership of his castle, Merasmus snaps and transforms into a powerful ghost version of himself, vowing to kill everyone the Soldier cares about. Soldier reveals that he was able to infiltrate Gray Gravel Co.

Miss Pauling orders him to make more costumes; and she, Soldier, and Heavy infiltrate together a week later, witnessing the unveiling of the Mecha-Engineer in the process. To keep the Robot Wars from becoming another Gravel Wars with each side in perpetual stalemate, Gray Mann surrenders to Saxton Hale, ceasing all fighting. Then, invoking the Mann Co.

Unwilling to fight a child, Hale promotes one of his assistants, Mr. Bidwell to CEO to fight Olivia. However, when Mr. Administrator, hearing the news of Gray Mann gaining control of Mann Co. Scout, who had recently broken both his arms, asks Spy to drive him to the Teufort Bank where he is keeping all his savings from mercing for Redmond Mann and Mann Co. Spy refuses at first but begrudgingly accepts to take Scout after Scout brings up disappointing his mom.

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After arriving, it turns out that Scout had been "investing" all his mercing money on 12 cubic yards of Tom Jones memorabilia in order to sell it all when he dies, however, Mike , the mayor of Teufort, has them arrested for destruction of Teufort. Soldier murders Tom Jones in his own home. Merasmus, who was Tom Jones' roommate, gets charged for the murder.

Merasmus ends up in jail with three other prisoners, one named T-Bone.

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Miss Pauling, under orders from Administrator, begins to reassemble the Mercs back together again starting with Soldier, who has become an illegal celebrity tour guide, then moving to Pyro, who has become the CEO of Frontier Engineering, and Demoman, who has remained unemployed since he was fired by Gray. They then make a plan to take a flight to Siberia to pick up Heavy and then Australia for Sniper and then fly back to the US to get Engineer, Medic, Scout and Spy, until they read a newspaper from Teufort.

Meanwhile, Gray and Olivia finally manage to find Hale's secret Australium stockpile, only to discover that the Administrator had already stolen it from him. Spy and Scout, who were arrested 5 months prior, are set to have a trial in the City of Teufort and be hanged for their crimes. Saxton Hale is released from the Millhaven Ultra Prison for Dangerous Men after successfully burning down most of Charles Darling's zoo and is picked up by Margret, an old friend of his, and tells her he was originally there to ask Charles Darling for help in getting Mann Co. Margret then takes Hale to her boss' office, who turns out to be Charles Darling.

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