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I try to lecture, judge and moralise less and the conversation goes better! You must be logged in to post a comment. Basics of positive parenting. Previous Next. Why parent positively? Never put your child down Self-esteem is what every parent wishes for their child, and it comes from the child receiving positive messages about their physical, creative, intellectual selves.

7 Parenting Basics That Are More Important Than Ever

Parents Anger Mangement I was shocked to hear my daughter say that she found me threatening when she was small. Quality Time with Your Child Spend time chatting-I was too busy when my children were smaller and now I stop and make time. Good Communication Talk with, not at, I have learned that it works better when I talk with, and not at my child. Jo Batts.

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Christian Gallen. Sign up to receive regular parenting tips Hot Tips Events Dads Digest. Topic Interests Babies Early Years Middle Years Tweens and Teens In addition, adolescents whose parents model appropriate behavior have better skills and attitudes regarding academic achievement, employment, health habits, individuality, relationships, communication, coping, and conflict resolution.

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Role modeling remains the best way to influence your children at any age, and you should pay close attention to what you are showing your teens in every aspect of your behavior. You have a responsibility to provide positive resources for your children, such as education, healthcare, guidance and support.

Advice for Parents: Positive Parenting Style - Parents

Providing and advocating for resources helps your teen to prepare for the adult world and overcome societal barriers. Parenting teens is an art, not science. Every family is different and the relationship between teens and their parents is significantly influenced by their individual personalities. This is a very good article. Thanks for the reminder. They love it when you value their insight. Teens always want to be appreciated. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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    About Resources Donate Contact Us. Research supports these strategies for connecting with your teen: In addition to spending time together as a family, each parent should spend time one-on-one with each child in the family. This time should be used to engage in an activity or interest that the specific child uniquely enjoys.

    10 Good Parenting Tips

    Express genuine affection, respect, and appreciation for your teen. Listen more than you talk. Allow debate in your family. When making decisions, model negotiation skills and compromise. Learn about a topic or activity that interests your teen.