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Driving in Myanmar is surprisingly chilled. I noticed that our driver very rarely used his phone whilst behind the wheel and never got up above the speed limit. The AC was also a godsend after walking around temples and pagodas in the afternoon heat.

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We visited Mandalay Hill, which has sweeping views across the city. We were so excited to encounter such friendly monks, happy to pose for pictures, giggling with each other and taking selfies, that we totally forgot about the pagoda. Tip — if you do go, wear something bright and colourful so that you really pop in the pictures. There are endless pagodas to explore and get lost in, each more impressive than the next. We also knew from the limited research that we did, that we had to be at U-Bein bridge for sunset.

After the pagodas, we jumped in the car and made our way to the bridge. The longest teak bridge in the world, its a stunning spot to not only people watch, but if the sky is kind, you will also get some great sunset shots. When the water is still, the bridge is perfectly reflected upon the water, making for some incredibly dreamy scenes. We opted to watch the sunset from a small little wooden boat. The bridge is close to a Monastery so there will be plenty of monks walking across, beautiful scenes indeed.

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Once the sun had set, we stopped for a bite to eat in a local restaurant, and not very enamoured with the food, we were in and out in about 15 minutes flat. Back to the car and back to the hotel. Our driver, discussing the next day pick-up with us, suggested a visit to the monastery the next morning to watch monks eat breakfast. Erm, ok.

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A bit weird we thought but we went along with it, the promise of some great pictures enough to lure us away for a few moments from getting on our way to Bagan. We first headed to a local market, always a great places to glimpse real local life. Katie and I wandered around taking pictures, laughing with the locals, playing with the children and generally causing a bit of havoc within the market amongst the traders.

Word must have got around that there were two foreign ladies walking around with cameras and soon the market ladies were chuckling away with each other waiting for their turn. Some of the ladies were a little shy, and others were ready with their Hollywood poses.

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A lot of fun, and some great pictures. This is where I start to get a little speechless and struggle to find the right words to describe what we saw. Well, not what we saw, more, what we felt. At around am every morning, over monks line up, bowls and cups in hand and wait patiently in line for breakfast. Witnessing such an incredible sight, so utterly peaceful and beautiful left a lump in my throat that no other country or experience has ever done before. Although its so easy to get caught up just snapping away in the quest for a perfect picture, if you are ever lucky enough to witness such scenes, take a minute, breathe and just feel the moment.

It will have passed before you know it. From the monastery, a little emotional and very humbled, we began our 5 hour journey towards Bagan. Stay tuned to read more about a little detour we made on the way to Bagan, and of course…that sunrise. Click here to read about our adventures in Bagan. May 27, No Comments. How to see Mandalay in 24 hours! Before I quit my job, I knew that I would someday make a visit to Myanmar and see the sunrise over the pagodas.

You will read mixed reviews on this experience, mainly about how disrespectful the tourists are and that there are too many uncontrolled tourists. So far the monks are very welcoming to the few climbers that have come to Waterfall Hill, and Katie and I work hard to be extra nice.

Tea shop mama is always so happy to see us. Marion trying the bottom 5. It was also her second ever 5.

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  8. Before Katie got a climbing helmet she had to wear a huge motorcycle helmet to climb. The crux had three distinct boulder problems separated by marginal rests. It took me eight days on six different trips to Mandalay to figure out all the moves and send.


    I originally thought it might be. After I did finally figure out the sequence, I sent on the next day. I avoided it for as long as I could because I was so intimidated by it, all those big falls into lots of air. Now Katie and I are psyched for the last great Mandalay project. The full line of Firefly Engagement with the rope hanging from the anchor.