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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Seychelles Nation

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Aïe Aïe Aïe !

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These pieces were housed in other museums that had been created specifically to showcase the conquests of the French State and to provide a space in which to study and observe other cultures as scientific objects. The Rise of Scientific Authority and Cultural Elitism Essentially, exhibitions represent identity, either through direct assertion or indirect implication. Classifications were based on Western-initiated scientific studies of other cultures and races according to economic, social, and religious characteristics.

Two specific formats for exhibitions developed in the Nineteenth century: cabinets of curiosity and ethnography museums. In this section, I will first distinguish the particularities of the cabinets of curiosity before discussing the emerging field of ethnography in the Nineteenth century. From there, I will discuss the rise of cultural elitism that dominated the Twentieth century with the movements of surrealism and primitivism and with renovation of the Grand Louvre and the recently created Quai Branly museum.

Cabinets of Curiosity and Ethnography Museums Cabinets of curiosity date back to the Renaissance and are believed to be the forerunner of ethnography museums. Hence, the cabinets brought together science and art into enclosed spaces and offered the viewer a perspective onto the unknown. In other words, cabinets and their arts were exoticized as sources of curiosity and fascination for the Western viewer. Thus, the dominating emotions associated with other cultures were fear and curiosity. As brilliantly argued by Daniel J.

He posits the role of ethnography in providing a sound and rational history of the evolution of arts and cultures, wherein each race would be judged by its degree of so-called civilization. We can conclude that cabinets of curiosity remain a distinct space in the modern art world due to their hybrid and eclectic nature. While cabinets of curiosity were one exhibition trend in the Nineteenth century, another was ethnography. Surrealism and Primitivism As interest in ethnographic museums rose during the Nineteenth century, new schools of thought in art, literature, and philosophy sprung up in the early Twentieth century that encouraged breaking from the dictates of French cultural and political authority.

For example, Surrealism first emerged as a literary movement in the s and s. What constituted a pure state of thought was an open question. Daniel J. Other cultures were dependent on a hierarchical relationship of power where the French Surrealists could determine their existence and identity. In his efforts to increase visibility of art originating from other cultures, Malraux viewed art as a sacred expression of numerous cultures that sought to express the human condition.

In other words, the cultural and historical distinctiveness of each piece was removed in order to exalt its artistic qualities as determined by Malraux. While these findings illustrate the deculturalization of art, it is important to keep in mind the historical context of the Surrealists and of Malraux.

What I wish to particularly consider from her work is her analysis of the evolution of exhibit design and hanging strategies within the Louvre from the s to the present. Following this undertaking, the Louvre continued to evolve in the s by transitioning from being a technically focused institution to being a space in which the visitor could reflect on the meaning of art, as well as a space in which both the artist and the visitor could receive creative inspiration.

The creation of a more mediatized environment offered the opportunity to use a didactic approach through multi-media sources. Avec toutes les sortes de gens. Loyrette Lepoint Here, Loyrette acknowledges the need for a paradigm shift in the perception of museums by the public and in the elitist attitudes often associated with museums, the Louvre in particular. Chirac expressed a strong belief in the need to create a museum that would restore dignity to the people who had suffered from colonial violence. Perhaps one reason could be that Chirac failed to name the cause of this violence, i.

To take a case in point, Daniel J. By dedicating a museum The tag line for the Quai Branly Museum can be seen on their website. It is through the erasure of the colonial past that Parisian museums maintain a culturally dominant position that justifies their dictations regarding cultural hierarchies. By engaging the visitor in an encounter with multiple histories, mediation is shifted to the visitor to interpret significance and meaning. Thus, with the viewer as mediator, the power of interpretation shifts from cultural, political, or scientific authorities, to the individual viewer.

In such a hybrid space, each culture opens onto another, and the viewer extracts the meaning of the intersections and Relations. You may also find an online press kit. LMSM Undenibaly, Loyrette reminds the public that the silence of a culture does not indicate its inexistence. EM Thus, the position of the viewer with the art piece and the position of the art pieces are of critical importance. Each participant interacts across barriers of time and space where the viewer, not the museum, assumes the responsibility of mediation and interpretation of meaning.

Art pieces that were not usually exhibited together due to chronological or geographical divisions were positioned next to each other, thus allowing for similarities and differences to be observed outside of traditional historical or aesthetic discourses. Stephen J. Hence, LMM invited each viewer to testify of the similarities and differences between works based on their own perceptions.

Each of these pieces originates from cultures that were involved in resisting colonization or racism. The placement of these selected pieces at entryways or exits from the exhibit is important when considering the visitor experience. I will come back to this point later in this chapter. The placement of the lowriders at the public passage of the Louvre at La Porte de Rivoli brought the street into the distinguished court area of the Louvre and erased the invisible boundaries between the street and the prestigious Louvre.

What is more, I propose to consider the placement of the lowriders as a form of an epigraph that framed the exhibit under the sign of disruption and change that announced cultural code subversion and cultural, artistic, and linguistic hybridity. Must the Louvre remain an elitist institution associated with political power and exclusive cultural authority? Is the Mexican-American, or Chicano, culture only one of delinquency and destructive rebellion that is associated with the lowrider? How can art disrupt hierarchies and transform paradigms?

During the late s and 50s, lowriders became a trend in Southern California and in the Sacramento area as a reaction against hotrods that were customized for speed. In this area, with the largest concentration of Americans of Mexican origin, members of the Chicano culture sought to affirm their Mexican-Amerindian heritage and to distinguish their identity through art and design in a functional and visible form.

Tatum, Lowriders in Chicano Culture: From Low to Slow to Show 13 Following their loss of land and power in the Los Angeles area upon the arrival of Anglo- Americans in the mid-Nineteenth century, Mexican and Chinese immigrants were forced to move to the slums outside of downtown. Isolated in the slums, the Mexican Amerindian people developed a cultural consciousness. By , their population had grown to , Tatum 6. With the twenty-dollar weekly benefit for veterans Tatum 8 , Mexican-Amerindians were able to afford to buy used cars that they then customized thanks to the mechanical, welding, upholstery, or painting skills that they had learned during their service in military repair yards.

At the same time, the Chicano movement sought to affirm pride in their Mexican-Indian origins, while a larger number of Mexican-Americans joined lowrider clubs as a statement of cultural pride and to demonstrate their resistance to the dominant culture where their voices could not be heard.

Since the s, lowriders have been exhibited at a number of U. Furthermore, the images that had been associated with the Haitian revolt depicted the Haitian people as bloody and violent. It is only through their art that Haitians can tell their own histories of enslavement and exploitation by the French. Rather than the provocative and humorous tone of the lowriders, the entrance to the gallery framed the exhibit itself with a reverent yet forceful tone and introduced the theme of resistance.

Upon entering the exhibit, the single door that served as the entrance and the exit underscored a circular space that is typical of an archipelago. From here, the visitor was free to choose which direction to go for his or her visit. By placing the painting just behind the glass door to the exhibit, all Louvre visitors could admire this beautiful painting rescued from the aftermath of the Haitian earthquake. The union of these two cultures is illustrated by the This is illustrated by the two-way arrows in Figure 1. The painting as shown in the press release can be seen in Appendix 2 on page In this painting, the two men are depicted as equal by their similar military attire shining with silk and gold.

Despite their separate paths, they unite their hands under the blessing of a godlike figure. In he won le prix extraordinaire de dessin after two years of art studies in Rouen. He continued to win several awards in Europe and was officially recognized by his father before French authorities in France in , and then became a professor at the French Academy of Arts in Aside from this provocative gesture, analyzing the painting in light of the Academy context in Paris underlines the strong spirit of resistance that characterized this painter as well as the Haitian people.

This painting could be classified as the highest genre that had been designated by the Academy, an historical painting; however, the subjects were black and mulatto, which did not follow the Classical model. Also, as I previously mentioned, the men are not depicted as violent, but rather as military heroes. According to the Louvre, the painting disappeared around the end of the Nineteenth century and was rediscovered in a Port-au-Prince cathedral in After being restored in France, the painting returned to Haiti to only be unburied by French Security from the rubble of the earthquake of January 12, and sent back to France for further restoration.

What is more, they shine light on the power of art to encourage dialogue and Relations across once-static hierarchical structures. From this entraceway, the visitor could choose to go to the right or to the left to view the exhibit. I chose to pursue my visit to the left to see Haitian contemporary and period paintings that vibrantly displayed their revolutionary history.

Within this historical context, the exhibit surpassed an interest for artistic definitions or hierarchies with arts premiers and placed an emphasis on the interaction between the paintings through their colors, historical narratives, and aesthetic uniqueness. As I have pointed out, the distance between the groupings of art places the visitor at the intersections of cultures and histories in a reflective position of what Edouard Glissant refers to as Relation. Indeed, nothing can be more inimical to creativity than having to follow an order and fit within a hierarchical structure.

The disposition of each artistic expression across from, or next to, the others shines light on historical intersections across geographies and time that were once forgotten or unknown. Hence, the design of the exhibit played a central role in depicting the transversal hybridity of world art and in engaging the visitor to connect relayed themes and forms in a meaningful way. This was true for the remainder of the visit, which that continued in as archipelago-like fashion.

Works ranging from sculptures, ceramic tiles, baskets, painting, installations, and video were placed in close vicinity with distant cultures. Had these pieces been exposed in isolation, islands in complete exile from one another, the visitor would not have participated in establishing a transcultural dialogue. The focus would have been on the art piece itself or the period represented rather than on the individual and collective human histories to which the art gives voice.

The final works of art that I will examine are the mats from Vanuatu. Paradoxically, Ivan Karp suggests that such a strategy can prevent exoticizing cultures in exhibits: In fine art museums that exhibit so-called primitive art, the isolation of the object in a vitrine with minimal information is done to emphasize similarities between the aesthetic that is involved in appreciating the object in a museum and the aesthetic assumed to have ben involved in its making.

Consequently, these cultures are not forgotten because their existence is not even recognized; they are invisible and without a recognized identity. Each fiber of the mat, each individual story, is woven together to create a representation of collective memories that reflect the Vanutu heritage. When considering the ni-Vanuatu tradition of mat-making, it is important to note the reversal of the traditional hierarchies of men as masters in the world of art.

Bonnemaison points out in his book Arts of Vanuatu that men on the island of Ambae are allowed to participate in the process only after going through an initiation led by women The men must drink a substance that will ensure an immediate transmission of traditions and will seal a pact between the men and the spirits of the forest. Following this initiation, the men may participate in mat-making by sculpting banana bark that is used for the impressions used during the dye stage.

While men are involved, women manage the process. They may learn the art under the supervision of the women as in an apprentice-master relationship. Each woman has her own trees that produce the principal raw material, the pandanus leaves. Mat-making was a route to financial freedom that promised to maintain their independence in trade, education, and culture: In his recent book J. As I have previously stated, I have not chosen to explore the economic or political implications of hybridity in my dissertation. En effet, les tisserandes qui font ces nattes s'en servent comme monnaie.

Crom In addition to being caretakers of a cultural heritage and knowledge, women ensure solidarity and cultivate social skills in the community. The women share knowledge and discuss art- making techniques while weaving in a public space where mothers pass down patterns, designs, and insights to future generations.

Equality and respect dominate the relationships among the women and contribute to their mastery of an art that is inextricably connected to the Vanuatu cultural heritage. Despite numerous expeditions, explorers, missionaries, and resource exploiters, English and French rule, the art of mat-making survived by being shared with women and being passed down from generation to generation. Bolton goes on to explain that Kastrom distinguished local practices from what colonists identified as their own, morally and practically, superior practice Unfolding the Moon One of the first initiatives was to communicate to the women that they had Kastrom.

With this term, women were acknowledged as equal contributors to the Vanuatu culture through a valuable art and an unbreakable spirit Bolton As Bolton points out, this word from the local language is used to designate their identity. For the ni-Vanuatu, the term has come to communicate the relationship between affirmation of cultural pride and the wisdom to share their cultural knowledge. Undeniably, such an approach of empowering the ni-Vanuatu to take pride in their language, culture, and history transforms the traditional ethnographic context of viewing or studying others as primitive.

She offered to share her culture with the audience, thereby illustrating that art, histories, and cultures are intertwined with generosity: they are received and exchanged. Placed side by side, the arts are on an equal footing, and thus a dialogue of Relation and a physical model of transculturality are facilitated. Works including street art, sculptures, ceramic tiles, baskets, paintings, installations, and videos were placed in close vicinity to distant cultures such as those of Haiti, France, Egypt, Mexico, Vanuatu, Spain, and Nigeria. The spatial congruity among such diverse art mediums and cultures provided visitors a new perspective for observing differences among cultures, periods and artistic genres even while taking note of the common quest of humanity for spirituality, dignity, and eternal life that is expressed in similar yet distinct forms.

Yet, at the same time, the position of the visitor in between the art pieces provided the visitor with a space of Relation, a space in which to connect multiple communal and individual pasts across spatial boundaries. This was facilitated by the archipelago structure, which spaced diverse art forms and cultures throughout the Louvre. In this light, the exhibit can be seen as an artistic model of the transcultural nature of our heterogeneous world.

In other words, the distinctiveness of each genre is maintained and yet transformed, rather than being assimilated through a mixing of genres.

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At the same time, the distinctiveness of generic interaction does not impede intermediality or even literary transformation. Intermediality does not necessitate the erasure of distinctive, heterogeneous genres; but at the same time, the particularity of each genre does not hinder intermediality and transformation. The function of literary and artistic genres is thus two-fold.

Second, genres can be seen as vessels of the histories and cultures for which they communicate. The interactions among numerous genres defies binary thought and transforms the overarching literary genre, presenting a transcultural perspective of world cultures and histories where diversity and hybridity are neither diluted nor erased. To summarize, hybridity in literature and the arts can be defined as follows: 1. Hybridity refuses essentialism and binary thought.

Hybridity finds its source in the margins, in intersecting points, in interstices, or in the crossings of cultures. Hybridity affirms distinctive histories, languages, cultures, and genres at unforeseen intersections that escape notions of borders and hierarchies. Hybridity consists of a transversal network of circulating narratives that disrupt barriers of official and narrative discourses, ancient and contemporary history, and diametric cultures.

Hybridity mirrors the cultural and historical heterogeneity that, indeed, characterizes our transcultural world. Hybridity provides a literary, artistic, and contemplative space like what Edouard Glissant has referred to as Relation and Tout-Monde. These findings challenge the Eurocentric binary thought that influenced boundaries between languages, the former colonized or colonizer, cultures, and histories. Our role as scholars in the realm of Twenty-First-century Francophone literature is to acknowledge the histories that constitute regionalisms and their mutations and to identify new cultural spaces that continually redefine transculturality, identity, and literary and artistic expressions.

Within a Francophone perspective, one must ask: what is the significance of hybridity within the fields of French and Francophone studies? If hybridity seeks to integrate diverse analytical approaches in a transcultural and transdisciplinary fashion, then it goes without saying that hybridity will favor mutual valorization. As I have discussed, it is essential that scholars move beyond the tendency to oppose French and Francophone against one another, or to privilege one region over another. Bonn 11 Indeed, Bonn acknowledges that the remnants of binary thought still influence those universities, notably in Europe, that disregard the value and prominence of Francophone authors.

One implication of this reality is the defense of Twentieth-century Eurocentric theoretical approaches that no longer apply to Twenty-First-century Francophone literature and impede transdisciplinary collaboration and thought. They distinguish themselves from preceding novels and short stories through their generic, cultural, and historical hybridity. These selected works establish a transversal network of circulating narratives that disrupt barriers of official and narrative discourses, ancient and contemporary history, and diametric cultures.

The intersections of history and literature enable a transcultural viewpoint that mirrors a heightened dynamic of alternating and interspersed narrative voices, histories, and cultures. The reader is engaged to attribute meaning and Relations to the overlapping yet diverging philosophical and historical themes across time. The numerous genres of tragedy, lyric and epic poetry, historiography, and the narratives and histories tha overlap among the short stories underline the tension that characterizes the clash between the impassiveness of society and the burning emotional desires of the characters.

What is more, the use of these genres within each short story and across the short stories challenge the reader to experience the divorce between the human desire for personal fulfillment and the realities that typify the modern world. The writing of visual images and orality and the recycling of tragedy invite the reader to confer an identity to the unidentified and to avoid the repetition of these histories.

Avoiding these efforts would prevent any chance of transcultural dialogue. Specifically, he underlines exhibiting techniques exoticizing and assimilating that both have their weaknesses of either emphasizing difference in a fixed time and stereotypical fashion or minimizing difference but at the expense of silencing history and distinctiveness. Due to the placement at the street entrance of La Porte de Rivoli and under the pyramid, the visitor encountered the unexpected pieces of street art that, in turn, served as reference points from which to navigate throughout the museum to the exhibit in La Petite Salle de la Chapelle.

Through the means of art, the visitor engages in a dialogue with the unique histories and experiences of world cultures and with humanity as a whole. By extension, I will conclude by underscoring the hybridity of two works that have been mentioned in this study: Raga and Histoire du Pied et autres. First, the author includes an array of literary, artistic, and historiographical genres: drawings, maps, first-person philosophical prose, oral testimonies of the ni-Vanuatu, fictive accounts of orally transmitted legends and myths, and descriptions of the Vanuatu arts and their transversal histories, which combine historical references and eyewitness testimonies of the ni-Vanuatu.

At the intersections of each of these genres, a new hybrid genre emerges of the human experience, i. The invisible continent becomes an experience that can neither be forgotten nor rendered invisible again. The juxtaposition of these genres, voices, and histories transform the ethnographic travel journal that sought to document world cultures from an objective outsider perspective.

In the remaining six texts, the author demonstrates an experimental writing style that intertwines fiction, stream of consciousness, novel-like structures, journals, poems, essays and epigraphs from England, India, and from an unidentified author. While I do not wish to oversimplify the complexity of his life work in philosophical concepts, we can consider Wittgenstein to be a philosopher interested in understanding how logical boundaries can influence our perceptions of reality and how language can be used to explain our perceptions of the world. Furthermore, Wittgenstien was interested in how we can manipulate language and sentences to describe the world as it is but also as it could be.

The author underscores the movement of crisscrossing geographical and temporal spaces with a fragmented text, i. As a writer, his role is to be a witness to human experience in all of its diversity, repulsiveness, and beauty. Renseignements sous la direction de Marie-Laure Bernadac. Environ p. Editions Informa! Rencontre avec Camille Henrot, ar! LOPES, romancier, essayiste, ambassadeur du Congo en France - fusent, les mots grossiers, et encore les peurs ou les croyances, les romans et les J. A la demande de J-M.

Les musiciens de jazz en ont fait le secret de leur art. Elle devient une enfant-soldat. Chris Watson Paysage sonore 1 [Carya! Au Louvre, J. Terra Ammata Avec 21h Pour J. La vie est autre, autrement. Parfois ces objets les portent encore comme un frisson. Ces objets, que disent-ils du monde? Nous vivons dans le hasard des rencontres. Les apparentements, on le sait, sont toujours dangereux. Chaque parcelle de cet ensemble a son importance. Que veulent-ils? Flammarion, coll. Le cou venait s'encastrer dans le corps d'une statue. Peu importe, finalement.

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Rennes: Presses Universitaires de Rennes, Crom, Nathalie. Davenne, Christine. Paris: Harmattan, Delorme, Florian. Paris : Editions de Minuit, Mille Plateaux. Paris: Editions de Minuit, Derrida, Jacques. Monolingualism of the Other. California : Stanford University Press, Perhaps having a cute little companion whom she loves with all her heart would be nice En fait, c'est toujours le contraire. Car qui dit appeler Moon, dit que Moon est avec Lilie. Yuri et Yaoi. What You Carry With You by Kalira69 reviews Yama wakes from a nightmare of a memory shaken, and Harlock is there to offer comfort and help him back to sleep.

Une vie qui change tout! Cela lui donnait envie de pleurer. Parce qu'il les avait perdu. A Team Member Down by graveofbutterflies reviews After eating a poisonous berry, James falls dangerously ill and it is up to Jessie and Meowth to take care of him. Please could you try this I know it sounds lame New Life by Kalira69 reviews The plants in Yama's greenhouse bay are not the only things blooming anew in the days after the discovery of the Earth's renewal.

Soulmate AU. Why Attending Surgeons Deserve Scotch by SaintClaire reviews An interstate medical conference is held in January, much to Melendez's dismay, and not only that he's got to take all three of his residents with him. Celez, a former patient of Jarred's from the mass casualty wedding party turns up to everyone's great surprise, and Melendez just cannot catch a break. However, at least he now has an awesome t-shirt. Years later, instead of sending him to Hell, he's sent back down to Earth.

His task is to make Ginga love beyblade again. But Ginga's a sex-addicted, bey-hating, stripper now. He will only beyblade again if Ryuga helps him get revenge on those who wronged him. The two learn to love each other in ways no one else can. Orion Zabini Potter by slayer of destiny reviews Harry and Blaise are brought together by events that mean Harry has to flee Hogwarts, feelings develop and Harry's place in the war is in the balance.

Orion Zabini Potter, Christmas One Shot by slayer of destiny reviews One shot for Orion Zabini-Potter The Zabini-Potter family are getting ready to celebrate Christmas, this story falls between the last chapter and the epilogue when Orion is 9 years old. Stealing Away by Kalira69 reviews Yama may only have been able to wish he was spending this evening with his pirate Captain rather than his brother's distinguished guests. But he certainly didn't expect his lover to actually show up here! Mourning Isola by Kalira69 reviews When everything calms down, Yama needs to be alone to let himself think about his brother.

Or maybe he needs to not be alone. Ne voulant pas voir la haine de l'autre. Ne voulant pas voir la douleur ou pire, y voir l'amour. Ils devaient se battre. That is, until Iron Man swoops in and changes his life forever. Can he get close to Tony, or will he keep him safe, by keeping him at arm's length?

And can Tony fill a hole in his life with this secretive orphan? Enfin si S'il avait sut Father Figure by andreapirlono1fan reviews Written for a friend's request. After all his relatives dead, and he can't turn into Shinichi Kudo again, Takagi adopted Conan as his own son. Can Takagi be a good father? Will Conan accept Takagi as his new father, and his new identity as Conan Takagi? One shot for now.

Takagi - Complete. That damn poster by WolfKomoki reviews Neil puts up an Autism Speaks poster in the hospital, and Shaun, for obvious reasons, gets upset. Who's the Captain? He doesn't understand why neurotypicals don't experience the things that he does. What he does know is that he's Autistic. Childhood Memories by MakeMeFree reviews Ren is beginning to remember his childhood, and it is having severe negative effects on his mind.

As Ren begins to regress to the stage when Haru first met him, can his brothers help him to overcome his fears and past? Recovery by Anonymity is crucial reviews After what happened with the Corporation, Peter has trouble finding his place. With danger lurking around every corner, it's up to the Avengers to help their youngest recover from his ordeal. I'm sorry the summary sucks, I suck at writing summaries. Va-t-elle finir par lui avouer? Sygma Saison 1 'Harmonie' by Easyan reviews Le faible sert le fort. Nouveau venu et ressentiment by Isadora.

Captain by Kalira69 reviews Yama has been telling himself for years not to think about the Mark on his wrist, but lately it has been much harder to avoid doing so. Harlock hasn't spared so much as a thought to the one on his in a century, until a slip of the tongue suddenly brings it front and centre in his mind. Impossible qu'elles ne l'aident pas. Specimen by FoibleNoteworthy reviews The Avengers' youngest team member went missing 18 months ago, and when they finally found him, he wasn't quite the person he remembered.

Rated T for gore, language and suicide attempt Might go up to M, I'm not sure about how things are rated. Son Deku by JeniSasu reviews Eijiro et Ochako paniquent, ils sont dans la mouise, vraiment dans la mouise! Katsuki n'allait pas tarder et Izuku ne revenait toujours pas! One shot. Tout est terminer. Doudou by Oohfemmeluxieuse reviews Max aime son doudou. A veiller sur les dormeurs.

I thought that Oliver should have played a much stronger role in Harry's life. This is my take on that thought. Ou pas. Peter Stark by CreativityFlow reviews The day Peter was dropped into Tony's arms, he knew life was about to be hectic. In order to protect the small baby, Tony kept him a secret from the world. From the day of Peter's secret arrival, to the reveal and maybe a little past that , the Stark household is never quiet. Episodic, updates are random. Family Bonding by andreapirlono1fan reviews Conan accidentally call Detective Kogoro Mouri "Daddy" when they eat at the restaurant.

Warning: OOC. Hanging Around by Boo reviews Apollo is afraid of heights. So is Phoenix. But when it comes to helping someone he cares about, Phoenix doesn't let that get in his way. La vie est belle by Anya Omega reviews Two-shot. L'un est pauvre et vit dans la rue, l'autre est riche et se moque de l'aristocratie. La vie est belle, vraiment?

« Que sais-je ? » n° 2187

Oh, ce qui est dangereux? Ce sont les habitants d'Alola, comme Gladio et Tili Nous, ensemble? Ensuite, il y avait eu Harry et Drago. Personne n'aurait cru cela possible, et pourtant Left Behind by Selrahc Ngow reviews Harlock might be physically gone, but his spirit still lingered in the hull of Arcadia Des services, ou je ne sais pas N'importe quoi. Un sourire narquois s'afficha sur son visage. What if his deepest fear was not a dementor? Watch as a simple boggart rocks the foundation of Harry's world and the world of all those who know him.

However, his hero steps in to save him. And she also gives him something he never had before: love. C'est un veela et il est son compagnon. Comment croire aux paroles de Potter alors qu'il n'a aucun souvenir d'une relation avec le maraudeur? Joliment emballer dans un paquet cadeau. Joyeux Anniversaire! Dans neuf mois! Marvelous by blueangel reviews The day Ulrich and Odd's son was born was by far the best, and worst day of Ulrich's life.

Quelle blague! Family is Everything by Willow-Bane reviews Natsu accidentally claims Gray as his mate, leading to some unexpected consequences. Vote in the Poll! Poll closes Tuesday! Cependant, ce qui devait relever du divertissement prend une tournure pour le moins… inattendue. Forgiven and Forbidden by Selrahc Ngow reviews Yama was dumped on the planet Arcadia for an almost-impossible mission to catch an Elf named Harlock.

As he lived longer with Harlock, he discovered more about the lonely Elf. Metamorphosis by KuriQuinn reviews It's been four years since Sarada quietly, haltingly confessed to Sasuke and Sakura over dinner that she — he — was not a girl. Mais les choses vont vite se compliquer. Un cycle sans fin by Asrial reviews Loki se souvient enfin. Scoop d'enfer by Miliune reviews Rita Skeeter a un scoop qui va la rendre riche. Mais qu'en est-il de ses souvenirs et de cette peur qui le hante? But one day Kyoya finally found out about Ginga's dirty little secret.

The sadistic lion agrees to keep it a secret only if Ginga becomes his pet. Now Ginga is at Kyoya's mercy to keep it a secret. But as their sexual relationship continues, Kyoya slowly begins to have feelings for Ginga he didn't have before. Reintroducing Hope by Fernandidilly-yo reviews Mute, and living on the streets after his aunt has a heart attack, Peter isn't sure life could get much worse.

He desperately waits for his 18 birthday when he can finally have a life again. Until a seeming to be normal friend, Sam Wilson helps turn his life back around. With the help of the rest of the Avengers of course. Peter's arrival and interactions with each member of the team. Post Avengers. Percy n'arrive plus a vivre ce quotidien devenu malsain Deepest Fear Revealed: one-shot version by Potterworm reviews After Harry's boggart appears as his Uncle Vernon, Professor Lupin takes him for a chat with Headmaster Dumbledore, and then everything changes.

Moments en famille by J. Pourquoi pas le jeune? D'abord par Scorpius, son meilleur ami de toujours, puis Draco Malefoy. Il comprend alors que ce n'est pas qu'une fascination. Chapter 3 is up! Mais qui est vraiment Harry Potter? Ap prends-moi! L'amour est plus fort que l'amour by Ardha reviews On dit que l'amour est plus fort que tout. C'est un mensonge. Tout ce qu'il lui manque c'est la force de partir. However, when his mother dies and his step father disappears, if falls on Phoenix Wright to adopt the Gramarye siblings.

AU, starting with the return to the troupe and ending through to the end of Apollo Justice. No spoilers for Spirit of Justice! J'ai plus qu'une chose qui me rattache ici, et c'est toi. Un baiser doux amer by Piichi21 reviews "Une obsession s'infiltre toujours insidieusement dans notre esprit. Oji-sama by KennyEchelon reviews Byakuya becomes an uncle.

Set during the time-skip in chapter Major spoilers for the series finale, but you already knew that. RenRuki, mentioned ByaHisa. Ichika really needs her own character tag. Va-t-il lui aussi la laisser? However the two have a big secret that they've been keep from the two. They've been seeing each other behind their backs.

After they're last night together, Kazemaru finds himself pregnant with Hiroto's baby. What'll they do when everything comes to light. America] Tony S. No particular plans for the future and they still have their eyes on that Pikachu. However, an encounter with a rare Pokemon has changed their lives forever. Nothing will ever be the same again.

Refractive Error by Luna Darkside reviews Shinichi gets glasses, but Kaito's the one who ends up with a new perspective. Return to you by DarkPheonix reviews Its been 5 years since Chiaki returned to the future and promised to return to her side; Makoto and her friends have graduated and are training towards their careers.

She is still waiting for his embrace and ability to remain in the past beside her; but what will fate have in store for them? More importantly can her heart handle the shock of seeing him again after all this time? Instinct by pomidor reviews There are too little stories about Tom and Jerry somehow turn into humans and have some hot slashy time. This time it has something to do with an irritated goddess. Rating's there for a reason. L'acceptera-t-il comme il est? Chiaki visits Makoto by Kalizco reviews Chiaki is back in his own time and decides to look up Makoto who he finds out is still alive so he goes to visit her.

But when Kyoya starts hurting him, how will Ginga react? Redescente by woloopie reviews Difficile de faire face aux choses quand on n'a jamais l'esprit clair. Bonne ou mauvaise nouvelle? Bonne ou mauvaise? Il n'y avait que l'Avenir pour nous le dire! Just simple family cuteness, nothing crazy or hectic and no real plot. Contains fluff and VB.

I don't own DBZ. Quand courir est une question de survie. Ichimaru, T. Unprepared for trouble by Fuzzy footie pajamas reviews Takes place during the episode "Here comes the squirtle squad. No rocketshipping but there is a somewhat motherly Jessie near the end. Poignet by Aoki. Sa manie de tenir le bout de sa manche pour qu'elle ne glisse pas. Papa's Promise by andreapirlono1fan reviews Phoenix is coming back from death to keep his promise to his son Apollo. My third fanfiction contains Apollo and Phoenix as a father and son I just love imagined them as father and son story is based from one of the "Elite Beat Agents" game episode.

Toit by Aoki. Saute du toit et prie pour avoir un Alter dans ta prochaine vie! Amidst the war trial against Draco Malfoy, Harry admits to himself what he can't ignore any longer: that he isn't male. A Father's Love by andreapirlono1fan reviews Phoenix Wright is a great lawyer, but terrible father.

He often ignores his son, Apollo. But when his son become blind, he sacrifices himself to show how much he love his son. Le contenu du dernier chapitre est choquant. Blueshipping, dark supernatural themes, sort of a split-continuity from the late Johto season. And mpreg. The horrors. Shifting by KseniaLynn reviews Marinette has a secret, but is she brave enough to share it with a certain kitty who has taken a liking towards her? Under the Milky Way by Kelun reviews Everything came together to make the boy in the newspapers into the boy waiting on the rooftop with windy hair and cloudy eyes.

Kaito expected Conan Edogawa, but found Shinichi Kudo. Which would be somewhat okay, if it didn't mean everyone he met instantly fell in love with him. Kaito thinks the universe might hate him. Tony and Loki discuss Loki's fall. Many feels, and Tony showing how deep his love for Loki is. Chaque premier vendredi du mois, je baise Potter. Tony and Loki get married. Can be read as a sequel to my fic 'If You Say So,' or as stand-alone. Rom-com style humour. Harry et Ron se retrouvent aux portes d'un secret qui les lient et de vengeances qui menacent leur descendance.

Other Side of the Fence by Duochanfan reviews Harry doesn't want to kill, so he offers Voldermot a second chance at life, to see things from the other side. Slash Mpreg. Il en a assez de supporter le regard de ceux qui ne voient en lui que le "fils de James et Lily". If you don't like it, then don't read it. Also characters are half-bloods, not full animals. Jerry really wants to know how to read so he can impress Tom. And, desperate, he goes to Holly to help him out.

The road to being a good older sibling has never been easy. Draco, Sub! Marcus remembers how their relationship had begun - with a smile; and then there had been coffee, and gambling, and bats and kisses. There are a thousand glittering beautiful memories, but there are also those dark days; those days that make Marcus shiver.

Your body language may shape who you are - Amy Cuddy

Songfic No. You never asked by LDB reviews Harry suddenly disappeared years ago, leaving behind his confused partner. Now he's reappeared to teach at Hogwarts and has brought a big surprise along with him. But what happens when the surprise is a bit too close to home for one fellow professor? Poufsouffle by Charles Henri reviews Parfois, il suffit d'un rien.

Ce que tu veux plus que tout C'est faire ce qui est bien". Et avec quoi? It All Started with a Soccer ball by Samila reviews "When Ran has decided to help her childhood best friend into finding his soulmate, after reading an interesting topic on one of the magaizine, Shinichi couldn't believe that his life is getting any weirder, eh? Le pauvre, pauvre homme. Je ne veux plus faire semblant! I can't go on if you're not here by I am your Absolute Princess reviews [Traduction] Hide trouvait les fleurs magnifiques.

Cassure by kyona-saye reviews Il est loin le temps des rires et de l'innocence, loin aussi celui de l'aventure et de la gloire. Mais n'y a t-il pas au bout du tunnel OriginalShipping, no lemon, psycho. Then, the discovery of an old secret threatens to throw his world into turmoil, yet again.