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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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But such unknowable matters did not at all invalidate the search for hard fact, as the Dictionnaire abundantly shows. Fontenelle, for his part, saw that the furtherance of truth depended upon the elimination of error, arising as it did from human laziness in unquestioningly accepting received ideas or from human love of mystery. The baron de Montesquieu , the first of the great Enlightenment authors, demonstrated a liberal approach to the world fitting in with an innovative pluralist and relativist view of society.

His Lettres persanes ; Persian Letters established his reputation. A fictional set of correspondences centred on two Persians making their first visit to Europe, they depict satirically a Paris in transition between the old dogmatic absolutes of monarchy and religion and the freedoms of a new age.

Lettre ouverte d'un écrivain à Fleur Pellerin

At their centre is the condition of women—trapped in the private space of the harem, emancipated in the salons of Paris. The personal experience of the Persians generates debate on a wide range of crucial moral , political, economic, and philosophical issues, all centring on the link between the public good and the regulation of individual desire.

This great work brought political discussion into the public arena in France by its insistence upon the wide variation of sociopolitical forms throughout the world, its attempt to assess their relative effectiveness, and its assertion of the need, in whatever form of society, to maintain liberty and tolerance as prime objects of concern. Whether as dramatist, historian, reformer, poet, storyteller, philosopher, or correspondent, for 60 years he remained an intellectual leader in France.

Above all, it was the growth of civilizations and cultures that particularly commanded his attention and formidable energy.

L'Amour, La fantasia, Assia Djebar

He is best remembered for the tale Candide , a savage denunciation of metaphysical optimism that reveals a world of horrors and folly. Another universal genius, Denis Diderot , occupied a somewhat less exalted place in his own times, since most of his greatest works were published only posthumously. But his encylopaedic range is undeniable. Diderot seized on the Spinozist vision of a world materialistic and godless yet pulsating with energy and the unexpected.

The admirable servant Jacques, who sees through yet loyally serves and protects his bonehead of a master and who establishes and maintains his own humane values, following his heart as well as his head in a world given over to cruelty and chance, is the model new man of the Enlightenment. This work is written in the characteristic form of a dialogue , allowing Diderot to range free with speculative questions rather than attempt firm answers.

Other dialogues focus on key contemporary events and explore the philosophical questions they posed. Diderot edited alone from until the final volume of plates appeared in But even in Voltaire a profound change in sensibility is apparent as pathos reigns supreme, to the exclusion of terror. No fatality of character destroys her, but simply the failings of Christians unworthy of their creed, allied to gratuitous and avoidable chance.

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The great tragic emotions are replaced by simple bourgeois sentimentality. The best of 18th-century drama takes a different course. Pierre Marivaux wrote more than 30 comedies, mostly between and , for the most part bearing on the psychology of love. Typically, the Marivaudian protagonist is a refined young lady who finds herself, to her bewilderment or even despair, falling in love despite herself, thereby losing her autonomy of judgment and action.

His sympathy for the generally likable heroes and heroines stops short, however, of indulgence.

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When she learns the happy truth, her relief immediately gives way to a determination to force her lover Dorante into surrender while he still thinks her a servant. Both are dominated by the servant Figaro, a scheming dynamo of wit and generosity. As much as the sharpness of wit and character, the brilliance of structure wins admiration. The growing importance of sentiment on the stage had proved as inimical to Classical comedy as to Classical tragedy. The author called for middle-class tragedies of private life, realistic and affecting, able to inspire strong emotions and incline audiences to more elevated states of mind.

Le roman au 17e siècle - Français - Seconde - Les Bons Profs

The new genre , reacting against the articulate tirades of Classical tragedy, would draw on pantomime and tableaux or inarticulate speech rather than on eloquent discursiveness. The Duel. But the success of the drame bourgeois was short-lived, perhaps because it attempted the incompatible aims of being both realistic and didactic. The emphasis upon reason, science, and philosophy may explain the absence of great poetry in the 18th century. The best verse is that of Voltaire, whose chief claim to renown during most of his lifetime was as a poet.

In epic , mock-epic, philosophical poems, or witty society pieces he was preeminent, but to the modern critic the linguistic intensity that might indicate genius is missing. Despite official opposition and occasional censorship, the genre of the novel developed apace. Manon Lescaut. In this tragic tale, love conquers all, but it constantly needs vulgar money to sustain it. Tears and swoonings abound, as do precise notations of financial costs, in a blend of traditional romance and sordid realism.

By contrast, Marivaux as novelist devoted his main energies to psychological analysis and the moral life of his characters. But it is the comic note that prevails as Marianne and Jacob make their way upward in society. La politesse, c'est aussi de ne parler que de soi et de ne pas faire semblant avec un vernis snob de pseudo culture.

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