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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Dragon Tales. An archive of HakuryuGojoun centric fics. I don't know how many there are out there A battle torn Tenpou comes back from a military mission to give Goujun a report. Truths come out and Goujun knows more than he appears to. And being found the next day horribly mutilated. There's nothing to help the others figure out who's behind it until there's no one left at all. Too bad Gojyo can't even find a clean shirt to wear! KenTen, onesided GouTen. Dragon's Heat by Iapetus reviews The moment would have surprised him no matter who it came from, but from Goujun, Konzen didn't know what to say.

Written for the 'wishkisses' LJ community. One with racing stripes and bearing the number It's Not Like by darkestbeforedawn reviews Goujun does some thinking.

On why Kenren looks at him like that, and why he can't help but let himself fall.. Still Time by narrizan reviews A Dragon slumbers Fortuity by JuleWooster reviews Pre-series. A day in the life of Gojyo and Hakkai leads to a discovery. I like the Hakuryu bestest yes I do! Seaward by Eat A Peach reviews Jiipu dreams of immortal things. Nothing like it seem by Pi-Kyu reviews Think that riding in a jeep is utterly weird for Sanzo-ikkou? Final ranking? No Comments. Here is my full written review of the first episode of Dragon Tales. No comments have been added yet. Add a Comment:.

More from CraigS Deviantart Hacker A hacker is going around DA deactivating accounts by hacking into their profiles and email addresses. Copy and paste this journal to stop yourself from getting hacked. As soon as the hacker sees this. I'm not sure if this is true, but better safe than sorry. Jim Henson himself created the muppets before the series itself came out in the s and he and his staff would eventually work with Joan Cooney and her staff at Children's Television Workshop.

Unfortunately, he passed away due to toxic shock syndrome in during the productions of his new projects ending his puppeteering career after 36 years. Anywho, out of all of the famous Sesame Street characters that we come to know an. Dragon Tales Pilot Episode Review Episode 1: To Fly with Dragons All right, here's how these reviews are going to work; I'm going to go the synopsis of the episode and then tell you where I think it either shines or fails.

They open it to unveil a magic dragon scale that sends them. And the movie I've wanted to give critical praise to for a very long time was this. Almost everyone loves Disney, even some adults who aren't into kids stuff like Disney and their work. Even after the death of the master, Walt Disney himself in , everybody started to create a new era the studio even creating the Disney Renaissance. When I grew older time by time, I ended having more and more Disney favorites as time went by whether they'd be classic or modern. A lot of Disney's movies are either based on fairy-tales or very famous novels; and a bunch of them are very enjoyable, while some Now, I'm not going to review every single Disney animated movie out there, that would take way too much time.

But I will review whatever I find to be enjoyable or. Seriously, how can a single person even like this? I mean don't get me wrong, I in no means whatsoever think this is a horrible movie, but, at the same time it's just Not too forgetable, but not memorable enough for me to be entertained. Well, back in the early s, The success and quality of Disney animated films started to degrade and drop hard after the release of Atlantis: The Lost Empire in June In addition, Disney found itself facing even more ferocious competition.

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Almost identical messages left in a single day. There was another I found, fortunately banned already, by the same person.

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Now, what this is is a scam to get you to enter a poetry competition. That's how they get your e-mail. To obtain a copy of this publication of which they do about 60 a year , in which your poem is stuffed in with thousands of others you even have to PAY to have your poem printed on its own page you have to spend BIG.

Then they hit you with "opportunites" to buy a whole stack of other products, and even go to conferences. Now, I have read reports about these conferences and they, too, are a horrible rip-of. Plots of Golden Age 1 The comic takes too long to make so I decide summarize the plots in writing format. This story is divided into multiple arcs. If you spot any grammar mistakes, please notify me. Abandoned Laboratory Arc Speed was sent to investigate and retrieve the remaining data inside a damaged laboratory which was assumed to be where the Berserkers came from.

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He was given a suit of armor called "Golden Thunder" to help him on his investigation. This armor was damaged during the fight against the Berserkers who roamed that area with most of them being dismembered by a spinning energy beam. Once he got inside the laboratory, he ejected from the armor due to the damages it took and put on his modified gear. He took some tools which he thought would be useful with him along the way. He then came across the main computer room. The computer he found inside that room stored most of the data he needed Details were already in comic.

After he copied the data he found, he noticed that there was still a c. Hundreds of free art e-books This was originally written by David J. Briggs on the Conceptart. The original post can be found here.

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All credit goes to him for compiling this list, I'm just passing the word on. The Internet Archive is a massive digital library that stores all sorts of material in the public domain, from music and movies to images, webpages and nearly three million books. All of this is open-source and available to the general public free of charge. The books documented below cover all sorts of subjects from different eras, from anatomy to portraiture, fashion to architecture, from the works of Leonardo Da Vinci to the letters of Vincent van Gogh.

And this is only scratching the surface! If you head over to the Archive and search for whatever subjects catches your interest most you can find much, much more. Just select "Texts" in the search box at the top of the page. Tell Hello, everyone! As you all know, this week over at projecteducate is Prose Basics.

We're here to help all you prose writers whether flash fiction, short stories, or novels get better at your craft with some basic tips for growth. Today, I'm going to be talking about something you've probably heard about again and again: pacing. What is Pacing? No, it's not what you do when you're stuck on a scene and need to get up and stretch those leg muscles to get your writing juices flowing. It's actually a very important ability that writers have to control the speed their story is read. You as the author get to manipulate the reader in a way and make the speed of the story match the scene.

What better way to drop the reader right into the moment? But, pacing also holds the ability to make or break your story and keep or lose your reader's interest. This is why it's so important in writing. Setting the Scene: One o. Who am I? Story This is a short side story of Eeveelution Squad. Took place around Special Chapter 7.

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If you spot any mistakes, please notify me. He was sitting by the shore under the moonlight. Daddy told me you arrived from traveling today, I just want to see you. Have you explored the entire Grassland Continent yet? Though I did visit some other continents. Right beside you story So I've been asked to continue making Alan and Stella short about the part where Stella finally tells Alan the truth that she was the Eevee he met before. Since I don't have enough times to make the comic, I'll just write the story here instead. Okay, then, here we go: Right beside you "Hey, do you remember about what I said to you about a girl I met before?

I heard she has returned to this town a couple months ago but I didn't know it. Since you have many friends here unlike me, I'm sure one of them is her or know her. I wish story This is part of Eeveelution Squad comic.

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  5. Since I don't reach the fitting part of the story to put this yet, I'll just write this as a story. This will be one of Special Chapters in the future. I'll just refer Jirachi as a he.

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    Here goes nothing: I wish The time had just passed noon. A little Shinx made his way to the final floor of Wish Cave. As soon as he got there, he saw a Jirachi sleeping next to a rock. Come on, wake up! You're here. I will sleep and won't wake up for years. I'm afraid today is the last that I can stay awake