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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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In brief: Dude who sees a Murder Santa incident as a kid later inherits a haunted toy store this seemed totally normal—not kidding, I lived over one in college complete with semi-sentient Murder Elf. Again: This came out last year. This movie is ostensibly based on the myth of Frau Perchta. Of them, Mother Krampus may be the worst of all.

Witches take naughty children, your unfaithful ass of an ex-husband dates young women who could become potential stepmoms and subsequently take your children Honestly, I must have fallen asleep during this one both times I tried to watch it from start to finish, dreaming of the Christmas present I bought years ago, well in advance of all my future unborn children that being my IUD. Commercials for the movie, in which a teenage boy dressed as Santa Claus commits mass murder at the orphanage where he was abused as a child, ran during breaks for family-friendly television, leading to parents bitching and the film being pulled from theaters.

Parents across the country reported their children suddenly being terrified of Santa. Also, there are punishment nuns. This film has a cult following helmed by John Waters, which made me think it would either be campier or scarier than it was. Interestingly, it predates Silent Night, Deadly Night by four years, but garnered none of the same outrage despite being nearly identical in theme.

A blowjob is the sch long fuse that sets off an eventual killing spree perpetuated, again, by a middle-aged, maladjusted white dude—this time, a toy factory employee, dressed like Santa. Her misandry is so cartoonishly powerful, I have to wonder who wrote the character and how often they call their mom. I want to be real with you here: Do not watch this horrible, stupid movie.

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But, here, I ask for your trust, as All Through The House took the worst of Hollywood transphobia tropes and played card pickup. Everything is fine until the Sexy Coeds start getting murderized by Santa Claus—surprise, the Creepy Lady in a costume. This is because the Creepy Lady, who hates men after her husband left her for the mother of the Sexy Housesitter or something , castrated her first-born son thinking it would absolve him of masculinity.

Forced feminization and institutionalization, castrati son back to avenge his childhood, Murder Santa Misandry Mom gets killed—nobody gets their dick back, but when the movie ends, all seems fine. Forget I told you about it. Trust me, I double-checked my work. Technically 30 days of night is a Christmas on as it takes place over Christmas. Really there should be decorations up in the town. There's something about it that I love a lot.

I really like how it takes a tired premise and does a complete with it. Also I love how well acted it is, especially since all of the leads are teens. Silent Night and P2 are some of my favorites! I haven't seen Silent Night in years but I still vividly remember most of the death scenes. Jack Frost. It's got to be one of the worst movies ever, but I remember watching it as a kid and loving it, and the nostalgia factor wins me over. Christmas Evil! I love Christmas Evil! It's one of the few CHristmas-themed horror movies that actually feels Christmassy to me.

I love this movie. It's like Taxi Driver but with a killer Santa, and the ending is one of the best of all time. Definitely Krampus. Even if the pacing was a bit funny at points, the creature designs alone are nothing short of breathtaking. Silent Night, Deadly Night is a fun 80's Slasher with a couple of good kills. The sequels devolve into cheese, but that can also be fun. Black Christmas is a pure paranoia trip with one of the best endings in a horror movie I've ever seen.

Also, Psycho and The Conjuring 2 both take place during the Christmas season. They're fantastic films although Psycho is a bit tame nowadays , but the christmas setting is a bit perfunctory. If you find a hole in your schedule, they can make a fun, Christmas-in-name-only watch like Die-Hard. Christmas Evil has to be my favorite. It's uncomfortable and darkly comedic. I think it's the movie that does the best job at portraying the instability of the antagonist's mind much better than Silent Night Deadly Night.

My second favorite though has to be Santa's Slay. Bill Goldberg does a fantastic job at playing the polar opposite of what Santa stands for. Good kills, cheesy as all hell and just a fun watch. That all being said Black Christmas is probably the best. One of the most unnerving films I've seen and it always freaked me out as a kid, still does. The voyeruistic nature of the movie really highlights it as one of the best slashers to be made. My wife and I dove into Christmas horror last year for the first time.

Christmas Evil is the one we ended up liking the most. It's just fucking nuts. Just everything But it's unsettling at times. I thought it was really interesting, though I was a bit confused by the ending. Some are presented by Christopher Lee. My favorites have been mentioned, so I'll throw out a few that I'm holding off watching for the first until next month.

If you liked either, cool, and if you didn't Okay, giving it some thought, there is a one film that my wife showed me that was so fucking cheese, but def gonna re watch it this year Jack Frost! I've always wanted to make a movie that is shot-for-shot remake of "A Christmas Story" up until the scene where the leg lamp gets delivered. In the original, the eeriness that follows the doorbell ring always seemed off-putting. In my remake, the film after the doorbell ring would turn into a movie similar to "The Strangers.

The original "Black Christmas" is a a good pick, as well. If you want something a little less grim, "The Nightmare Before Christmas" works just as well for Christmas as for Halloween! The director has stated that it's a "Halloween" film. I mean, it's not gonna stop others from enjoying it around Christmas, but at least the debate is settled. I'm talking about "Nightmare Before Christmas. Besides it's been a debate if it's a halloween film or christmas, and for you it's a christmas film. I see all of the good ones have already been listed so I'll throw out a terrible one that I loved as a kid.

Demonic Toys. Gremlins is a classic and I can't remember which tales from the Crypt film it was from but the one with the intruder dressed as Santa scared the cap out of me as a kid. Christmas Horror Story isn't bad either, to scratch that anthology itch. There's a vignette in the original Tales From the Crypt movie that takes place on Christmas which probably inspired the movie "All Through The House" as it has the same title and sort of the same premise. Last time I got to hear her tell me she loved me.

Christmas really isn't the same any more. My parents split up when I was 3 but my mom would come to my dad's house and we would spend Christmas together. My dad was a major piece of shit and had a soft spot for strippers. Well Christmas morning rolls around I was 6 or 7 and he invites a stripper over. My mom is obviously livid and tells her to leave. My dad tells here to stay. Now there's an awkward standoff. My mom says "it's her or me", to which my dad replied "if you could suck a cock like she can you would still be here".

My mom flips out, grabs her keys this mass of keys she had must have weighed a few pounds , and punches my dad right in the face. The stripper bailed, my dad bailed which was weird because he used to beat the shit out of my mom - surprised he didn't , and my mom and I went and ate Christmas breakfast in the only bar that was open in town. It may sound a bit dramatic but I don't really care at all about Christmas and I'm sure this is why. Happened to a friend. His dad had been in the hospital for 9 months and was still gravely ill.

Bill totalled over k. Hospital transferred him to another hospital and began collection action. On Dec 20, with her husband near death, the mom was evicted and the property sold to collect on the debt. Something she had signed along the way allowed them to do this.

Spooky Reads - A review of Hark! The Herald Angels Scream — Horror Bound

In the closed psych ward tied to a bed after having tried to hang myself because I couldn't stand having gone blind I don't have any Family because my parents were abusive so nobody visited My friend got his girlfriend pregnant and did the right thing and got married to her. He paid for absolutely everything she wanted. The dress, the venue, all the bells and whistles.

Whatever she wanted. On the 20th December he was rewarded with a beautiful daughter and was completely made up. On 25th December his wife asked him to leave because she didn't love him. She only got married as she didn't want her daughter to be born out of wedlock. He lost his house, half his savings and only sees his daughter every second Sunday. Knowing what I know now I wish I could've talked him out or marrying her but Captain Hindsight strikes again. Had to put my cat down on Christmas eve. Didn't have the money for cremation after spending 3k on emergency services to try and save him.

Christmas day I spent digging him a grave in my mom's field in the rain then spent Christmas dinner sitting across from my rapist. Worst Christmas ever. Jesus christ that story was already a nose dive. I wasn't prepared for it to spiral out of control. Being in jail. A few years back I was arrested in November. All the other inmates reassured me that my parents would bail me out before Christmas, and I was completely convinced that they would.

However once Christmas rolled around I was still there. Stuck listening to Christmas pop on VH1 and being around other people who hated themselves for being locked up on Christmas day. At least they gave us better food for Christmas but that's not saying much as the normal food we got was terrible. In grade school one of my classmates lost their dad in a workplace accident just a few weeks before Christmas. It was devastating for everyone involved.

They had 6 kids, the oldest was in 5th grade so most of them were too young to properly process what happened. I was away from family and going to spend Christmas alone. I bought a huge fancy bone for my dog to "open" on Christmas morning, it made her puke.

Then my dad called to say that my grandmother had passed away. My stepdad's station wagon somehow left the road and crashed in a pole. He was ejected and died. All of the gifts were in the back of the station wagon. We had to go to the junkyard and remove the gifts a couple of days later. The last thing we pulled out were flowers and chocolates for my mom.

She burst out crying. It was awful. I had an inclination Santa wasn't real, but definitely knew after that ordeal. Went to watch the hobbit on Christmas Eve in San Francisco. On the way back home, we had to take the subway station home and saw a lady balling her eyes out. He told her as he was walking her to the subway station for her to go home. Felt bad for the lady and bought her some flowers. My cat, who I'd had for 10 years, died on Christmas eve I'd rushed her to two different vets when she fell ill that morning, the second vet said she'd be okay, gave her fluids and sent her home with medication.

She died that night while I was at work, which was then at Walmart. I spent my rent money trying to save her, and didn't. I wish I'd simply let her pass comfortably, but none of the vets said it was that bad when in retrospect, it absolutely was. These really aren't as bad as any of these, but I figure I'll share anyway. The second story is one that I haven't gone in depth with before with anybody, and its been stuck in my head lately with the holiday closing in.

I think I need to vent about it. When I was in 6th grade my dad was going through some pretty shitty issues and making bad decisions. He ended up getting busted and locked up a week before Christmas. My mom told us when we were supposed to be getting a Christmas tree. I was too young to really understand anything about drugs, I just knew I didn't have my dad around and wouldn't for a while.

Thinking about it now, its really not that bad. But as a kid who spent every moment I could with him, I was hurting. During the last few months of my senior year my gram told us she had cancer. Spent the next few months we all spent as much time as we could, of course. Right after Thanksgiving she went into hospice. My gram didn't really have the chance to meet her because by then she was basically a shell. I went in on Christmas Eve to say my good-byes and all. I had it in my head that the reason she had been clinging on for so long was because we were all there all the time, that she wanted to pass on alone.

So I sat and talked for a while about everything in my head; that I felt guilty for this happening to her, that I was thankful for every memory I have of her and I would pass all of that along to everyone I could, that I promised to go to college like she wanted me to. And I told her that it was okay for her to go, that we would hurt but we would make it through.

For Christmas we decided not to spend it in hospice with her. And I think we all regretted that decision pretty quick. Me and my dad discussed going up to see her again, but I couldn't say goodbye a second time and he came to the same idea. December 28th I woke up around four in the morning. I knew that it had happened the minute I woke up. At least I had a good feeling.

I got up, sat by the woodstove and waited. Sure enough, around 7 my dad called to tell me she had passed earlier that morning. Sorry for the wall of text. I've never had the chance to really talk about this time in my life. I was close to my grammy, spent every weekend with her since I was During that summer when everyone was telling her that she could beat the cancer, she was taking me aside to tell me that she knew she wouldn't.

She needed some kind of confidant that she couldn't find in her husband, kids, or my sister and cousin, and I'm glad she found that in me, an 18 year old kid with no direction. Still think of her every day, especially this time of year. It's pretty clear that she was the glue of the family and every holiday has that Grammy shaped hole in it. Parents with 3 young kids went to church on Christmas eve. When they returned, their house was on fire. Despite heroic efforts of the fire dept. I have this uncle, by marriage his wife is my dad's sister.

His wife passed away 26 years ago -- lesser people would have just cut off all contact to the family and started a new life, but he came every weekend to go grocery shopping with my wheelchair-bound grandma. Twenty minutes before midnight on NYE I get a call from my dad, telling me that my uncle's neighbors had called him since apparently the bread he gets delivered every Monday was still on his doorstep on Thursday. My dad went to his house same town and found my uncle dead in the shower.

Apparently the bad cough he's been having and refused to go to the doctor's for was mouth and throat cancer. It took two months until we could bury him because he had to be autopsied also. Two days after Christmas, my mom suddenly passed away. Two days later, her friend lost her battle. And to make matters worse, the first Friday my school came back from Christmas break, my cat died.

Being alone, broke, hungry and asthmatic As i was on my way to buy some cheap ramen and popcorn because thats all i could afford to celebrate christmas, passing by houses seeing families being joyful and happy made me tear up. As i went back to my apartment, I played mariah carey's all i want for christmas song in my phone to atleast have some christmassy vibes in my boring room while eating the ramen and popcorn and try to call my friends to greet them sum merry christmas.

My grandma passed away on Christmas Eve when I was a kid - she only went in to hospital for a broken hip, turns out she fell in he first place due to a tumour on her pituitary gland She always said she didn't want to die near Christmas because she had so many great Christmas memories with all the family - honestly it was just the WORST. I couldn't have ever fathomed a more silent and broken Christmas before I experienced that. Now we just like to look back and think of all the happy times at Christmas, like when she tripped and pulled the tree down on herself while decorating it, or when she did a "pass the parcel" game but forgot that her CD player didn't couldn't pause a song!

My sister was in rehab over Christmas one year. We didn't open any presents or do our usual Christmas stuff until she was back, except for the big family Christmas dinner. It was so depressing. It happened over the course of December, but anyways.. My mother got diagnosed with cancer.

It has spread to most of her organs including her brain by the time they noticed it. Her health deteriorated rapidly over the course of the month and she passed away right after new year.

Love, Actually

My brother and I were 14 and 12 at the time. I was leaving my husband, and sent the kids to be with him for Christmas, trying to be amicable. He called me to tell me he wasn't bringing them back. Not yet. Was told since we're still legally married he has equal rights to them. So I'm using this time to straighten out everything. So I've gotten a job, and been there long enough to get health insurance so I can get on meds.

Plus it proves that despite said depression and anxiety I can do what is necessary. He won't be able to use that to scare me into inaction anymore. Now it's just about saving money to file. I lived too far away from my family to travel home for christmas, so I had plans to spend christmas with my boyfriend and his family. Christmas Eve, at about 4pm, he takes the car we share to go buy cigarettes before the shops closed.

He didn't come back that night. By 10pm I had called the police, hospitals, his family, everyone I could think of, no one knew where he was, and the police said that it'd have to be 24 hours before they filed a missing person's report because he's an adult.

You might find yourself wishing for a visit from Krampus instead.

The next day, I called everyone I could think of again, as soon as I woke up i'd cried myself to sleep on the couch waiting for a call , but few answered the phone. At about 8pm I called the police to ask what was going on, and they said that he had been "located and was safe" and they couldn't give me any more details since I wasn't his wife or family. On the 26th, I waited for him until I absolutely had to leave for work since we shared my car, and he still had it, wherever he was, I had to walk , so I left him a note that I was at work and worried sick about him so please wait for me at home when he gets back.

At the end I grabbed my bag and went outside to walk home, and to my surprise I saw my car in the parking lot. I walked toward it, hoping he'd come to pick me up from work, to find him getting a blowjob from one of my coworkers inside it. The next few days were a mess. Apparently, he'd been cheating on me for months with one of my coworkers. He didn't work, and she worked a different shift than I did, so they'd go out while I was at work.

He'd told his family he was bringing his girlfriend for Christmas, and brought her, not me. He'd been telling her my car was his, and we were just 'roommates'. I was unbelievably angry, as I'd been working a full time job, a work study job, and taking a full course load of college classes to pay bills while he sat at home complaining that his "injury" from his time in the military meant he couldn't work.

Admittedly, I was young and stupid. I ended up taking a semester off of college to deal with the psychological fallout of that, and I still can't be alone on Christmas without having a breakdown. I feel like his family should have said something to you when you called so many times. Even if it was "hey you're such a great roommate for making sure he is safe", it probably would have clicked sooner so that you could figure things out before seeing it out of nowhere. An ex broke up with me after being together for 3 years and I was shocked, all of our common friends said I should have known because they all knew and none of them had said anything to me.

It took many more years to move on. I didn't have a cat-sitter so I decided to bring my cats with me when I went to visit my grandparents over the holidays. They're both indoor cats so it was very important to not accidentally let them outside because my grandparents live out in the middle of nowhere. Like, dirt roads and dark Swedish forests nowhere. You can probably see where this is going. The evening of December 23rd, we're all getting ready for bed and my grandma is making the cats a quick snack but only one of them shows up. It's a pretty big house so we figure her sister is probably just off somewhere and we decide to just go to bed.

By noon on Christmas eve no one's seen her, she didn't even show up for breakfast. My grandpa remembered that he might have left the front door open for just a minute when he went to get the mail the day before and we all panic. All three of us spend most of the day looking for her, both outside and inside, to no avail. My grandpa felt super guily and went so far as to visit all of the nearest neighbors, which took him almost two hours. Bear in mind, Christmas Eve is when Swedes actually celebrate Christmas, not on Christmas day like most others, so this years celebration effectively turned into a wake.

The entire day I was either out looking for my cat, or inside trying not to cry like a baby. Christmas Eve came and went without us finding her. There's a happy ending though. In the middle of the night, probably around two a. When I turn on the light I can see my missing cat sitting on the edge of my bed, casually licking her paw as if she hadn't been missing for about 30 hours!

My grandma wakes up from hearing me crying and sniffling and comes to check on me and as soon as she sees the little furball, she starts crying too, and then immediately goes to fix up some cat food. So, where had she been? Well, I realized that my suitcase, which I had propped up against the bed, was slightly open. I checked inside and sure enough, all of my clothes had been shifted into a pile and there was a fine layer of white cat hair on them. My cat is the kind who, if you put her in a box or something similar and close the lid, won't try to get out or even make a sound, unless there is like a tiny slit for her to poke her face through.

The little furball spent thirty hours in that suitcase, ignoring her own hunger and our cries for her before she finally figured out where the opening was! Since then, I no longer bring my cats with me to visit for Christmas. Either I find a cat-sitter or I'll just turn it into a day-trip.

I realize this is in no way a tragedy compared to what most others in this thread went through but my cats helped me through a long period of depression and they're the reason I'm even alive today. That feeling I had the entirety of Christmas Eve, where it felt like I'd never see my beloved cat again, like I would never feel happy again, was the worst. My 3 month old puppy got hit by a car and died on Christmas day. It was raining and we had just gotten back from a family Christmas thing, so it really killed the fun : Rip Charlie.

My family and I had a horrible year in Lots of family and friends died and at one point we had a funeral to attend every fortnight for 1. We lost a total of 14 family and friends that year with one of them being a 22 year old friend of mine 2 weeks before Christmas drunk driver killed her whilst she was waiting to cross the road. Shit happens. On Christmas day, all my family are gathered at my aunt's place and she is taking care of my other cousin's 14 year old dog other cousin went overseas during Christmas.

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The dog isn't looking healthy. It was stumbling around and went to sit away from everyone. All of the sudden, he walked up to us and just collapsed. The whole year was filled with deaths and my cousin's dog dying of Christmas day was shit to say the least. My mother walked in on her father drunk and holding a gun to his head on Christmas once, so that.

I got a kitten for Christmas but she came like a month early. On Christmas after opening all of my toys I went outside to play with her and found her dead at the bottom of a power pole. Genuinely it brings me to tears just thinking about it.

‘Red Christmas’ Review: Australia’s Latest Horror Export Isn’t Much of a Present

Bet your wondering how the fuck this relates to the topic so let me start 1 week earlier. My mum went on a night out, me and my sister were 5 and she didn't come back that night. We had nothing for dinner and orange juice to drink. Went to sleep that night worried. Next day, no breakfast, missed lunch and some point in the afternoon mum comes home completely out her face but with a chippy.

She has never been violent to us but after we are finished eating she dragged me and my sister upstairs and locked us in our room, quite angerily I will add. Shouting, screaming, crying, didn't matter We were locked in that room for 2 days without anything. She eventually let us out feed us and bathed my sister.

When she was bathing me she drowned me while screaming things like "I'd never hurt you, they don't understand". I woke up locked in the room with my sister crying over me. I never remembred how long it was but eventually after a day or 2 more hearing our mum screaming and screaming at the front door there was massive bangs and many voices shouting back. Of course if turned out to be the police and the day was Christmas eve. My next memory is my aunt carrying me in her arms and my sister in my uncles through the door to her house.

I was warm, we were cleaned and feed and I remember lying on the living room floor beside the fire just staring at the tree light up and it looked amazing - our house was very bland and my aunt's house was everything you would expect at christmas. Soon I was surrounded by family all full of smiles to try and cheer us up. I'd even got presents. I feel asleep that night just staring at that tree.

Years after my aunt had told me that she had been to the house a few times and dropped off stuff and she was told we were sick and needed rest and it was only when she saw the binned food a few days later and noticed how flaky mum was she decided to make an excuse to leave and phone the police. My sister will never talk about it as I believe it affected her much more but if someone mentions it she will always sneakily try to hug me.

A member of my family's boyfriend died on Christmas night. His brother was driving during a storm and they crashed into another car. He and his brother both died, leaving their parents childrenless. On Christmas. I have no idea how they are doing now this was a few years ago. I was making myself some food and planning to go to the hospital straight afterwards when my dad called to say she was gone. Grandpa being on his last hours. I was working i think two years ago I'm an RN on christmas eve. When I was little, my uncle was killed after suffering a seizure on the road.

A young mother was driving and hit the body and kept going dragging the body because she was too scared to stop. I remember taking the greyhound bus with my mother on Christmas eve to go to the funeral. I remember my parents fighting about it. I could tell my father didn't want her to go. But, she insisted. When we seen the body, she did not cry. I didn't understand it. Her mother had died that April and she was a wreck.

She did not seem sad. My father and my siblings showed up on Christmas aftenoon. My father got drunk at Christmas dinner and I remember him saying it was a great Christmas. It wasn't till many years later that I understood it. My mother went for closure and to close a chapter on a painful period in her childhood. My father was happy to see the man dead.

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And I no longer felt bad that uncle didn't get to see another Christmas. Our house burned down in Christmas when I was a kid. We slept in a cheap motel. I believe we were the only people who ever slept the full night there because it was mostly used for couples that needed a quick fuck. Her grandfather, the patriarch of the family rural south Mexico, his authority was unquestionable decided that since they'd already bought everything they should at least have the pics and waltz, so he made her dress up and everyone had to pose and dance for the saddest birthday party ever.

That was on December 16th; the following week was probably the worst Christmas ever. Last year mi ex husband and I were having a tough time in our relationship and he and our four year old son often had this horrible fights where he threatened and tried to manipulate the kid. I often interfered but then he would get mad at me for "protecting" the child. Last Christmas we were getting ready because we were going to stay at my mom's house. Before leaving my kid and his dad started screaming at each other, calling names until my ex took off his belt and was just about to beat my son with it, who was hiding next to me.

I managed to catch his arm to protect the kid and yelled at him to stop. He then dropped his arm and said "Then go away and take the kids.