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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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I am tions. It was harder than I expected, but we had a great teacher that was by our side throughout the whole process, pushing us forward and I am Francisco Soares? JAP is a big challenge and I believe Artur Cruz anyone can learn from it the key skills like communication, teamwork and time management. It also helped me develop my The best way I could describe JAP would be public speaking skills in the Feira Ilimitada calling it a challenge, but one worth fighting where I often had to convey my message for. This experience let us put into practice quickly and effectively, which was very diffi- something we learned in lessons, as well as cult for me.

A special thanks must also go to learn numerous new things along the way. Pinto who helped us along the process Personally, I found the teamwork and time with any doubts we had. She also helped management aspect of this experience to bring all the team together and she was like be the most challenging as well as the ones the fifth member of our team.

We are all in the same boat. College is you start to talk to some people, get to know Studying in the UK has been one of the most challenging, but that is what everybody was where they came from, what they like or dis- rewarding experiences of my life. This past expecting anyway.

You are presented with tive on everything. For me, the real challenge this first books so thick it would put your old ones I have absolutely nothing negative to say about year has been reconciling study and college to shame. Things to study in a month that my experience and strongly suggest everyone parties, since you have them every week. Good luck class of ! New place, new people, new things to study At the same time, you start to meet a lot of and learn and, for the ones abroad, a new people, so many you cannot even remem- city to call home.

On the other hand, no ber the name of the person you met 10 min- more comfort zone, no more uniform and utes ago, which makes you feel horrible, but nothing to tie you to your past in high school. Some can My first college year has been one of the kind of freedom. For me, it was both. But you think best years of my life due to all the experi- go in feeling confident and scared because schedules or even contradictory ones.

Meeting new people, you know you deserve to be there and at A key aspect is isolation. To The hardest part of my transition was learn- in which you spent most of your life. Walk- not disconnect, you need to continue talk- ing Maths. Beside this, getting quickly notice everyone is having the same where I learnt the most was Praxe. It might not seem is to not be afraid, take on this new chal- learn everything in Portuguese, especially that way the first time you hear it, but when lenge and if you fail, to lift yourself back up.

You will paths.

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It has made me a be afraid of this change, because the big- complex and although I am already used to better person and in many ways a more hu- gest reward is yet to come. O IT IS! The only thing you have, like in most of like missing someone because you know hard to select the important stuff to retain your life, is your word. I had pass through it. My friends that would class or in Praxe, comes to a test during and surreal in every aspect of the word. At all. There have neuroanatomy I need to pass!

It You have 2 exam seasons in college so you P. Face your fears head on and you which is the shortest time span ever be- about not knowing how to English anymore will only grow as a result. Also because you are not evaluated con- long. In the same manner, no not as if I think about it all the time. In college matter what I write, it will never prepare you you have a lot more freedom. You are basi- for what is to come if you happen to study cally in control of everything and you have abroad.

There will be ups and downs and a lot of power in your decisions. What is important is an adult, which is rewarding in a sense and to understand that the world as you know pretty nice! To be fair, day-to-day life goes it is about to change. BUT there is a really To the graduates, I tell you to enjoy the most fine line between passing and failing that I of your time. Do not be afraid to take risks, never thought existed. You are AT ALL that big scary monster that I thought the one that gets to decide how much your it was when I was sitting there 1 year ago.

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But everyone gets through it. So it an issue. You care deeply about you. At university, you are know who you are. Teachers changing. So trust your capabilities. Paris What am I doing now in life? London, UK. Graduation year for a conference and content Lawyer Degree s Bsc Biomedical marketing services company. Graduation year class of 89 Where am I doing it? Lisbon — Where am I doing it? My Portuguesa — Porto, BA Hons research focuses on understanding Economics, Politics and Public Policy how proteins work for medical and Goldsmiths, University of London, biotechnological applications.

As a PostDoc I am also a teacher, a lab What am I doing now in life? We will such, I am very happy to have been invited into. Trained since childhood, absorbed in be introducing several new systems, as a to CLIP, to begin a new direction in Music a world of Academic Music, they play well, department, that will be supported through- and Performance. We feel this will make a large A little about my background. I studied Clas- something missing. We will focus much more on Literacy and Music. We are As songwriter and producer, I was a mem- them.

We will vices to Education, and her child-centred, continue to use Trinity as our system of Ex- skills-based approach has always been a amination and Certification. However, our great source of inspiration for me. What is our deeper level of competency. Rather, we reason for learning and teaching Music? Inglaterra, China, entre outros. Orientados pela Mrs.

Mesquita e Mrs. A Grande. Este e a Mrs. Castiajo e a Mrs. Morder como quem beija!

Inferno de Gil Vicente. The Foreign Langua- preceded the moment teachers took the stu- ges cultural trips are a different manner to dents through the airport and departed. Machado and Mrs. Costa while Mr. All these are especially important Weinhold and Mrs. At the end all tantly deal with the unknown. Sentimos que este objetivo, ximos anos! Events such traditional costume and take a picture as a as the Chinese New Year allow students, souvenir.

An explanation on the origin and parents, teachers and staff to show off their meaning of each piece of clothing or acces- culture as well as learn about other cultures.

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This important aspect of the Chine- with coins; exploring the different signs of the se culture is considered and transmitted by Zodiac and its origin are a few of many cul- the teachers who were sharing this complex tural adventures that enchanted our students art, as a mean of self-expression and culti- and staff while invited to celebrate the Chine- vation.

The colour and the simpli- rate the year of the Rooster. That day also served or an engraving knife. With its origin in the 6th the purpose of bringing knowledge and hap- century, this art evolved throughout time but piness to our lives, and strengthen our sense continues being a very popular means of de- of community. Durante doze mosos. Na parte da radores e a sua vida quotidiana. Students Hand Book Fair. This was the second year were challenged to read as many pages of we have run this initiative and it proved to be books as there are kilometres around the equally as successful as Used books world in the shortest time possible.

The ma- were kindly donated by the CLIP commu- jority of students threw themselves into this nity and were then sold at a price of 2 eu- and we managed to make our way all around ros each. A fantastic range of books came the globe in 4 weeks. The idea behind the in this year and it was delightful to see the project was to build better reading habits by excitement and enthusiasm on faces as helping students realise how much they can families and friends chose books together achieve by just reading for 20 minutes per and shared reading experiences.

Altogether day. Many students discovered or rekindled over euros were raised to help various their interest in reading and as a result the local charities. Here are some comments made by our students: 70 Mangahigh in Middle School Mathematics me work. Former alumnus David Moreira, Mr. Romeo tion at two local roundabouts: Rotunda da In the world we live in today, it is of the Della Rosa and Mr. As ex- The changing weather patterns have also to think more globally; become more under- pected, the exam results have been very sat- been analysed here in our weather station standing and act more principled; in which- isfying and reflect the collective input of our at school and soils and rocks from different ever field they choose to study and work.

Forum students have parts of the country were compared. Patricia Pinto has, once again, partici- are skills that have been present in the earliest pated in a series of events that only show- civilizations and the most remote tribes. Forms students par- subjects across the school, such as: Global and needs, recognizing their intelligences ticipated in several business competitions, Perspectives and Research, LTR and Portu- and strengths and helping them with their such as the Junior Achievement Portugal guese History.

This is Environmental Management a brief review of what we accomplished dur- Mr. The fluent in Portuguese. Kindergarten students had the opportunity Mr. Gustavo Castro have As clearly explained to our students, Mrs. Isabel Sousa and Mrs. Psychology Andrea Reis, they have taken our Middle Mr. Pedro Pateira has also taught History to learning experiences.

Psychology students tical skills required and involved the entire Form 9 students. He and Mr. Pedro Pereira had the opportunity to experience real col- school community. These were very suc- have worked effortlessly to share with their lege lessons and visit different facilities in- cessful events that took place this school students a more global and contemporary cluding classrooms, research labs, as well year and the funds raised by them were all understanding of the subject.

A total of 24 students attended the AS and A2 exams. The number of Travel and Tourism students all over the World and so it is really important that students are aware of its importance for maybe some of them will be attracted to work in this interesting area in the future.

There are lots of job opportunities and since tourism is a transversal activity they are as varied as working in a travel agency, airline or cruise company, car-rental, hotel, restaurant, casino, event planning, entertain- Sushi Workshop and Olive Oil Tasting Cultural and culinary tourism event ment, tourism offices, as a tourist guide… or create an own business. Tourism in Porto This event consisted on inviting some sushi keeps growing and the city and its stake- Chefs, who offered a workshop about the holders keep receiving different awards best ingredients to use in a sushi meal and including, for the third time the European the best techniques to prepare it and at the Best Destination award.

It was AS students planned and staged 6 diverse a half-day event staging and it took place tourism events. Miguel, sports, a career in football and respect in this New York. It was a full day event, ter lunch, and since the weather was great, on the 9th March Matches in the morning the sun was shining, the visit continued to and lecture after lunch. Afonso Henriques. Faria and Marta Amorim Baptista. The scenarios were very planning, 1 Planning the event, 2 Resource real and as colorful as the World itself. Cultural and culinary event allocation, 3 Logistics and 4 Costs and It was a very agreeable time and we took budget.

They produced many different great pictures on this visit. The were invited to bring and prepare their Portu- teams promoted their events using several guese cuisine specialties to CLIP where the marketing tools and techniques. This Travel and Tourism Coursework Events It was a half-day event, during lunch time provided important team work experience. She told them about her course courses and experience. She explained what made her and how the school and courses she at- in Europe. She motivated the students most beautiful in this region and one of the her the knowledge and skills that she is now with her speech by explaining how much most luxurious in Europe.

She about how the hotel is related to the Port tacting them in order to organise her Form also told students that even after reaching Wine history and the Yeatmans, a British 12 end-of-the-year trip. She interacted in a comfortable position in her career, she still family, who entered the Port trade in She then introduced the Grupo Solverde ception, hall, terrace, living room, bar and She then introduced Slide In and its products.

Nas diferentes disciplinas, paz. Associadas que trabalha a favor de quatro cada vez mais complexo.

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As pessoas transformam o Mundo. Palavras surpreendentes flutuam pela de luar intenso? Que Efeitos? Que conjunturas?

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Que estruturas? Como analisar um documento, Como comunicariam? At its headquarters cle physics experiments. So, in April of fondue themed restaurant, where the em- in Meyrin - just outside Geneva, Switzerland 20 students accompanied by two awesome ployee was to our surprise and at the same — groundbreaking discoveries were made, teachers embarked on a very early flight to a time not Portuguese! This dinner was great which ultimately shaped the way we look at 3-day trip to Geneva. More notably, and perhaps a first particle accelerator and the SM gh shenanigans. Af- gh to experience great weather during our which due to its importance in proving several ter our guided tour around the campus, we trip, which meant we had the opportunity to theories and the completion of the Standard were given the opportunity to create our own spend a lot of time outside visiting the won- Model was given the name of God Particle.

After this enjoyable lunch with views of the Overall, this trip was a great way to learn And we were lucky enough to experience a Swiss Alps we were given the opportunity new things in different fields of studies and small portion of this cosmos odyssey when to mess around with some very fascinating great to take a break from the pre-exam CLIP was accepted to participate in a real-li- and expensive equipment, which including studying mode.

Stu- and helped with the conservation of the dents from our school helped to collect leatherback turtles. For the extreme sports information and studied different species in opportunity students and teachers had a different habitats while learning how to do canyoning day full of adventure while mo- research in a scientific camp site. During the ving down a river with the help of the infra- first week students stayed at a Eco-lodge structures and ropes. Forests The second week students stayed in a reno- cover much of the island and there are many vated British fort in the north of the island.

Steep forested During our marine week students had the cliffs rise straight out of the sea and sheer opportunity to accomplish a diving course, slopes leading into deep canyons with huge International PADI certification and our certi- waterfalls which have made use of mechani- fied divers worked hard in the caribbean reef cal forest clearance methods impossible in ecology course.

Dominica thereby protected the forests. The has the largest stands of primary forest of all lectures cover an introduction to coral reef the Caribbean islands. However, I can to know my schoolmates better! The jewels of two parts. The first week we stayed in the use more than one word, so let me jump into the crown were of course Mrs. Loureiro and Three River Eco Lodge to help the scientists it! The scientific part of the trip was like no- Miss Guerra, who more than teachers and tu- collecting data for their work.

The second thing I have heard of - it is incredible knowing tors were great friends to all of us.

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Together with data which is actually being used to do impor- adventure, putting up with us for two weeks us there was another school from America. I will never forget Dominica, and we had a lot of fun together. The most inter- thought I could miss my bathroom and having I definitely recommend anyone who dares to esting part for me is the first day.

Four col- a roof over my head so much. In the forest, become a part of Operation Wallacea. I exactly fun having crabs sneak around in the saw lots of interesting animals like, fireworms, bathroom; being eaten alive by mosquitoes, different corals and lots of beautiful fish. All the staff and locals were The trip was very enriching and fulfilling, be- also always incredibly helpful. The other group cause we experienced living in a camp in a that was with us was from the USA, plus two rainforest which we had never done before. Finally, through the jungle, and canyoning in a river.

It is a powerful tool frameworks and enquiry. In Middle School, especifically in form to fight inequality and ensure minimum nology, Mathematics 7, students work individually or in teams to standards of quality of life for a majority of STEM have been built around a steady diet solve or understand real life problems. They the population. Problems in society today of lecture-based learning. Soft skills, such are encouraged to find their own resources are related to rapid global environmental as creative problem solving, critical think- and use a range of new technologies.

More decline, depletion of natural resources, in- ing and collaboration, are often given short importantly, the students are allowed to en- creasing poverty, hunger and illiteracy in shrift. Now educators and education re- gage with science, making it relevant to their large number of regions around the globe. They argue interests and the world around them.

Form 7 teachers planned several and entrepreneurs [2]. Science education fostered through science literacy. However, activities to enhance student engagement, is needed for citizenship. It should be used traditional approaches to science education critical-thinking skills and incorporate sci- as a tool to develop the curiosity of young are turning students away from Science [3]. Using Tennis balls to find the acceleration of free fall Franclim Cardozo Middle School students on a Science trip to the city park to study biodiversity and identify some food chains and webs within the park.

A nossa Head Master, Dra. Lydia Sil- femininos! Uma nos e jogos. We Are One! SOMOS o nosso percurso e conquista. Queremos mais, muito mais. Um ano de ouro para um ano de platina! O grupo evoluiu representantes das form 9 e Foi um campeonato bastante in- entanto, ficou demonstrado que com trabalho, ciclo no basquetebol do CLIP. Apesar sas Sub 19 e Seniores femininas. Das Sub 19 existentes, apenas a fase final.

Fizemos recordes. Apuramos mos o apuramento para a fase final nacional! E a famosa LIGA 4x4! E que crescimento Hoje nosso campo. Duas nossa postura, atitude e desportivismo. Todos os campeonatos de futebol do Distrital do Porto. A tristeza das jogadoras estava es- demia de orgulho. Um obrigada a todos Afi- turo. A pre- panhar este longo e atribulado percurso.

Apr 27, Jan 23, Felizmente temos o Goodreads e os amigos que nos fazem mudar de ideias. Em boa hora.

Obrigada Teresa pelo incentivo para esta leitura. Aug 28, Sep 09, Alquimia infame, mas que posso eu fazer? Mas decididamente voltei a riscar tudo. Heydrich nunca se atrasa. Binet, nesta obra, em dado momento refere As Benevolentes. Jan 11, Jan 20, Um Gentleman em Moscovo. Um livro lindo por fora e por dentro. Na era estalinista, o cond Um livro lindo por fora e por dentro. Aquilo Que Eu Amava. Mar 27, Apr Rumo a Casa. Nasceu uma antes de ti. XVIII e que nunca se conheceram.

May 25, May 28, Emotivo, intenso e brilhante. Feb Feb 05, Almas Cinzentas. A escrita envolvente e harmoniosa para desfrutar sem pressas. De Philipe Claudel dando voz a Josephine: Patifes, santos, nunca vi nada disso. Homens ou almas, tanto faz Jan 21, Jan 24, Jan 04, Jan 08, Os Dias do Abandono. A Idade da Mentira. Uma retrospectiva dos anos Bush talvez nos ajude a compreender com mais clareza o que essa era representou para o mundo. Ali Abbas, 12 anos.

Vale conferir. Estupros em massa de mulheres iraquianas por parte de soldados norte-americanos. Depoimento de mulher iraquiana estuprada por soldado norteamericano. Design by lequipe-skyrock - Choisir cet habillage Signaler un abus.