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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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The collection : 7 ASL 2. Machete : 7 ASL 2. Our Measurement Theory section is under reconstruction. It's functional, but please choose Chrome as your browser in case you want to access our online Round Table Discussion on Film and Statistics. Guardians of the Galaxy : 7 ASL 3.

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Sullivan's Travels : 7 ASL Casablanca : 7 ASL 7. Bravo, kleiner Thomas! Oculus : 7 ASL 4. The essay is not "against Cutting," as Baxter explains in his recent email to me: "He and his team are doing interesting work, some of which after Barry Salt's comments they have acknowledged to be wrong - the four-act structure analysis. It is just that I think the claims in their paper are unsustainable on statistical grounds and it is interesting to explore why! Test Short : 7 ASL 4. Fantomas episode 3: Le mort qui tue : 7 ASL New films and newcomers welcome aboard!

Girlfriend Experience : 7 ASL Insurgentes : 7 ASL Commentaar 1 coach liveshow : 7 ASL 4 submitted by Tessa;. Un dia Paulino : 7 ASL 5. Mickey's Amateurs short : 7 ASL Oslo August : 7 ASL Meek's Cutoff : 7 ASL Last week, Cutting's reply to Baxter and Salt's remarks entitled "More on the Evolution of Popular Film Editing" has been posted; download and take a look.

Voice Test : 7 ASL 1. Psycho : 7 ASL 5. Tajones Lejanos : 7 ASL Tacones lejanos : 7 ASL Passe, Le : 7 ASL 6. A brief new study entitled "Salt on Baxter on Cutting" has been added to our "Measurement Theory" section. Both the first and the last words of this three-storey title are proper if telling nouns.

Understanding Nature

As some of us recall, back in James Cutting and his collaborators published a study in Psychological Science " Attention and the Evolution of Hollywood Film " which generated a lively discussion on Cinemetrics. Barry Salt started it; James Cutting replied, Salt again, Cutting again and, after some three years or so, Mike Baxter revisited the above study to see how it looked from the point of view of statistics.

Now, this week, Salt sent in his comments on Baxter's comments on Cutting's findings. To make the series easier to follow, Gunars has re-arranges contributions found in the "Measurement Theory" section which now looks like this:. Other good news are about new films and newcomers welcome aboard!

Barry Salt has re-submitted a number of frame-accurate data, and has named the first of them, Derailed, the champion of fast cutting, see:. Derailed : 7 ASL 1. Ripley, The : 7 ASL 4. Mysterious Lady : 7 ASL 9. Orphans of the Storm : 7 ASL 4. Karneval der Liebe : 7 ASL 8. Midnight in Paris : 7 ASL 7. Midnight in Paris : 7 ASL Nosferatu : 7 ASL 8.

The Perils of Pauline, ep. Norske Talenter ep. Safety Last! Supernatural - Dark side of the moon 05x16 : 7 ASL 3. After a period of consultations and deliberations see the relevant topic on the Discussion Board Gunars Civjans and I decided to launch our Database cleansing campaign. Some incomplete, incomprehensible or repeated submission will be as of now disappearing from the Cinemetrics database. This does not mean that these data have been erased forever.

None of your data, including "tool-test" data will be eliminated. These data will just be invisible to the submitter or to the rest of us the Cinemetrics users. He may ask you to supply this or that missing info or instruct you to resubmit. In other words, all our cleansing actions are reversible and negotiable. So far I have cleansed the whole of year , From January 1 to present. Here are some examples of the types of data I have removed to repeat: removed from sight, not eliminated. In addition to this news, the following new films and newcomers welcome aboard!

Jezebel : 7 ASL Yassine gaat naar Syrie : 7 ASL Lucia y el sexo : 7 ASL 4. Liverpool : 7 ASL Stardust Memories : 7 ASL 3. Stardust : 7 ASL 3. The Perils of Pauline ep. Sherlock Jr. District 9 : 7 ASL 3. Braindead : 7 ASL 2. Forever : 7 ASL Corner in Wheat : 7 ASL A one-day conference on Cinemetrics took place yesterday Saturday, March 1 at the University of Chicago. Look here for details.

An article by Kevin B. Lee that acknowledges Cinemetrics and used its method to analyse gendered time distribution in Oscar-nominated films came out today in the Sunday edition of The New York Times. Very interesting, look here. Tri orisky pro Popelku : 7 ASL 9. The Beetlejuice : 7 ASL 5. Das Glueck wohnt nebenan : 7 ASL Mi permette babbo! Protektor : 7 ASL 3. Tonka Sibenice : 7 ASL 5. Primer : 7 ASL 5. Il demonio 30 min : 7 ASL 8. Mike Baxter has added his new reply to the "database cleansing" topic on the Discussion Board, concerning a statistical comparability of data.

Take a look. Momma don't Allow short : 7 ASL 7. Dein Leben gehoert mir! Yang Ya-che : 7 ASL Breakfast : 7 ASL 4. Slumdog Millionaire : 7 ASL 3. Counting Stars : 7 ASL 1. Christine : 7 ASL 5. Lu bing hua : 7 ASL 8. Ashin : 7 ASL 9 submitted by chen yi sung;. Cape No. Ze soboty na nedeli : 7 ASL 9.

Beautiful Crazy : 7 ASL Miao Miao : 7 ASL Atentat : 7 ASL The wedding invitation : 7 ASL 3. Taipei : 7 ASL 6. Forever Love : 7 ASL 6. Shane Chen;. Pulp Fiction : 7 ASL 6. Faithball : 7 ASL 4. This is England v2 : 7 ASL 4.

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Guard 13 Czech title: Ting shuo : 7 ASL Tropical Fish : 7 ASL Guard 13 original title: Taipei Exchange : 7 ASL S certy nejsou zerty : 7 ASL 9. Forever Love : 7 ASL Devil Angel : 7 ASL 8. Monga : 7 ASL 6. Trouble Maker : 7 ASL 7. Love on Delivery : 7 ASL 6. Ten Brother : 7 ASL 7. Secret : 7 ASL 7. Secret : 7 ASL 7 submitted by ke hou yu;. Ip Man2 : 7 ASL 3. Hear Me : 7 ASL 9. Dang ai lai de shi hou : 7 ASL Liu hao chu kou : 7 ASL S certy nejsou zerty : 7 ASL 8. Ze soboty na ned? Good news from the last day of December the New Year is near and is already in for our Asian users. On the part of the Cinemetrics team, I wish everyone a happy one!

Cronaca familiare 60 min : 7 ASL Shield of Straw : 7 ASL 9. Troubles of a Grasswidower : 7 ASL Eternal Summer : 7 ASL Viva baseball : 7 ASL 8. Island Etude : 7 ASL Naughty soldiers : 7 ASL Puss in Boots : 7 ASL 0.

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The Cabbie : 7 ASL Report Warden : 7 ASL Cinemetrics speaks Chinese! Good news from London. To believe Wikipedia see here , 80 years ago, on December 15, , Barry Salt was born in Melbourne. If he were not, there would be no cinemetrics. Not that Barry hit upon the idea of counting shots and measuring their lengths right away. It all began with Barry dancing for a ballet company the picture below shows Barry can jump. He then became a theoretical physicist, and then a filmmaker who knew all about lighting.

In the mids it became clear why Barry Salt needed to know so many trades, his future biographer might speculate. The art of ballet taught Barry the dancer to count while moving. Science taught him statistics, filmmaking, how films were cut. All this could not but turn Barry Salt into a founder of numerate film history. And into someone who is able to perform a jump in order to explain to us, students of film history, what made Ford Sterling funny in Behold Barry Salt demonstrating the funny way to jump:.

Die rote Muehle : 7 ASL Tetsuo : 7 ASL 2. Demanty noci : 7 ASL 8. Tetsuo introduction : 7 ASL 4. Homeland : 7 ASL 5. Demanty noci : 7 ASL 7. Tetsuo : 7 ASL 3. Quantum of Solace : 7 ASL 0. Quantum of Solace : 7 ASL 2. Prichozi z temnot : 7 ASL 6. Nejkrasnejsi vek : 7 ASL Krimi zpravy : 7 ASL 3. Cutting,, J. Nothelfer To find Baxter's essay click on the bottom line under "Cinemetrics studies. Au revoir Taipei : 7 ASL 6. Hear Me : 7 ASL 8. Pushing Hands : 7 ASL Corpsicle : 7 ASL Aruana : 7 ASL 5.

Dollhouse : 7 ASL Twin Peaks 3 eps 1 season : 7 ASL Supernatural - Ep. Domino : 7 ASL 2. Banquier : 7 ASL 5. Touch : 7 ASL 8. Dinosaurs Alive! More ideas and opinions have been added to the "Once again on the accuracy of data" discussion which Mike Baxter and I opened on the Discussion Board some time ago. Avatar : 7 ASL 3. Numbers : 7 ASL 5. Michael Clayton : 7 ASL Telephones : 7 ASL 3. Distant : 7 ASL I broke my ankle while in Latvia on All this is not exactly good news, but it explains the gap between last news and this one.

Alles fuer Gloria : 7 ASL 8. Mister Lonely : 7 ASL Downton Abbey : 7 ASL Drive : 7 ASL 7. China Dragon : 7 ASL 4. Polidor vuol suicidarsi : 7 ASL Mad Men 6. Michael Clayton : 7 ASL 6. Zde jsou lvi : 7 ASL Jam : 7 ASL Suspiria : 7 ASL 7. Jacques Duron : 7 ASL The Titanic : 7 ASL 3. Spellbound : 7 ASL Silence of the Lambs : 7 ASL 3. Dognuts : 7 ASL 7. Psycho : 7 ASL Home Alone : 7 ASL 4.

Look : 7 ASL Dinosaur : 7 ASL 3. Accuracy appears to be a growing concern as the database grows. Next month Armin Jaeger's criticicism and suggestions will be added to this discussion topic. Your contributions are welcome. New films and new submitters welcome aboard! Music Video : 7 ASL 1. Music Video : 7 ASL 3. Music Video : 7 ASL 2. Pasookkoon first min. Lady Oscar : 7 ASL Tekkon Konkreet : 7 ASL 4. Sen noci svatoj?? Iron Man 3 : 7 ASL 2. Willful Ambrose : 7 ASL 4. Segment "Pacifico" : 7 ASL 6. La tristesse durera toujours : 7 ASL 1.

Drowning by Numbers : 7 ASL Daisy Miller : 7 ASL Manhunter : 7 ASL 8. Georges Hill : 7 ASL 3. Dar svatebni noci Lasky - vasne - zrady : 7 ASL 6. New comers welcome aboard! Die keusche Suenderin : 7 ASL Bakemonogatari 1x02 last 10' : 7 ASL 2. Lost in the Mountains : 7 ASL Wizards : 7 ASL 4.

Ceske hrady a zamky : 7 ASL 4. Leonce cinematographiste : 7 ASL Mike Baxter's new article "Cutting patterns in D. The Wire: 1. Que fue de Jorge Sanz? Poor Cinderella : 7 ASL 6. Melancolia : 7 ASL Fantasma : 7 ASL Tabloid : 7 ASL 5. New responses to my question 3: "Looking for Lookalikes? Mad Men 5. Night : 7 ASL Night : 7 ASL 5. The Vow : 7 ASL Try Before you die : 7 ASL 5. Seven days in heaven : 7 ASL The Terrorizers : 7 ASL Meine vier Jungens : 7 ASL Forever Love : 7 ASL 5.

Constantine : 7 ASL 4. Anadolu Kartallari : 7 ASL 5. Velvet Goldmine : 7 ASL 6. Proefkonijnen : 7 ASL 4. Argila : 7 ASL Proefkonijnen : 7 ASL 5. Gangsters, The : 7 ASL 5. Ambition : 7 ASL Secret : 7 ASL 6. Love : 7 ASL 50 submitted by sarnai;. Rich and Strange : 7 ASL 6. Wire s. Riso Amaro : 7 ASL 8. The Wire Season 1 Ep. Barry Salt added his comments to commment boxes under my Question 3 and Mike Baxter's answer to the latter in our ongoing Film and Statistics discussion, click here. Traffic in Souls : 7 ASL 7. Procesi k panence : 7 ASL 9. Shirins Hochzeit excerpt : 7 ASL Home alone : 7 ASL 5 submitted by Gabija;.

Alice : 7 ASL Anadolu Kartallar? Pretty Woman : 7 ASL 6. Furusato no uta : 7 ASL 2. Juno : 7 ASL 5. Alf - Pilot : 7 ASL 4. New films and new names welcome aboard! One of the new names, James Rosenow, belongs to a young woman's who is a graduate student at the Unversity of Chicago. San Francisco earthquake sequence : 7 ASL 1. Gypsy : 7 ASL 9. Suspicious River : 7 ASL 6. Position among the stars : 7 ASL Pretpark Nederland : 7 ASL 8. Boy in the striped pyjamas : 7 ASL 3. Die Kreuzelschreiber : 7 ASL Ircin romanek I. Bu neng mei you ni : 7 ASL 9. Aviator, The : 7 ASL 4. Amour tenace, l' : 7 ASL The Exorcist : 7 ASL 6.

Growing Up : 7 ASL Enoch Arden : 7 ASL This piece is not identical to an earlier article on the same subject published in "The New Review of Film and Television Studies" a year or two ago: new films and new thoughts have been added. Thanks, Barry! Regimentsmusik : 7 ASL Breaking Bad 5. Entente cordiale : 7 ASL Fame : 7 ASL 3. Yes Man : 7 ASL 4. Equilibrium : 7 ASL 2.

June 6th : 7 ASL 8. Chytte ho : 7 ASL 4. Question 3, "Looking for Lookalikes? Look here. Joe: Retaliation : 7 ASL 2.

Canción Los Dinosaurios por Blippi Español - Canciones Infantiles Dinosaurios para Niños

Nacido y Criado : 7 ASL Philharmoniker : 7 ASL 7. Kukushka charcter presence frequence : 7 ASL Jungle Bride : 7 ASL 7. Dumb ways to die : 7 ASL 5. Sileny lekar : 7 ASL 6. I added a new link to an old discussion topics called "Cinemetrics predecessors. Now that MPW became available online you can find Barondess' study here. Life of Pi : 7 ASL 7. Um 9 kommt Harald : 7 ASL 8. Wake in Fright : 7 ASL 7. Blackboards : 7 ASL The Game : 7 ASL 4. Peau d'ane : 7 ASL Seen this? Trailers and montage sequences are so blatantly important for the study of editing, yet so epemeral and immaterial as film history facts that they are rarely looked at or discussed at all.

I did quite a bit of traveling recently to the USA and to Moscow , so sorry if I have missed a few weeks of submission and one or two newcomers welcome aboard! The Ear : 7 ASL Ucho : 7 ASL September : 7 ASL Dante's Peak : 7 ASL 3. High Noon : 7 ASL 6. Swing High : 7 ASL Sonatine : 7 ASL Osmnactileta : 7 ASL 5.

Osalena komtesa Zuzana : 7 ASL 5. Making Of : 7 ASL Lev Manovich, who has been in dialog with Cinemetrics about its data visualization from , has published a new, very informative essay on editing, Vertov, Soviet montage and other things, complete with inventive visualizations, and announced it on our Discussion Board. Lev also suggests a possible solution for the automatic cut detection. Amor Crudo : 7 ASL 7. Kdo chce zabit Jessi : 7 ASL Znelka : 7 ASL 2.

Captain America : 7 ASL 4. Children of Men : 7 ASL Parnasie : 7 ASL 5. Lions for Lambs : 7 ASL 3. Beating the Bomb excerpt : 7 ASL 8. Carovne oci : 7 ASL 3. Touha : 7 ASL 9.

  1. (PDF) The Oxford Companion to English Literature Margaret Drabble | Alisa Ililisa -
  2. Billionaire Boys Election Freak Show: Mitt Romney and the GOP War on Women, The 99%, Truth, Hispanics, Blacks and Youth.
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  5. I concentrate toward them that are nigh, I wait on the doorslab.
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  7. Dredd 3D : 7 ASL 3. Cobra : 7 ASL 6. Dredd : 7 ASL 3. Color perro que huye : 7 ASL A new question "What do lines tell? Chelovek idyot za solntsem : 7 ASL 6. Dio, Come ti Amo! Song of Songs 40 min : 7 ASL A new link has been added at our Related sites menu to the newborn webpage by Mike Baxter whom you know from our ongoing statistics discussion. The site is named MikeMetrics. There are many useful notes to find about or related to what we are doing here and what we do not but might. Mike's notes provide links to statistics software and also give step-by-step instructions of how to use some of them.

    Explore and add your comments! Derailed : 7 ASL at 1. The few long takes scattered throughout the length of the film increase in length as the film goes on, unlike Derailed, were they decrease in length. Interestingly, Barry had to go beyong decimals to define the champ: rounded up to one digit after the dot, both would be 1. Resident Evil : 7 ASL 5. Can'an : 7 ASL 9. Layer Cake : 7 ASL 4. Unstoppable : 7 ASL 2. British Professor of statistics Mike Baxter who takes part in out ongoing conversation on film and statistics , published a paper " Picturing the pictures: Statistics and film " in Significance Volume 9 Issue 5 , the "house journal" of the Royal Statistical Society and American Statistical Association.

    Mike was asked to provide a contribution to their web-site about cinemetrics, which to my knowledge is the first assesment of cinemetrics as a website and as a method coming from the pen of statistics professional. It appears on the web-site that goes with the journal, to coincide with the article.

    The contribution is open-access the journal itself regrettably isn't. Breaking Bad 3. Nezname matky : 7 ASL 8. Chronicle of a Disappearance : 7 ASL Kvalim Cabels : 7 ASL 3. Kinopravda 1-i vypusk : 7 ASL 7. Kinopravda i vypusk : 7 ASL 5. Miller's Crossing : 7 ASL 6. The godfather : 7 ASL 2. Scre4m : 7 ASL 3. Rango : 7 ASL 4. Atonement : 7 ASL Transporter 3 : 7 ASL 1. Left Bank : 7 ASL 7. Resident Evil : 7 ASL 2. Public Enemies : 7 ASL 4. Jeremy Wikoff : 7 ASL 3. The Sandlot : 7 ASL 2. Deja Vu : 7 ASL 1. The Illusionist : 7 ASL 4. The Orphan : 7 ASL 1.

    Pretty in Pink : 7 ASL 4. American Psycho : 7 ASL 4. Ossos : 7 ASL Tho comments have been posted under Mike Baxter's latest essay. Breaking Bad 2. American Psycho : 7 ASL 6. Saturday Afternoon : 7 ASL 6. Schoolkids scheduled to start school on this date won't have to until September 3 on the strength of this being a Saturday. The Wire : 7 ASL 4. Diable au coeur, Le : 7 ASL 5. Quarter Cutting : 7 ASL 2. Face : 7 ASL Avengers, The : 7 ASL 2. A special page named "On statistics" has been opened in the Measurement theory menu of Cinemetrics.

    Here film scholars and professional statisticians discuss statistical methods applicable to films. The discussion, called "Film and Statistics: Give and Take" will evolve in installments hinging on a number of questions. Look here and add your comments in case you have some. As part of this, two-hour long Syriana : 7 ASL 5. Meanwhile, the torrent of our regular submissions continues to bring more films. While travelling in Russia and struggling with a cold I had to have missed a couple of weeks, but here is the crop of last week:. Pillow to Post : 7 ASL 6. Heimat Episode 11 : 7 ASL Strada, La : 7 ASL 8.

    Table of contents

    As I will hardly tire to repeat a new tool is now available here made for those of us who want there measurements be more precise. Gunars who authors it, of course has posted a video tutorial here. We will provide written instructions pretty soon, but let me say this. FACT takes longer to measure a movie, but once measured, it will reward you for the time and effort you invest: one can always return to the film submitted and retag its shots using different categories. Priceless for close analysis. Great tool, good toy, test it!

    Fantastic Mr. I Married a Witch final mins. Diablo I videogame : 7 ASL 3. Piccadilly 50 min : 7 ASL 6. Days of Eclipse : 7 ASL Forrest Gump extract scene : 7 ASL Fight Club extract : 7 ASL 5. Hulk : 7 ASL 4. Bombay Beach : 7 ASL 4. Pulp Fiction extract scene : 7 ASL 4. Careful : 7 ASL 6. Presently we are testing it and Gunars is working on a tutotrial, as soon as the latter will be ready FACT will be launched.

    Meanwhile you can take a look here if you are interested in how it will work. Again: please wait for the tutorial to try it out! Now Showing : 7 ASL Hedgehog in the Fog : 7 ASL 5. Spider : 7 ASL 6. La suerte esta echada : 7 ASL 6. Conan der Barbar trailer : 7 ASL 1. A quick good news: after a few days of maintenance Cinemetrics is now afloat, fully functional please report if you happen to notice any irregularities.

    We apologize for not warning the site would be inaccessible for a while: the need for the maintenance session was unforeseen. More in a week.

    Case Studies in Comparative Epistemology

    A number of Mack Sennetts his Biograph and Keystone films have been submitted and commented upon as part of the early comedy and Chaplin style research; to get a sense of what the reasearch program is about see my comments under Sunbeam, The : 7 ASL Two projects have been pursued by Charles O'Brien, both much like the above on Mack Sennett and Chaplin having to do with the history of editing.

    Pauli : 7 ASL 8. Big Love 5. Detachment : 7 ASL 3. Tree of life : 7 ASL 6. Konek-Gorbunok : 7 ASL 6. Distant Drums : 7 ASL 5. Joseph's Scholars and Special Parade of St. Matthew's : 7 ASL Connected : 7 ASL 6. Bicentennial Man : 7 ASL 5. An analytical comment see also under The Roaring Twenties. Those who pay attention to the total submissions count may have noticed that earlier this week the number of submissions exceeded 10 items. Bravo, Mohsen, if Cinemetrics were an airline you may have earned an award flight to New Zealand. Big Love 3. Hot Fuzz : 7 ASL 1.

    Babel : 7 ASL 3. Gilli poprv v Praze : 7 ASL 5. Monkey Business : 7 ASL Pet smyslu cloveka : 7 ASL 8. Prazsti adamite : 7 ASL 7. Stinky Pingu : 7 ASL 5.

    law culture and visual studies Manual

    Good news are those that end well. For a technical error, Cinemetrics was unavailable for a day or so; if you are able to read this it is safe to assume that it is up and running again. We aplologise for the inconvenience. To remind: Barry's database consists of a Camera movement data, b Shot scale data, and as of now c Average shot length data. The three tables are introduced by the following annotation useful perhaps for the rest of us to keep in mind if we care about the accuracy of our own submissions:.

    If there is a pre-credit sequence longer than one minute, this is added on to the data. Shots running under the main titles are NOT included, but any title included in the main body of the film is counted as a shot. In the table of ASLs, their length is calculated at 24 frames per second for sound films, and silent films are calculated at the projection speed that gives natural movement.

    In the 'Scope' column, 's' means the intended projection aspect ratio of the film is The 'Country' column only contains an entry if the film was entirely financed from one country, and the 'Studio' column only contains an entry if one major studio financed the film. The figures for camera movement and Scale of Shot are not the total numbers for those films, but normalized to the number per shots. Big Love 2. Bambi : 7 ASL 8. Damnation last sequence : 7 ASL Sergeant York : 7 ASL 6. American Beauty : 7 ASL 6. Goede tijden, slechte tijden : 7 ASL 5.

    Sleeping Beauty : 7 ASL 8. Robert und Bertram : 7 ASL Toy Story 3 : 7 ASL 3. Monters, Inc. Why Worry? Rio de Janeiro : 7 ASL 5. Calamari Union : 7 ASL 9. Trailer Night : 7 ASL Mother : 7 ASL 9. Hugo : 7 ASL 4. Rio Bravo : 7 ASL 8. First, not long ago I received this message from David Borwell: "A computer program for analyzing staging.

    Be patient, I found this takes a long time to load Secondly, there is a new post at our Discusion Board , take a look. Moodie, H. In Two Volumes. John Gibson Memoirs of the Life of the Rt. Memoranda Sacra English by Harris, J. Lucy Gilpatrick Marsh delivered June 22, English by Thompson, A. Augustus Charles A Memorial of Mrs. Volume 1 of 2 English by Ditchfield, P.

    Peter Hampson Memorials of Old London. Volume 2 of 2 English by Ditchfield, P. Sir Maui Pomare, K. Elmendorf English by Elmendorf, Dwight L. Metal Spinning English by Tuells, C. Laura I. Mex English by Janifer, Laurence M. English by Valentini, Philipp J. Hope Moncrieff English by Moncrieff, A. Gustavus C. English by Woodworth, Francis C. Mildred Arkell: A Novel. A Military Dictionary and Gazetteer Comprising ancient and modern military technical terms, historical accounts of all North American Indians, as well as ancient warlike tribes; also notices of battles from the earliest period to the present time, with a concise explanation of terms used in heraldry and the offices thereof.

    The work also gives valuable geographical information. Compiled from the best authorities of all nations. With an appendix containing the Articles of war, etc. Drawn from recent official reports and documents. Lonergan English by Lonergan, F. Milly Darrell English by Braddon, M.

    English by Beers, Henry A. Harris, Volume IX. English by Brown, Henry W. English by Preyer, William T. English by Harding, A. Carpenter in the Senate of Massachusetts, June 3, , in support of the same English by Massachusetts. Miracle Gold: A Novel Vol. Nicolas English by May, J.

    Nicolas English by Stewart, D. Volume 12, No. Supplement to Vol. I, No. Miss Caprice English by Rathborne, St. John, Percy B. English by Conklin, Nathaniel, Mrs. Benson Mlle. David Binning The modes of origin of lowest organisms including a discussion of the experiments of M. Pasteur English by Bastian, H. Index to the Streets, Squares, and Cab Stands. English by Mogg, Edward S. Mohave Pottery English by Kroeber, A. Alfred Louis Mohawks: A Novel. Volume 1 of 3 English by Braddon, M. Mary Elizabeth Mohawks: A Novel. Volume 2 of 3 English by Braddon, M.

    Volume 3 of 3 English by Braddon, M. John P. October, William Henry Montreal, William Henry Montreal from to Biographical English by Atherton, William H. English by Carpenter, James The Moon: considered as a planet, a world, and a satellite. Means Is This a Title? It Is Not. Edward Windsor More E. Arthur O. In a Series of Letters. English by Church, J.

    Richard , Sir M. Mortomley's Estate: A Novel. Mother Earth, Vol. English by Sackett, S. Common Sense For Children. A Kindergarten English by Miller, E. English by Matthews, Stanley R. Motor tours in Yorkshire English by Stawell, R. Achilles English by Lee, Jennette Mr. Herbert George Mr. Benjamin Erastus Mr. Phillips Edward Phillips Mr. Marion Francis Marion Mr. Justice Raffles English by Hornung, E. Ernest William Mr. Weir Silas Weir Mr. Marx's Secret English by Oppenheim, E. Marx's Secret English by Wilson, F. Vaux Francis Vaux Mr.

    Meeson's Will English by Haggard, H. Rider Henry Rider Mr. Midshipman Glover, R. Edward Smith Mr. Thomas Tendron Mr. George William Mr. Alan Alexander Mr. Joseph Smith Mr. President English by Arr, Stephen Mr. President English by Francis, Dick Mr. Prohack English by Bennett, Arnold Mr. Frederick Henry Mr. Punch in Bohemia English by Various Mr. John Mr. Punch's History of Modern England, Vol. Charles Larcom Mr. Leonard Mr. Isabella Mary Mrs. Cliff's Yacht English by Forestier, A. Craddock English by Maugham, W. Somerset William Somerset Mr. Darrell English by Davis, Foxcroft Mrs.

    Dorriman: A Novel. Somerset William Somerset Mrs. Falchion, Volume 1. English by Parker, Gilbert Mrs. Falchion, Volume 2. Farrell English by Howells, Mildred Mrs. Fitz English by Snaith, J. John Collis Mrs. Gaskell English by Chadwick, Ellis H. Gaskell English by Richmond, George Mrs. Geoffrey English by Duchess Mrs.

    Jerome Klapka Mrs. Charles Cole Mrs. English by Dallas, W. William Sweetland Mrs. English by Loudon, Mrs. Jane Mrs. Mary Eales's receipts. Spaceship English by Dick, Philip K. Thornton Waldo Mrs. Grace Smith Mrs. Severn: A Novel, Vol. Standfast English by Buchan, John Mrs. William Babington Mrs. Tree English by Merrill, Frank T.

    Edward Verrall Mrs.