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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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These books are an ideal present for anyone who spends their day with their nose in a book or their head in the clouds. No one but Sybil sees that Bolivar is a dinosaur! Thurma is a young Fireling tasked with stealing a shard of the Dark Crystal to restore power to her realm. Collects issues Hand-painted by Serena Malyon, this is a look into a beautiful world with rich culture and stalwart friendships, worth exploring one letter at a time. Featuring over 40 black-and-white illustrations showcasing the vibrant and compelling world of Labyrinth and featuring fan-favorite characters and creatures!

From this ecclectic imprint, we have pulled some of the best titles for people who live each day as an adventure. Now Cannon Cove is just a boring tourist trap where nothing ever happens… until she and her friends come upon a centuries-old pirate map drawn by someone named Black Mary! Curious middle grade and younger audiences will find their first comic here in a variety of family-friendly, creative titles including original concepts and adaptations of their favorite cartoon heroes.

These books make the perfect present for kids and kids at heart! Writer : Charles M. This first volume in the series contains adventures from the top of the dog house to the skies with the World War I Flying Ace. Everything the sisters thought was impossible has been turned on its head, and they must rely on each other more than ever before…. When super power juice is sucked out of Captain Underpants by the evil Deputy Dangerous, it appears that all is lost.

Where do the heroes take him? The flower metaphor continues in this picture-book biography of the award-winning poet. Even as a teacher accuses her of plagiarism and she doubts herself, her parents believe in her gift for poetry. The first pop-up spread is among the most impressive, and readers will certainly be thrilled when a fully suited astronaut and cone-shaped vehicle float above the page and a large photo of Earth.

The next spread offers information on the Apollo missions and how they helped fine-tune the Saturn V rocket—exploding from the page! The book goes on to detail the mechanics and feeling of rocketing into space, orbiting, and, of course, landing on the moon and returning to Earth. A very good read. This is a book from the heart, and for the heart.

Readers will cheer for the wounded warrior who may have found a place to call home. It is a story about strong women, their hardships, sacrifices and ability to love even though it may mean keeping secrets. However, things appear to be on the upswing as she reunites with and marries Paolo, her childhood sweetheart. Of course, there are no simplistic, happily-ever-after endings in the Albom universe, and Annie and Paolo prove there are no exceptions to that rule.

After a horrific accident on her wedding day, Annie is whisked up to heaven, where she not only meets up with Eddie but also four others whose lives she touched and impacted in meaningful ways. As Annie learns her lessons about the meaning and value of both life and death, Albom wraps up this heartfelt fable with a totally unexpected twist. And, of course, there are delicious cakes. Readers should understand more of their world at the end of this engrossing novel than they did when they began it.

Unlike the Lorax, who spoke for the trees, Richard Powers prefers to let them do their own talking. In other words, the story is classic Cussler. The thought of the world running out of oil is terrifying, and that along with the wonderful cast of characters makes this one of the better entries in the NUMA Files series. You will never look at adoption the same way again.

Virgin Islands—and she has no idea what he was doing there. Their sons, Cash and Baker, each have reasons to escape their lives for awhile, so they join her to mourn and look for answers. What they find when they get to the island is a multimillion-dollar mansion and news of a young woman, Rosie Small, who also died in the crash. Stuffed with cornball hymns, genetic mutations worth of Thomas Pynchon and a pharmaceutical company run amok, it reads like dystopia verging on satire. Becoming the first lady ratchets up the pressure as Obama endures the Secret Service security bubble, has every public utterance and outfit attacked by opponents, gets pilloried as a closet radical, and soldiers on with healthy-food initiatives.

There are no dramatic revelations and not much overt politics here, but fans of the Obamas will find an interesting, inspiring saga of quiet social revolutions. Inland Revenue who goes missing while conducting a series of interviews with wealthy British expatriates living in Europe. Are these individuals merely concerned with evading taxes, or do they more sinister backgrounds and motives? Inspector George Mason, ably assisted by Detective Sergeant Alison Aubrey, is assigned by Scotland Yard to help discover what happened to the tax official. Their investigations take them to several European cities, where they eventually become involved with members of a secret society who are determined to frustrate their efforts.

Will the two detectives succeed in outwitting the opposition, to determine the curious fate of Leonard Parks? Will they find him alive, or dead? The Marian Apparition succeeds in bringing flocks of tourists to Wheatfield. Then sniper-like shootings that wound two citizens threaten the bonanza. Penny wraps up some continuing story lines and sends recurring characters in surprising directions. In FBI Agent Atlee Pine, he has envisioned a new kind of heroine, forged in the fire of trauma and driven by a rare kind of strength.

It should come as no shock that a thriller writer for the ages has created a character for the ages! But he does stir up a world of trouble when he steps in to help a woman under attack and gives her assailant—the son of a well-connected underworld figure—a humiliating beating.

While Reacher is dealing with a revenge posse, the Canadian couple discover just how strange their motel is. Child neatly interweaves multiple narratives, ratchets up the suspense the reveal of the motel plot is delicious , and delivers a powerful, satisfying denouement.

Most important, Goodwin reminds us that a democracy leadership is a two-way street, a mirror in which people, for better and worse, see their collective reflection. Orlean follows the narrative in all directions, juxtaposing the hunt for the library arsonist—possibly a frustrated actor—with a philosophical treatise on why and how libraries became the closest thing many of us experience to a town hall.

Singer and Emerson T. This war story — the fight to break out of a frozen hell near the Chosin Reservoir — has been told many times before. But Sides tells it exceedingly well, with fresh research, gritty scenes and cinematic sweep. Ample detail and enticing storytelling. The author weaves anecdotal and first-person accounts from both sides into the overall history to produce a compelling account that veterans of the war, those who felt its impact at home and readers born decades after the fighting ended will find hard to put down. So personable is the portrayal of Ginsburg—…—that even those who disagree with her positions may be persuaded to a new respect.

His first task is to kill or imprison any of his countrymen who can threaten him. Soon, though, his illness becomes serious enough to require a more dramatic diversion—war with the West. The only way to avoid a confrontation that could leave millions dead is to send Mitch Rapp to Russia under impossibly dangerous orders.

Success means averting a war that could consume all of Europe. But if his mission is discovered, Rapp will plunge Russia and America into a conflict that neither will survive. Tru Walls has never visited North Carolina but is summoned to Sunset Beach by a letter from a man claiming to be his father. When the two strangers cross paths, their connection is as electric as it is unfathomable.

She towered above other children, and by age 12, over her parents as well, finally leveling off at just under eight feet tall…. Eventually, she joined P. Anna narrates her own story in this swift biography, accessibly relaying the many ups and downs of her life, with additional information appended. Bullied by a local braggart and stuck living with his grandmother, Gus dreams of escape, namely by leaving for college some day. The ragtag band of misfits that join him calls to mind the gang from The Goonies, and their underground escapades vacillate among genuinely creepy, hilarious, and thrilling.

From describing the sizzling heat to the sticky bat guano in the cave, Bowling tickles all of the senses with her evocative Southwest setting. Hamilton has created characters who are quirky and complex. Their stories are tightly woven together and riveting, and readers will look forward to the next installment in the series. If she fails, her hometown will be in trouble. Despite the danger of running into dark mages, she begins her quest, which reads like a string of dreams. Kenneth Oppel has created many unusual protagonists during his stellar career, but his inventiveness reaches a whole new level with Inkling, an inkblot that is fully and vividly alive.

Not only does Lu discover that he is going to be a big brother but he is also preparing for the track championship and competing in a new event—the hurdles. As he soon learns, running hurdles is not just about getting over them, but also about how you perceive them. Lu comes to realize that everyone has hurdles—some are physical Lu has albinism , some are emotional, some are created by others, and some are self-created. As preparations for the big meet continue, Lu learns a secret about his father that has the potential to upend their close relationship, and he also must face a nemesis from his past.

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Will Lu clear all his hurdles? Medina delivers another stellar and deeply moving story. Highly Recommended. But living in a van—and keeping it a secret from his friends at school—is starting to take its toll on Felix. Clear-eyed and heartfelt. Readers of all ages will cheer for funny, feisty Katy Gordon as she chases her big-league dreams. Ellen Klages hits this one out of the park! Holm, three-time Newbery Honor recipient. Lily is a brave, independent-minded tween tending to her elderly grandmother in a nursing home when the two become displaced amid intense flooding during Hurricane Sandy.

As a child, Colette—aka Wallcreeper—disguised herself as a boy and aided the French Resistance. The two time lines make for a fast-paced read, with danger and suspense in both narrative arcs. This excellent memoir encapsulates the fears, hopes, and dreams that come along with immigrating to a new place. A timely and much-needed selection. Each region of the United States, from sea to shining sea, boasts a national park worthy of exploring.

Fascinating snippets of information are interspersed—lobsters are ill tempered; wolverines can take down animals as big as elk. Montgomery inspires curiosity, asks excellent questions, and makes science and investigating roadkill fascinating to learn. Bonet contributes light, good-humored visuals. This painful story illuminates, cautions, and inspires. Her town is severely divided ethnically, and families of Mexican descent, though American citizens, are being rounded up and repatriated across the border. Following a protest that Estrella organizes, her home is burned, and she, her toddler brother, and mother are separated from her father while being transported to Mexico.

They are thrown onto a train, forced into an open-air livestock corral for days with hundreds of others in harsh winter weather, and then taken to Mexico City, where survival is a constant challenge.

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However, there is always hope. Readers interested in history and current events will recognize striking similarities between events in this companion to Shame the Stars and the separation of refugee children from their parents today. Catling draws a compelling picture of man versus nature in an impressive story of good and evil, environmentalism, and the will of man to conquer all.

Visceral, violent, and literary. Using two narrative strands, related by three richly complex narrators, the book explores a half century in emotional and political depth. A jarring twist at the end has the reader wondering who the good guys really are. Unforgettable…Readers of Fruit of the Drunken Tree will surely be transformed. An ambitious and thoroughly realized work of revisionist historical fiction. His protagonist grapples with aging, loneliness, creativity, grief, self-pity and more.

It is clear Owens knows this land intimately, from the black mud sucking at footsteps to the taste of saltwater and the cry of seagulls. This glimpse into the reality of modern-day slavery provides important lessons in empathetic humanity for mature teens. By the end, Westover has somehow managed not only to capture her unsurpassably exceptional upbringing, but to make her current situation seem not so exceptional at all, and resonant for many others.

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Hansen builds her winning argument by combining personal examination and observation with geopolitical history lessons. She is a fearless patriot, and this is a book for the brave. With this book, Dr. Osborn has made sweet use of adversity indeed. Dewey Andreas is the hero these times demand, and Bloody Sunday is a heart-stopping thrill ride.

Karen White never fails to deliver. The pleasure of this book is in imagining the wild tales Clinton might disclose about his own years as President, if only he could. Ashworth dishes up a gritty, satisfying plate of murder, greed, and psychopathology. The good guys are flawed in wonderfully human ways. And the bad guys? Evil to the bone…A whirlpool of tension that circles inevitably toward both truth and tragedy, with an ending that will leave readers craving for the next offering in the series.

Jimmy Perez, who initially takes charge of what could be a murder case, calls in a crime team from Inverness, which includes his occasional lover, Willow Reeves, who brings emotional complications to the investigation. A number of local residents appear to have had some sort of an ax to grind with Emma, and several suspects emerge. It is a jolting and powerful book… swift-flying and meticulously researched. Today that bold idea has already led to a conservative judge on the Supreme Court, tax reform, and deregulation that has unleashed an economy stronger than anyone could have imagined.

But there are dark forces that seek to obstruct and undermine the president and reverse the results of the presidential election. Driven by ambition, blinded by greed, and bound by a common goal-to unseat the 45th President of the United States-this cabal is determined to maintain its wrongful hold on national political power….. A big deal and a major breakthrough. Strikingly relevant for our own era. As a teenage queen, she eagerly grasped the crown and relished the freedom it brought her.

She was outspoken with her ministers, overstepping conventional boundaries and asserting her opinions. His fairy tales are remarkable for their sense of fantasy, power of description, and vivid imagination. They are like no others written before or since. A poignant, compellingly presented, and timely account of a brave individual who lived his life with true conviction.

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A vibrant, wonderfully rounded biography on a pioneering and prodigiously talented woman. Once in America, Paine channeled his outrage over the injustice of slavery and advocacy for American independence into his magnum opus, Common Sense. This gently told narrative will appeal to readers of heartfelt, realistic fiction. Greek myths form the intriguing backstory of this humorous, gripping action-adventure. With grace and humor, the author tackles the overlooked subject of hoarding and gives us a loving portrait of a family in the process of healing. Told from the perspective of Chase and a few classmates, the novel addresses issues of bullying directly and realistically.

The false prophecy has been fulfilled. But the dragonets still have enemies. A dark evil, buried for centuries, is stirring. And a young NightWing may have had the first true prophecy in generations. Something is coming to shake the earth Something is coming to scorch the ground Jade Mountain will fall beneath thunder and ice Unless the lost city of night can be found. Now featuring gorgeous illustrations by Fred Marcellino! Like the rest of his family, Louis is a trumpeter swan. But nothing seems to work. Then his father steals him a real brass trumpet. Is a musical instrument the key to winning Louis his love?

Just be sure to allow plenty of time for poring over each page. In , poachers killed 13 rhinos. In , they killed 1,, the devastating result of a false rumor spread through Asia that ground rhino horn cured cancer. Besides discussing history and strategies for saving the southern white rhino, the book introduces a baby and its mother, rangers patrolling rhino habitats, and vets working to save orphaned calves as well as older animals mutilated by poachers….

An informative volume explaining an ongoing conservation crisis. A lighthearted look at the surprising traits that help some animals survive. Award-winning author Melissa Stewart offers readers a humorous and informative nonfiction picture book with a gentle message of understanding and celebrating differences. When her father loses his job, she and her family must move back to Earth. To make the year trip back, they are cryogenically frozen. Upon awakening on Earth, Amy must adjust to life in a new place and time.

Technology has drastically changed, her old friends have grown up and have children of their own, and everyone at her high school seems peculiar to her, especially a mysterious boy named Oliver. The panel layouts mimic the original webcomic version of the book, with long flowing panels or sets of panels that advance the action smoothly and create lots of drama. By turns a gripping mystery, a richly-detailed exploration of history and family, and a beautiful love story — I was absolutely captivated. Visceral violence, wrenching emotion, astutely drawn characters and a compelling narrative voice make for memorable reading.

But perhaps no author has written a novel with such raw, visceral emotion about the lifelong damage resulting from this institutionalization as Wagamese. A must-read for fans of Lauren Weisberger and Sophie Kinsella. Through the eyes of young Joel, we witness essential elements of the mid-twentieth century: the scourge of polio, the magic of baseball, the repercussions of war, and the development of modern Jewish-American culture.

A deceptively simple, profoundly memorable novel. Assigned to Kazakhstan, a Central Asian country finding its own way after generations under Soviet rule, she too must find a way to be in a world different from what she knew. Will it be worth it? Comey, Jr. Comey mines his recollections for leadership lessons, with Barack Obama, whom he admires, furnishing the best examples. This is a troubling and important account of the clash between power and justice. When these shenanigans become known, Edward covers for Cynthia and takes the rap for the evidence tampering.

After two years in prison, the disbarred lawyer finds steady work as a salesman, until he gets a desperate call from his physician sister, Amy, who has been arrested for murdering her estranged husband. The ninth entry in a justly praised series. Filled with sense-laden descriptions and ever-tightening suspense, this is gripping mystery fare and a terrific successor to the racecourse mystery world first carved out by Dick Francis.

He demonstrates why these small towns are worth saving.

Shy Moses Studer has been arrested for putting two bullets in his brother-in-law on the first day of deer season. Rachel acts as cultural interpreter between the police and the Amish, advising police on what forms of address to avoid, for example, and occasionally translating from English to Pennsylvania Dutch. Nostalgic for some of the clear direction that life in a closed community provided, Rachel ruminates on topics that range from straight pins to cell phones to berry crumble. A gentle read for cozy fans, especially those curious about contemporary Amish lifestyles.

Several alternating plot threads unspool at length, all of which weave tightly together with pleasing inevitability. What has been said before deserves repeating: From suspense to social commentary, from violence to pathos, from villainy to possible redemption, Ms. George can do it all, with style. After narrowly escaping a well-staged assassination attempt, the NUMA team launches a full investigation, soon stumbling onto a massive conspiracy involving a rare and hitherto unimagined alloy that could upset the balance of political and economic power across the globe.

This is historical writing at its best, with plenty of action and suspense. Perry is a master at bringing setting to life, and readers will be taken in by the time and place as they get to know Daniel Pitt and those close to him in this engaging novel. Lovely and amazing…. It is sober, nuanced and, quite frankly, scary as hell. Oshinsky has wrestled an institutional history of significant complexity into a compelling tale. The result is a serious story studded with juicy and occasionally blood-curdling bits from the past.

There is priceless wisdom on every page. And if so, at what cost? Farrow makes a good case that we have, and that the cost will be high…. He captures extraordinarily well what the work of diplomacy means. A masterfully told story of folklore, history, and magic with a spellbinding heroine at the heart of it all. Animal-lovers and thrill-seekers alike will cheer for Echofrost and Rahkki at each of the many twists and turns. Clever, epic, and wildly imaginative! In order to regain his place on Mount Olympus, Lester must restore five Oracles that have gone dark. But he has to achieve this impossible task without having any godly powers and while being duty-bound to a confounding young daughter of Demeter named Meg.

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Thanks a lot, Dad. His story is insightful and inspirational. As she and her father and brother head out into the back-country of Montana to return Stark, things suddenly start to go wrong when their van crashes. Karma finds herself in the middle of nowhere searching for help for her family. The imagery of the woods and country will make readers feel as if they are journeying alongside the protagonist. The details about the birds and what it takes to survive in the mountains are enlightening. But when almost all hope is lost, the return of the Great Lion, Aslan, signals a great change.

Filled with both tragic loss and ample evidence of resilience, these memorable and tightly plotted stories contextualize and give voice to current refugee crises, underscoring that these journeys are born out of a desperate need for security and safety. Since his father died on active military duty several years ago, his alcoholic mother has entertained a string of abusive boyfriends. Bestselling author Katherine Applegate gets readers rooting for the old tree, along with the people and animals who come to depend on it.

The shorter length and strong plot are appealing for middle grade readers who are growing into novels with less illustrated narrative and more complex subject matter. Gloriously illustrated in full color, every inch a pleasure. Grade A. Readers observe him and his siblings getting milk from their mother and, as they grow, waiting for her to bring them food. Each spread includes a large, engaging photo and a paragraph or two of text.

The book concludes with additional facts about red foxes and short activities about their life cycle and diets. Occasional bickering between poet and illustrator adds another layer of absurdity. This collection rewards repeat visits. The text explains their physical adaptations, such as shock-absorbing skull bones, then looks at their motivations. While they peck at trees primarily to reach grubs and ants below the bark, they sometimes drum to communicate with other woodpeckers or drill into wood to create holes for nesting or roosting. In addition to describing family life among woodpeckers and introducing some distinctive species, the text discusses the importance of protecting their habitats, particularly the dead trees they depend upon for survival.

But there are factions that want to end the caste system. Roselle is an extraordinary fighter, but, caught up in the conflict, she is never sure whom to trust. The world of the Republic is cleverly detailed, with floating military trees, hackable, mechanized domestic assistants, and at least three sides to a very political situation.

Readers will need to start with series opener Secondborn to fully appreciate this well-written story. With his sudden death, his estate goes to his conniving daughter, and year-old Sydney must start from scratch. She begins working in fashion, is entrapped in a shady scheme that leads to criminal prosecution, but as you might guess triumphantly rebuilds her life.

The narrative is fueled by a constant sense of tension, as well as both internal and external conflict. Eve Dallas arrives at the scene to find that no one witnessed the fatal stabbing. Following meager forensic clues, Eve tries to identify and warn potential new victims and stop the killer. Robb expertly ratchets up the suspense as the endgame approaches in this deadly chess match between Eve and her cunning opponent.

Fans of military thrillers will enjoy how this narrative mirrors current events in the worldwide war on terror. Former friends regroup when a secret kept for years comes to light, threatening the lives they have built. Brendan Duffy adds so many layers that those bare plot bones feel like an entirely new creature.

The Mystery of the Hidden Room (FULL Audiobook)

Robert Gandt has brought it vividly, unforgettably to life. A meticulous and vivid retelling of an important battle. This book is full of shocking moments, surprising disturbances in a narrative full of fateful twists and unintended consequences. Illustrated by 60 female artists from every corner of the globe, this is a most-funded book in the history of crowd-funding. Multiple viewpoints converge to swiftly propel the story forward while historical elements imbue the mystery with an appropriate old-fashioned feel. Yes, Captain Underpants, aka Mr. Krupp, principal of the Jerome Horwitz Elementary School, has returned, as have his enablers, students George and Harold.

The plot? Suffice it to say Underpants must combat a scientific genius named Professor Pippy P. Poopypants goes mad when the students at Horwitz laugh at his name. When they find out his middle name is Pee-pee, they get downright hysterical, as will readers, no doubt. Readers journey with Nick as he stumbles through what was real in his world, his grief at losing his mother, into a magical world that gives him a sense of purpose. Fans of fantasy will be captivated—and hoping for a sequel. And when it all comes together at the satisfying climax, readers might go straight back to the beginning to read the book again.

A Framed! Smiley was born without eyes and with dwarfism, which caused him to have a larger head than most dogs and shorter limbs. George, the author of this book, is a veterinary technician; when she first saw Smiley, she immediately fell in love… Smiley was extremely anxious during his early days with George but she was tenacious in his training.

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Eventually, Smiley became as a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog. He visited hospitals, senior homes, and schools to offer comfort and hope to those who needed it. The book contains many attractive color photographs of Smiley. Middle-grade readers will be captivated by the fascinating history of the Ghost Army and will have a blast deciphering puzzles and clues using the tools provided within the book.

The end comes as a satisfying surprise, built as it is on clues that were subtly in place all along. Evans also includes a cast of quirky and entertaining supporting characters. With an abundance of female characters-two sisters marry two brothers and each of the sisters has three daughters double cousins -and motivations, the many plotlines, mysteries, and time jumps can be a bit confusing, but the main focus is on family and the last summer they were all together, the one summer at their shared lake house where everything changed.

That is the pivot that eventually pulls the threads together into a compelling and deeply satisfying conclusion. During a U. After finding the secret lab, Hayward succeeds in grabbing a file marked Project Typhoon just before the place blows up. In the present, Juan Cabrillo, the captain of the intelligence ship Oregon, is involved in a mission whose object is to find a memory stick containing the names of all Chinese secret agents operating in the U. Endurance , with its honest, gritty descriptions of an unimaginable life, a year off Earth, is as close as most readers will come to making that voyage themselves.

The hull was breached and steering lost, and the closest vessel, a Chinese ship, soon became trapped as well. Ironically, getting stuck in the ice makes Turney famous, a pleasant surprise he also chronicles in this enjoyable armchair adventure. This is a courageous memoir that serves as an important step toward holding to account those who committed horrific crimes. Beneath its diligent research, the book is a study in creativity: how to define it, how to achieve it.

Most important, Isaacson tells a powerful story of an exhilarating mind and life. The women are left alive but just barely. The victims are all dog owners, like Jennings, who is devoted to Hawk, her search-and-rescue Labrador. The women also bear a striking physical resemblance to Jennings.

The American president, determined that the Saudi perfidy must be stopped, asks CIA officer Mitch to eliminate all high Saudi officials who are acting against the U. Mitch forms a small but deadly team, including Claudia Gould, his love interest; Grisha Azarov, the Russian agent who almost killed him in an earlier confrontation; and Kent Black, a U.

Army sniper turned illegal arms dealer. Series fans and newcomers alike will watch in wonder as Mitch executes a clever plan that leads to an explosive climax. Laurie, the producer of Under Suspicion, a TV show that examines cold cases, is pushed by host Ryan Nichols and studio head Brett Young into exploring it as a possible subject.

After Laurie listens to Ivan, considers the venue where Virginia was killed an A-list do at the Met featuring an exhibit of gowns worn by first ladies , and makes a list of other possible suspects, she becomes more interested in proceeding. An assassination attempt leads Raynor to a former colleague who has gone rogue and has a personal vendetta against Raynor.

Facing a formidable adversary, Raynor will have to utilize all his skills and break more than a few rules along the way. The action is relentless, and the story rings with authenticity and emotion. Those who enjoy black-ops thrillers will love this one, which works just fine as a stand-alone. A refreshing heroine, appealing secondary characters and an absorbing plot [make Winspear a] writer to watch. This engrossing tale of spy vs.

Like the great Thomas Perry, Ide manages to combine light and dark in wholly unpredictable ways, blending comic capering with real-life bloodletting in a manner that diminishes neither and taps a vein of deep emotion lurking amid the laugh lines and spurts of violence. Both talents are in abundant display this time. A hopeful story. It is heartening to see essential tools such as the Will to Intervene being offered up in practical and meaningful ways, when so many have turned their back on them, and so, on our responsibilities as global citizens.

Oliver has captured the blossoming of a global beer culture at a thriving moment. As he charts social changes, Coates also offers a fascinating look at his own transformation as a black man and a writer. Before each essay, Coates provides context in light of recent political developments.

Coates is a crucial voice in the public discussion of race and equality, and readers will be eager for his take on where we stand now and why. The story concerns convicted murderer Andy Dufresne and how he survived and escaped Shawshank Prison. But not for Andy. Booklist Online. Despite having taken lessons since she was two, Harper is incredibly relieved when she is accepted to DanceStarz and lands a place on the Squad, its elite, competitive dance team.

But being one of the new girls means trying to break in with the Bunheads, a tight-knit group of dancers that rules the roost. The technical aspects about dance are sure to please readers who are dancers or wish to be. Before long Isabel and Ruth are in New York City, the property of a Loyalist couple, whose abusiveness inspires Isabel to a dangerous course: she steals into the Patriot army camp to trade a crucial Loyalist secret in exchange for passage to Rhode Island for herself and Ruth. But not only does the Patriot colonel fail to honor his promise, he personally hands her over to her Loyalist mistress when she runs away, to face disastrous consequences.

Anderson Speak; Fever packs so much detail into her evocation of wartime New York City that readers will see the turmoil and confusion of the times, and her solidly researched exploration of British and Patriot treatment of slaves during a war for freedom is nuanced and evenhanded, presented in service of a fast- moving, emotionally involving plot.

But Jelly turns out to be just the sort of curious, quick-thinking sleuth needed to expose the villain. Peters, John. Basil E. Such is the impact of timeless novels. Konigsburg won the Newbery Medal for this tale of how Claudia and her brother run away to the museum in order to teach their parents a lesson. Little do they know that mystery awaits. Soon after she meets Kolt, the only other human on the island.

Kolt tells Gertie that she is on the island of lost things, and they are both caretakers of those lost things. Kolt begins teaching Gertie the ways of a Keeper when things take a turn for the worst. Booy offers a story that explores good, evil, and those gray areas.