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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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The distributed logic between device and cloud can be divided into a baseline OEM layer that enables customers to write their own rule sets.

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The third layer of the stack provides optimized analytics and resulting predictions that feed back into the lower layers for incremental value and optimized intelligence. The DataV architecture is about creating a closed loop with actionable intelligence on one end and business objectives on the other. Therefore, predictive, rather than reactive, maintenance is preferred.

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A Bsquare client already had a solution for collecting telematics data from its trucks, so Bsquare augmented that information with surrounding operational data such as repair history with the goal of performing automatic root cause analysis. To drive root cause analysis execution, the solution considered reported error codes, potential fixes based on those codes, as well as additional historical and real-time data that could be used to eliminate a subset of the proposed fixes. Once that process was complete, a probability analysis was performed on the remaining potential fixes, and those findings were then combined with part inventory and technician skill level to dramatically cut diagnostics time, improve the quality of the fix, and lower time to repair.

IoT is fine for new systems, but what about the massive amount of legacy equipment? Smart vending is one such example that Dave described. The board uses Linux and DataV to bridge the basic metrics provided by legacy vending equipment and adds additional sensor information with local monitoring and automation capabilities. IoT is about customer experience and the ability to use technology to monitor, analyze, and automate in order to provide new and better services to those customers.

Starting with defined business rules and integrating the technology to move toward improving service can yield tangible results in a way that clearly justifies the investment. While many solutions are designed to solve a piece of the problem, a holistic approach takes into account all of the necessary components to achieve business use cases so that value can be realized more quickly and with less risk.

I'm often guilty of tunnel vision when it comes to embedded, as the majority of my career has been spent wh Embedded Technologies Expo IoT.

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We acknowledge and thank our Premium Sponsor. Download report. AusVotesHealth Twitter Festival report. Indigenous NCDs Croakey report. Croakey conference highlights She joined Educate! Before joining Educate! Teaching at the university level allowed her to have insight on some of the improvements that need to be made at the secondary level to better prepare students to enter the workforce or become entrepreneurs. She holds a B. Additionally, she was one of Ashoka's inaugural Changemaker Scholars in In her spare time she emcees events, teaches Jamaican dance classes, and volunteers as a teacher trainer for secondary school teachers.

Elana Pollak is the Director of Talent at Educate!. She leads Educate!

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She is inspired by the teams she works with every day across the organization and their drive for constant personal, professional, and programmatic improvement. Elana previously managed Educate! Before working for Educate! She has a J. Elana is passionate about creating opportunities for young people.

Starting out with Educate! Soon after, she was promoted to Senior Program Coordinator and in she was named the Regional Manager, where she oversaw the implementation of the leadership and entrepreneurship program in Educate!

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Currently, Hawah is leading Educate! Hawah truly embodies Educate! When asked why she works for Educate! Again in she was recognized as an emerging female African leader, when selected as Educate! In her spare time Hawah loves to read. Inga is Educate!


Inga brings almost 20 years of experience in operational management skills. As a leader at COU, she unified her management team and greatly impacted the staff morale. Inga has a passion for education, and for a while she made a decision to take time off to personally homeschool her children, opening her eyes to their different learning styles.

Chocolate and Jazz are her all-time favourites! Ivan is a finance and operations professional, a graduate of Economics from the Egerton University, and a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya. Over his 14 years of practicing experience across East Africa, he has built a passion and record of robust systems in organizations in different industries, including audit, energy, international development, education, and healthcare.

Ivan joined Educate! He is inspired by Educate! In his spare time, he organizes book gifting and reading visits to slum families in Kampala with his daughter to develop literacy among underprivileged families. He is a self-proclaimed Tintin comic aficionado, song writer, and guitar player.

Prior to joining Educate! He created operational systems, HR and Finance Manuals in accordance to the Rwandan labor law, provided oversight of four successful consecutive audits and managed a growing team from 11 to staff in a span of 5 and a half years. He is passionate about impacting the young generation through quality education in preparation for future opportunities.

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As a beneficiary of community support for his education, he feels greatly indebted and seeks to give back to the community through supporting Education systems and reforms for the advancement of youth. Loren joined the team at Educate! Loren was first inspired by Uganda while working for the United Nations World Food Programme in Kampala in , and again in when she spent six months designing strategy for a small nonprofit in the western part of the country. She has also spent time in Senegal working for the Millennium Challenge Corporation.

Loren loves teaching others and in the past has taught gardening, English, and arts and crafts. In her free time, Loren loves exploring New York and doing crosswords. Managing Director. Maggie Appleton is the Managing Director for Educate! Formerly, Maggie was Educate! She led Educate! She is inspired most by Educate! I love Educate! Meghan is a Monitoring and Evaluation professional who is dedicated to figuring out how best to help youth around the world succeed and prepare them to enter the labor market.

An economist by training, Meghan was inspired by Educate! Meghan believes this type of learning is essential to remaining accountable to the youth Educate! As Evaluation Director, Meghan oversees Educate! Outside of work, Meghan is an avid baseball fan who enjoys music and spending time outside.

She is leading the out of school program strategy creating standards for cost-effectiveness, empowering and coaching E! Her goal is to build a sustainable revenue model that has a high impact on the underserved market. She is most passionate about scaling African technology across the world and developing economies in Africa through the use of mobile technology. She is an advocate for building local ed-tech communities, user experience, and anything tech or ed-tech in the African market.

Missy has been with Educate! Richard is Educate! His role entails program strategy oversight for program implementation in areas of implementation structures, systems, policies and resource efficiency that will enhance program quality in schools. He also plays a pivotal coordination role in aligning implementation and supporting departments to coordinate feedback, system alignment and communication, coupled with ensuring design oversight to meet school beneficiaries needs. He is an MBA graduate who launched his career at Educate!

His passion for community development motivated him to contribute to Educate! Richard successfully led the program expansion strategy in the post-war Northern Uganda region in in his capacity as the Programs Manager.

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He has been at the helm of programs system development and improvements in program management capacity for the team to scale with minimal differences, from to now over schools of operation since Richard is passionate about community empowerment and development and is grateful to Educate! Sarah is the Uganda Country Director at Educate!. She first heard about Educate! Sarah is inspired by the attitude and leadership quality of the youth that undergo Educate!