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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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An excerpt from the book I want to make it understood that I am not against interracial marriages; everyone should have the right to choose his or her own soul mate. But we are in great need of examining the reasons why Black men are choosing White women Let's first examine the Black woman. To understand the present condition of any sex or race, the past condition or history must be examined and understood. Black men have no standard to measure the African American woman other than the European standards. All men must realize that the Black woman has a unique perspective; she has a background and history of her own that is far different from those of women of other ethnic groups.

Many loving relationships have been ruined between Black women and their men because of a lack of knowledge about the Black woman's history. The relationship between White men and Black women were the major factors in creating the brain damage the Black man has today for the White woman. Black women do not embrace their sexuality as freely and honestly as other women. This is due to her being made to feel ashamed of her body, and due to her history of rape at a very early age.

Many White men had their very first and best sexual encounters with a Black woman, so that they could keep their own women pure and unspoiled until marriage. They raped the young black female, usually by the age of I was told by the elders that when the White men entered a Black man's cabin, the Black man was made to leave the cabin or was made to stay and watch.

I was told that when the White men finished he would pat the Black man on the head while leaving and the Black man would say "Massa, I hope you liked it. Thus, since White women were not labeled sexually promiscuous savages, they do not come under the scrutiny for their sexual appetites or behavior that Black women do.

A Black woman's sexual experiences, the social setting in which she was reared, her physical capabilities, religious background, and upbringing all have a strong impact and influence on how she genuinely feels about sex; how much she enjoys sex; her willingness to explore various positions an exotic practices during sex. Obviously, the Black woman is still haunted by the effects of slavery on her sexuality.

As we approach the new millennium, years post Emancipation Proclamation, Black girls and Black women are still the most frequent victims of rape and assault. What does all this have to do with Black men choosing White women? According to the U. Census Bureau, one out of every 20 marriages is interracial. There were to , Blacks married to Whites in this country last year, almost four times the number in According to statistics, the number of Black men that are married to White women far outnumber any and all other cross-cultural marriages.

The White woman has for years been portrayed as the very essence of beauty and the epitome of all that is good. America has done a great job of selling the White woman. It is not just the Black man who feels his self-esteem heightened by having her. Alternatively, the Black woman has been portrayed very negatively in the media. Only recently having seen her passionately making love. You have seen her raped, abused, and offering to perform oral sex for drugs. The Black woman has been given such titles as gold digger, male basher, sapphire, and bitch.

Girls and women who are victims of physical and sexual abuse have difficulty in the areas of sensuality and sexual intimacy. Yet, Black females continue to search for love and Black men to search for sex.

In their quest for love, women get sex and a baby and left alone. Black women want to be loved, not sexed.

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Black women want their men to come home and help them formulate a definition of Black man and Black woman that works for them. The Black man needs sex as a means of determining his self worth, and the Black woman because of her history, is afraid of it. These differences make communication between the Black male and female on sexual issues very difficult.

Is sex that important to a Black man? Sex is one of the most sought after experiences, and besides money , is the only factor in our civilized societies that people pursue at the risk of causing harm to themselves. Sex is the only form of gratification within reach for the economically deprived male. He cannot take a weekend cruise. He cannot hide away in his yacht at sea. He finds himself trying to crawl back into the uterus for comfort via the warm vagina.

The vagina become the hideout for Black men seeking to escape the woes of life's challenges. Additionally, many Black men were encouraged as boys by their fathers and friends to "get you some White pussy, man!

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The best looking by European standards. The best sex -- as they have seen in pornographic movies and magazines for years. A push over -- the White woman is said to be very submissive to the Black man. Some believe that the White woman may be submissive to the Black man because he treats her the way that she has been portrayed, as a precious stone, a royal queen, and a Virgin Mary once she gets out of bed.

So, in the time of such a travesty, we must look to fiction. And unlike most presidential characters, Bartlet is multi-faceted and layered Parry-Giles and Parry-Giles , One character, Josh Lyman played by Bradley Whitford , deals with a faux pas with regards to the religious right. This is how our hero, President Jed Bartlet, is brought into the picture. Josh is forced to apologise for the faux pas.

In the midst of this meeting, after another staffer — Toby — becomes frustrated with the recipient of the apology over racist comments she has made towards Jews, a debate over the Ten Commandments breaks out between Toby and one member of the religious right, John Van Dyke. Here, Bartlet combines the selfless zeal of a man who rescues a staff member he should have fired for a one-liner Josh with the zealous saviour who rescues the White House from evil. Yet, perhaps his behaviour is not entirely selfless Lawrence and Jewett , 6. Perhaps the best storyline that Aaron Sorkin ever tackled as the writer on The West Wing — and one of its most controversial — was that of the Roslyn shooting.

Here, we see two resurrections. While the second resurrection is important to another storyline, one I will discuss later, the first is the more interesting. At the beginning of the flashback, it looks like Senator John Hoynes the Vice-President in present time will win the Democratic nomination.

Bartlet, on the other hand, is the dark horse, the outside candidate no one expects to succeed. Normally, these occur during the presidential debates after the parties have announced their nominees for example, Kennedy vs. Nixon in or Bush vs. Dukakis in ; see Spacey and Brunetti That this could happen so early in a campaign that next to no one had even heard of is nothing short of miraculous.

In reviving the campaign with one speech, Bartlet resurrects his career as a politician and, therefore, himself. It is flashback-heavy episode, as Bartlet deals with his grief for his secretary and friend, Mrs Landingham who has died in a car crash. What was Josh Lyman? A warning shot? That was my son. His anger is easily understandable. Yet, even the most devoted of followers, the most desperate to please the father, cannot do so and even if they try their best to do so, God still takes and takes and takes. Officially, a special rather than an actual episode at the beginning of the episode, the cast inform us that it does not fit in with the normal plot.

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It was filmed and aired within the four weeks after the events of September 11 th , a point at which the majority of the entertainment industry avoided referencing even the idea of violence, let alone terrorism Jones and Dionisopoulos , Cregg and Charlie Young — are in the midst of fielding questions regarding terrorism, President Bartlet walks in with his wife, Abbey.

Here, he is asked by a student whether or not there is something noble in being a martyr. We need heroes. His speech comes at a time in American history when they need a leader, a time when the Patriot Act was being passed with little to no forethought as to what it could do. In giving this speech, the United States is given a leader, a hero to quote the character himself, one who will not simply go to war because it is the easier option.

The speech reminds people of who the enemy really is: not one particular race as had already been explained earlier in the episode or a particular religion but anyone who commits heinous attacks against America and its people. In The West Wing , I believe we have a leader, albeit fictional, we could add to a list of political messiahs who actually deserve the cult of leadership.

He is honest, a reviver of dead political campaigns, intelligent and he does not even realise that he is a hero. Jed Bartlet is the man America needs to bring it back from the abyss. Clark, J. Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, Jones, Robert and George N. Urbana, University of Illinois Press, Primiano, Leonard N. Winston Ed. Waco, Texas. Baylor University Press, , pp. Shelton Lawrence, John and Robert Jewett. Grand Rapids, W. Eerdmans, Bush vs. United States: CNN, Produced by Liz Stanton. United States: NBC, Directed by Christopher Misiano, written by Aaron Sorkin.

Kennedy vs. TV Series. Directed by Thomas Schlamme. Written by Aaron Sorkin. Directed by Thomas Schlamme, written by Aaron Sorkin. Eerdmans, , p. So read on, and enjoy. Often appearing in the fantasy genre of literature and visual media, including film and television, is the common trope of a messianic protagonist who is very much the hero of the story.

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Such a figure appears in popular culture again and again, subsequently creating the concept of the American Monomyth Lawrence and Jewett , 6. In many ways, Daenerys Targaryen provides an implicit parallel to the biblical Christ as a secular counterpart. The circumstances surrounding multiple events in her life, the messianic symbols attached to her character, and her perceived image by others as a liberator and a powerful contender all bear a close resemblance to the Biblical narrative of Jesus Christ as told in the New Testament Gospels.

This essay will seek to explain how Daenerys Targaryen both fulfils and sabotages the notion of the American Monomyth in the way that she is a messiah figure who operates outside the standard black and white paradigm, rather operating within shades of grey in her characterisation. The American Monomyth therefore serves the function in which a character in popular culture serves as a secular replacement to the Biblical Christ ibid. What also is indicative of this supersaviour or the popular messiah is their justification for their use of violence for the greater good 5.

These figures operate under a paradigm of black and white; the supersaviour is the light and good hero pitted against the bad villain. But perhaps this is because Daenerys modernises and humanises the Christ figure of the American Monomyth concept. Therefore, this brutal side to her character is woven into the messiah rhetoric as a way of presenting a Christ figure who is flawed, humanised and relatable, thus shedding new light on the messianic individual of popular culture.

The likening of Daenerys Targaryen as a secular Christ figure is done implicitly in the way that the signs and symbols of the biblical messiah are translated into signs and symbols of Daenerys, the popular messiah. As highlighted in Luke Such a prophecy of the messiah has a similar treatment in the world of Game of Thrones. All three of these signs occur in short succession with Daenerys walking into a burning pyre, only to be discovered the next morning sitting amongst the ashes of the fire, alive, and holding three baby dragons fig 1 , while the red comet fig 2 appears very soon after.

Though it has not been confirmed in either the books or the television series if Daenerys is in fact the prophesied Azor Ahai, she has nevertheless fulfilled these three parts to the prophecy. Regardless, the fact alone that the symbols associated with the biblical messiah are translated to symbols of Daenerys therefore provide the implication that she indeed represents a secular Christ within her own narrative.

The aforementioned symbols of Daenerys as the popular messiah adds further justification to her role as a saviour. In fact, this contempt for slavery is a common ideal in the Christ figure Gunton , , This may be due to slavery often having strong connotations to sin in the Bible, particularly in the way that Jesus says in John 8. The cinematography of the scene arguably bears some similarity to Jesus entering Jerusalem, declared a king Luke Hebrews 2.

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What further develops Daenerys as a popular messiah figure are the numerous implicit parallels of her character to the Biblical Christ of the New Testament Gospels, including messianic symbols and experiences. As a result, Daenerys Targaryen arguably serves as a secular counterpart to the Biblical Christ. But in the wide world of popular culture, Daenerys Targaryen is only one of many popular messiahs according to the American Monomyth Lawrence and Jewett , This is perhaps because in a world that is becoming increasingly secular, popular culture is one of the ways that a secular audience may engage in religious themes.

As Detweiler argues:. With the shift of interest away from religion and the relocation of values from the divine to the human sphere that have characterised the past one hundred years, the traits and mission have been transferred to man, so that for some writers the nature and intentions of Christ can be observed in any good, moral, or heroic person. Therefore, the American Monomyth serves to initiate a dialogue between religion and popular culture, so that readers of modern literature may learn about Jesus through a secular counterpart.

Daenerys as the theoretically prophesied Azor Ahai parallels the Biblical prophesied messiah, just as her noble task to end slavery is a very literal adaptation of the Christ as a liberator of everyone who is a slave to sin. Detweiler, Robert. The Christian Scholar 47, no. Forbes, Bruce David. Mahan, pp. University of California Press, Game of Thrones. Television Series. Created by David Benioff and D. Gunton, Colin. The Journal of Theological Studies 36, no. Lawrence, John Shelton and Robert Lewett.

She tells me that she likes to read, write and discuss everything related to Harry Styles being a contemporary messiah. But, for her Bible and Pop Culture essay, she tore herself away from Harry and wrote this excellent piece on that most enigmatic biblical figure — Salome. Read on, and enjoy.

Although religion and popular culture are often perceived as two distinct categories, the relationship between the Bible and popular culture has often been dynamic. As society alters and gives meaning to biblical characters in a way they can understand, we see the dialectic process in which popular culture, societal attitudes and religion shape one another in an ongoing evolution.

So Herod sent his guard to execute John, and to bring his head on a dish. According to Josephus, Salome was born around 14 A. D and married twice. Her name, deriving from the Hebrew word Shalom , means peace. Her status as a daughter of a queen, and eventually becoming queen herself, gives her a position of relative power, not to mention indicating her wealth. Nevertheless, apart from these few inferences we can make, information about Salome, and the dance she became associated with, are scarce and few. Her personality, which may have contributed to her motivations to dance, remain unstated.

Thus, society is fascinated with a character and a dance about which there is has virtually no historical information. A languid leg peeks out from behind the sheer fabric of her dress, and an outstretched arm directs us to the decapitated head of John. Her body, twisted at the waist, directs the male gaze to her fully frontal and almost nude torso.

In the background, Herod, Herodias and the executioner gaze oblivious to the head of John the Baptist, while a performer looks off in the distance. In this way, Moreau twists the biblical Salome to become the ultimate metaphor of destructive female sexuality, a metaphor that artists used to perpetuate patriarchal attitudes towards women. But as quickly as True Blood tries to deconstruct Salome as dancing femme fatale, it perpetuates it. In this way, Salome embodies the stereotype she claims not be, seducing men for her own evil purposes.

She must either be a damsel in distress or a manipulative whore, there is no in between. Cooke, Peter. Dierkes-Thrun, Petra.

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University of Michigan Press, Girard, Rene. New Literary History. Huysman, Joris Karl. London, UK; Penguin Books, Josephus, Flavius. The Antiquities of the Jewish.

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More details below! Religious themes and motifs have, for many years, been grist to the mill for creators of crime fiction and drama. In particular, the Bible has enjoyed a certain notoriety within the crime genre, where a biblical story, text, or motif serves as a thematic focus within the plotline to explore contemporary concerns of criminality, violence, and the search for justice. This frequent and fascinating engagement with the Bible in fictional crime texts including novels, film, television, and theatre deserves further investigation.

Exploring the explicit and implicit use of biblical texts and themes offers insights into the multiple layers of meaning that may be present within the crime text itself, including the complex intersections understood to be present between violence and religion. Despite this relative popularity of biblical themes and allusions in crime fiction and drama, there has been little sustained scholarly engagement with this subject to date.

In our proposed volume, Murderous Texts: The Bible in Crime Fiction and Drama , we seek to redress this, bringing together interdisciplinary scholarship from the fields of biblical interpretation, literary criticism, and studies in film, television, and popular culture. We are therefore looking for contributors who are keen to explore the different ways cultural crime texts including literature, film, television, and theatre engage with biblical themes or traditions. Essays may consider explicit references to the Bible in these texts, or focus instead on their implicit biblical allusions, including explorations of biblical themes such as sin, redemption, and sacrifice.

Final essays should be words in length and submitted by 31 December, If you wish more information, or have any questions about the volume, please contact Caroline or Alison. Primary Menu Home About. Search Search for:. Enjoy the read and have a good weekend! Those graphics really make you feel the desolation The video game, Fallout 3 explores a post-apocalyptic civilization following the outbreak of full scale nuclear warfare in the year Like this: Like Loading Dante, and the entrance to Hell Satan in this novel appears in the thirty-fourth chapter. Yes, I am.

And to all a good night. Charles Dante, A. Milton, J. Paradise Lost; and, Paradise Regained. Writer ; Shilati, S. DC Comics. So sit back and learn a bit more about salvific superheroes! Matt Murdock as a child Netflix Matthew is depicted as a Messiah figure through his mysterious origins and extraordinary powers. Daredevil in action Netflix Matthew differs from a biblical Messiah by rejecting the standard good and evil paradigm.

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List of American Dad! Stan is in favor of a new football stadium being built in Langley Falls, until he learns its construction will destroy a sacred tree from his childhood. Meanwhile, after Steve learns that he hasn't grown an inch in several years, he considers surgery to increase his height, and turns to a child physician named Dr.

Calgary, whom Steve discovers is actually a mad surgeon from Germany. Steve joins the water polo team, and finds that the only way he can become a star player is if Klaus hides in his Speedo.