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The younger people in the society have also had the perception that being old is bad and the negative self-perceptions as a result of ageism affect the older on many levels. They may struggle with the basic processes of their daily lives. There have been critics that the people who attributed disabilities to old age are characterized by high levels of heart problems and hearing loss Gullette, The healthcare providers have also been seen to fall into the trap of ageism as they have often been cited to be at ease to converse using technology, based on fears that the older victims may shy away.

In other cases, the providers may attribute the physical and the mental symptoms such as depression and pains as a natural process of aging without considering the root cause of such symptoms. Rejecting the stereotypes decreases the chances of developing the physical problems such as PTSD or anxiety and has also protected against the physical decline. The age limits that have been employed to the rules such as retirement never consider the series of capacities of the elder person.

They usually assume that the older people are same. The case is thus found to have entrenched the institutionalized ageism and used to discriminate the older people in terms of allocating the health assets or when gathering data influencing the health policies. Healthcare practitioners have also been seen to have the perception that care for the older persons is difficult than the young as the old totally depend on the availability of the clinician or the practitioner.

In the workplace, ageism may be seen in various forms such as abuse and bullying against the older persons that may be intentional or repeated mistreatment. The older workers have also reported experiences of aggression in the workplace that has in major cases been on the basis of their gender, race and ethnic backgrounds.

There have been insights that the older adults experience prejudice and discrimination.

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With regards to women, the ageism in the workplace has been associated with sexism that has placed them in double jeopardy as they grow older. There have been negative stereotypes held by the employers including the beliefs that the old persons are inferior to the young in terms of energy and adaptability, productivity and health among other aspects. Such negativity regarding the aged has continued to influence and lead the employers to mistreat the older workers. For the victims, whether they believe that the negative stereotypes are true or not, the negative treatment is bound to impair their work performances and also affect their health.

In other cases, care dependency of the victim is one of the reasons for their abuse. Ageism has as well been seen to affect the victims in terms of the remuneration in their workplaces. As the employers feel the old persons do not contribute much to the productivity of the organization, they may not be given the best compensation as in the case of the young. Theories Explaining Ageism There are various ways that one can look at the issue of ageism. It may be treated as an issue that is particularly tied to the older age or one that has roots in the earlier stages of life.

Critical race theory The critical race theory is a race used to understand ageism and it originates from the critical legal studies. The theory is based on various premises. One is the disenfranchised stories of people that describe the technical interplay of the activities in the lives of the people and the challenges they face in accessing their rights. The second one is the group or individual behavior which is not an aberration but an ordinary practice.

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Three, elites are known to act against discriminatory acts only when it is in their favor. Four, the race is never a biological construct but social. It appears that the desires of who is a member of a race or the older person changes. The fifth premise is that the traits attributed to a certain race will change.

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For instance, the older persons have been categorized as wise in the ancient times and they are also the holders of history. It has since changed and today, the older persons are being referred to as the economic burdens. The critical legal lectures have also advocated for the interests of the convergence where the dominant groups promote the opportunities for the non-dominant groups only in cases when it is for their interests. In the same manner, the persons considered to be young will always promote chances for the elders when they meet with the same desires of the same dominant class.

In an example, the changes made to the tax laws may only be promoted by the elites and it will in many cases help the people who are well off.

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The sixth premise is that people have various interesting identities Simpson, Disability theory and aging Persons in the disability categories and senior agencies have in many active cases resisted the efforts to suggestions that there may be some mutual desires. Every category has traditionally bases that their desires and views are different and are usually tried to make sure that they are viewed differently than the other. In some scenes, the theory is founded on the belief that the desires, objectives, and ideas of these groups are basically different in the key areas including euthanasia.

It has as well been argued from a disability angle that the older persons have been living lives characterized by having relatively greater power. There have however been recent suggestions that the broad areas of law and aging may benefit there have been lessons drawn from the emergent trends within the disability and disability laws Thomson, To a large extent, the modern understanding of disability has been changing stance.

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It has moved from treating disability as a case that needs to be fixed to an emerging social model recognizing the case as part of a social construct. There have been arguments that the universalism may serve the elderly best than the civil rights. Ageism, economic and ideology In the current day and era, ageism has been highly considered in the occupation and employment policies than in the other fields. In an analysis regarding ageism at work, Roscigno considered various scenarios. One was the interactional nature of age discrimination and the associated status, there was the way explicit ageist stereotypes invoked discrimination and assisted the keepers in justifying the behavior.

The other scenario was the manner in which the age-neutral ideologies centering specifically in corporate costs and well being may influence discrimination. Examining ageism in the contexts of ideological theories such as the neo-liberalism is important. Such views of neo-liberalism include the acceptance of the ungoverned market economy, a small role of the state, suspicion towards the welfare state and the dedication to the central values of individualism among others.

The classical liberalism doctrines emphasize on the issues of the freedom of a person, the free markets, and the limited state. The doctrine includes the significance of rationality for humans, the personal property rights and the natural rights of others. The neo-liberal emphasizes on the self-reliance is usually evident in the state policy and is also a subject to the further influence of moral and social conservatism with its focus on the ancient hierarchical gendered family.

How Theories of Ageism Contribute To Social Care Practice with the Older People The theories of ageism have been significant in highlighting the facts behind ageism and the root cause of the discrimination of the elderly.

In the contexts of social care with the older people, the theories have enhanced the understanding of why the elderly are discriminated in the society and in the sense, are able to come up with the best measures to make them feel protected and secured from the societal stereotyping. The various definitions of ageism that can be derived from these theories are a starting point for the social workers in understanding how they can engage with the older people in the society.

These theories have increased the understanding of why the elderly may be discriminated, why they may be looked down upon in the society and why they may have low attention in the work places. Ageism has been known to affect the old people in the healthcare sectors where the practitioners have often related cases such as headaches and pain symptoms to the cases of entering into the old age.

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With this understanding in the social work, they get to know how to address the issues of the elderly through evaluating and treating them in the right manner different from what the practitioners in the healthcare are doing. In case of the work place discrimination, there has been various economic and ideologies associated with ageism. There have been insights that the aged are becoming a burden and that they are and economic challenge. There have also been ideologies that the elderly and not as productive as the young in the workplace. The social work practice with the elderly may use such understanding to get to help the elderly prove their economic significance in the workplace and the productivity they can have in the workplace Sutter, There has also been theories that indicated that in the past times, the old in the society were believed to be wise and would be a useful figure in the society, in the workplace and in general terms.

While working on social grounds, the social workers can use such theories to express the importance of the elderly in the society and create more awareness on the critical areas where their help might be needed. The social workers practice can be the best institutionalized agencies to create awareness on how much the old people can help in the society, in the workplace and in advising the young.

Conclusion Over the last 2 decades, people have witnessed a revival of the interests in the issues of age discrimination in the employment sectors. This book presents a multi-disciplinary exploration of these themes as they affect work and retirement of older adults. It reflects the vi. Criminal justice social work in the United States : adapting to new challenges Book 1 edition published in in English and held by 2 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

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