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Smash them with your knife and this makes the peel easy to remove. Add the peeled garlic into the pot. Chop up about potatoes… You want about one small potato per piece of chicken you are using or 1 large for every two pieces. Add in a bottle of beer. Use that bottle of beer to measure out about more of water.

Measure out your rice. This is NOT par boiled, medium grain rice. Just good old-fashioned rice. I like River Rice. And one to two heaping Tbs. Add in Portuguese All Spice. Keep an eye on it, if the rice needs more water. Once the potatoes have cooked through and the rice is plump and has absorbed most of the liquid, You are through. In a large heavy pot over high heat, sear chicken.

Portuguese Garlic Shrimp

Remove chicken from pot and turn heat down to medium heat. Add in onions, saute. Add chicken back in to pot. Add in beer, water, rice, potatoes, tomato sauce, pepper, All Spice and salt. Cover and cook on low until potatoes are fork tender and rice has plumped to become fully cooked and absorbed most of the liquid. Watch pot throughout cooking time, stirring and adding water if needed.

May 18, March 14, Take a look at how I do it… Start with some fresh chicken. You want to get every side. Remove the chicken from the pot. Chop up a large onion. Get a few cloves of garlic. Your go-to recipe anytime your bones need to be warmed from the inside out. An easy and savory recipe to cook mouthwatering snails the Portuguese way! Recipe type: Tapas Cuisine: Spanish. Idyllic late night snack, breakfast pairing and all-around delicacy! Recipe type: Chicken Cuisine: Portuguese. If you're lighting up the grill, why not serve up juicy, flavorful grilled chicken Frango No Churrasco Portuguese style?


Learn how to make the fluffiest and most flavorful Spanish Tortilla, with great tips on flipping it with ease! Bring your Spanish Omelette to life with a handful of delicious spiced chorizo. Paired with everything from a medium-bodied Douro red wine to a hearty IPA, it's an easy soup recipe to pair with any meal. Soup is the lifeblood of Portugal, but this particular recipe is especially warm and inviting for cooler temps. This delightful and easy-to-make soup pairs beautifully with any seasonal dish.

Recipe Rewind #5: Ervilhas Guisadas (Portuguese Braised Peas with Eggs and Chourico)

Though these Portuguese recipes are extremely intimate and familiar, they'll equally warm your soul with oodles of love. Recipe type: Bread Cuisine: Portuguese. Recipe type: Vegetable Cuisine: Portuguese. Recipe type: Cured Meat Cuisine: Portuguese. A savory alternative to stew! With the addition of bacon, this Portuguese recipe is hearty and delicious. Sweet crab meat, creamy insides, and bright orange roe seamless come together in a stunning symphony of flavor.

Quick and easy Portuguese recipe for savory clams in flavorful garlic and olive oil! If you love food bursting with history and culture, you'll adore making this recipe at home. This dark, dense, intensely bittersweet flavoured bread is the perfect recipe for soups and fish!


Recipe type: Sauce Cuisine: Portuguese. Recipe type: Pate Cuisine: Portuguese. This quick and easy Portuguese recipe is a fantastic addition to any meal.

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This is a must try recipe for anyone who adores both sweet seafood and savory pork. Ideal for the Holidays! Recipe type: Drink Cuisine: Spanish.

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Enhancing wine with other flavors is nothing new. The Egyptians, Greeks and Romans did it with local ingredients like If you're looking for a traditional Portuguese recipe to accompany a stunning bottle of sparkling, this is your dish!

Portuguese Chicken & Rice (Arroz com Frango)

Leave the messy coals for the weekend. Create a delicious midweek meal using Portuguese canned sardines! Enjoy one of the top culinary experiences in Portugal, grilled fish! Recipe type: Condiment Cuisine: Portuguese. Recipe type: Appetizer Cuisine: Spanish. So, in keeping with your theme, we have a marinade recipe that is sweet, smoky, spicy, and Spanish.

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Recipe type: Chili Cuisine: Spanish. Recipe type: Rice Cuisine: Spanish. Put a healthy twist on your Holiday dishes using tried and true Portuguese grandmother recipes!