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Contact Amanda Bergman. Streaming and Download help. If you like Amanda Bergman, you may also like:.

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Roll the Bones by Shakey Graves. Love the way this album swings across genres without skipping a beat and still feels of a whole.

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It speaks to me about something greater. A great gospel Nils Balassa. Get deeply lost in this fragile, haunting, reflective LP by Creature Speak, in memory of her father. Pisces by Pisces. Thunder Follows The Light by mutual benefit.

Idiot Wind – Bob Dylan

Bandcamp Album of the Day Sep 27, Explore music. Henrique Harman. Henrique Harman Great music, only hope for more. Favorite track: For To Save One. Pete Brown. Pete Brown A lovely EP, this one. Maxwell Murphy. Maxwell Murphy Amanda Bergman has such an emotionally evocative style and voice which really comes through in these more minimal tracks. Glad to see the release of a full solo album after this as she has incredible talent as a song writer.

Alie One of those dust-voiced singers that makes me want to stock up on liquor, cigarettes, and a few more bad habits. Trevor Buttery.

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  • Trevor Buttery Lovely. Something grabs me about the simplicity that I usual dismiss in other similar artists. Favorite track: Canary Bird.

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    Colin Lima. Jeffrey Vogel. Marcel Speet. Luke Moran-Morris.

    Bob Dylan - Idiot Wind on Vimeo

    Christina Castro-Shelton. Jesse Welbes. Joe Haigh. Jan Sejal. It was in the afternoon, and we were in the living room, the three of us, gathered around my stereo. The album was a hit for Dylan, soon to reach number 1 on the Billboard chart, and earn a gold disc , sales on February 12, , three weeks after release.

    I had not read any of that when I stood in the living room of that Sacramento apartment and removed the vinyl disk from the sleeve.

    Bob Dylan - Shelter from the Storm (Audio)

    I put the disk on the turntable. A new Dylan album? Are you fucking kidding? Stop the presses! The fury. The way he lit into this woman who had somehow done him wrong.

    Or perhaps he was the one who had done something wrong, and now it was too late, and he was exorcising the anger he felt at himself. I was torn as I listened. In those days I measured every new album from an artist I liked against their very best work. There was another reason why an album that was mostly about a failed relationship did not click with me then. I had met a beautiful young woman, Leslie. It took years for me to appreciate how good the Blood On The Tracks songs are, that Dylan made a great album, and that he found his groove again.

    What the weather was like. Where I was. Who I was with. Despite my denials at the time, on a deeper level that album meant a lot to me. This is a remarkable collection of recordings — six hours worth. More Blood, More Tracks is of interest for a variety of reasons, not the least of which are the numerous standout tracks you will want to hear again and again.

    As you may know, Dylan was having marital troubles at the time he wrote the songs for Blood On The Tracks.