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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Thanks for the list! A few suggestions: Scott Oliphint's "Reasons for Faith : Philosophy in the Service of Theology"is a fairly in-depth book on the philosophy of religion. You might also take a look at "Speaking the Truth in Love A Festschrift to John Frame ", it has some good essays on the transcendental argument.

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It includes contributions by a number of authors. Peter Jones. I think you definitely need to have, "How Long, O Lord? Carson under the problem of evil section. Lewis, because sometimes I think when it comes to apologetics on the subject of evil, emotional responses and heart-felt honesty is often more important than a technical analytic response.

I think both responses are necessary though, and one shouldn't be neglected in favour of another. The emotional objection is much more of a stumbling block to seekers and sceptics than the logical one in my opinion. Maybe my favorite apologetics this year. I would like to recommend an excellent book defending the description given in the New Testament of our Lord Jesus Christ. Although written in , his approach to defending Christ as described in the N. He starts out by assuming The N.

He even allows for a dating of the N. He then refutes mythical claims of skeptics by showing the impossibility of the biblical Jesus being developed out of the culture and existing beliefs and myths of Jews and Gentiles, before the advent, and during the early spread of Christianity. A most excellent and faith building read. A really great introductory book to presuppositional apologetics is the Ultimate Proof for Creation by Jason Lisle. This book is extremely understandable. A great introduction that has a lot of meat to it.

Awesome list! I know this takes work! Wondering however, why is none of Clark's books in the Presuppositional Apologetics section? I love this list, I have read a number of these books. As well as Dawkins Delusion by McGrath. Another great book is Finding God at Harvard. I write a small blog and I invite anyone to check it out: livewellblessbetter. By the way I read the book "one thing you cant do in heaven" by mark cahill, really powerful evangelist book which id recommend every christian to read.

On the reliability of the Bible, I wonder whether Kenneth Kitchen's book should be included here?

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  7. Great list! It's very helpful in understanding the ethos of other worldviews, including common ground with Christianity from which to begin dialogue. I find it pairs very well with Stackhouse's "Humble Apologetics" in helping prepare one to not be a "robo-apologist" in our interpersonal discussions as opposed to head-to-head debate formats, which probably don't apply to many of us. Great list of apologetic resources and very thorough too. Thanks for all the information on this wonderful site!

    Hi Brian. This is a very good list. For the reliability of the bible, please add Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace to the list. I've read the book and it is awesome and will be leading a group on it this summer. My query is quite different. I am from the Philippines and was brought up in a Roman Catholic background.


    Roman Catholicism in this part of the world is akin to Christo paganism, as what is being practiced in some parts of Latin America. It's just recently that I have come to experience the truth of Biblical Christianity. I would like to ask for suggestions on how to deal with Roman Catholicism on issues of doctrine and making my Catholic friends understand that Biblical Christianity is different from their practices. As a young Christian, I also would like some recommendation on what books on Systematic Theology would be very helpful in my quest to the perfect knowledge and will of God.

    Brian, how about a list of books specifically dealing with Messianic prophesy? I would be interested in seeing what others think are authoritative. Perhaps the list would feature names such as Michael Brown and Louis Lapides. Thank you. Please consider my request. Brian, I've been listeneing to the interviews podcast and have been so reinvigorated in loving the Lord with my mind in addtion to heart and strength , and wanted to publicly say thank God for your ministry! Thanks for the feedback, John. Sorry I don't have any specific recommendations for early apostolic fathers writings.

    The Apology — Turtullian Even though I'm retired from teaching, I still can't stop seeing spelling errors.

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    I believe it's Tertullian. Thank you!! Amazing list! Just a question out of my total ignorante: Are Non-native English speaking authors not a bit underrepresented? Plus, there has been so little activity in this page in the past years — has it some succesor site which is thriving? Thanks and God Bless! Apologetics is a ministry of Defenders Media, c 3 a non-profit organization. Your generous donations are tax-deductible. FEIN: Apologetics is a non-profit ministry. You can support our work here.

    Glossary of Philosophical, Ethical, and Biblical Terms. Thomas November 11, BubbaCoop November 11, Bruce November 11, Matthew November 11, I hope this list will be updated in the future. Brian Current November 11, Brian, thank you for this list! Brian November 11, That should be a start I think. Thanks for reading. Brian Current November 12, Thanks, Brian. Brian November 12, I just watched that video today. Good stuff. James White's debates his first with Dan Barker was presuppositional in nature. Brian November 14, While maintaining the antithesis is crucial, there are dangers that accompany it when applied wrongly.

    The strong antithesis, if applied without a rigorous Biblical lens may keep us from seeing how the current cultural worldview shift can help us to clarify our thinking as Christians. It is not that we need to learn the tenets of paganism, but this worldview shift can help us to see that the Christian church has sometimes been taken by the idol of modernity and naturalism. If we will listen to the postmodern critics of modernity and naturalism carefully, we may find that some of what they are tearing down is not actually biblical truth, but things we have picked up from the philosophy of the world around us.

    If we can do this well, then we can actually become more biblical in our thinking. I will give you one example where I wonder if the editor of this book has not fully let that happen. Surely truth does include good intentions, as epistemology is viewed from the ethical perspective. Surely religion is about love as well as theological distinctions. Surely the essence of religion is a spiritual experience as well as a religious doctrine. We need doctrine and truth, but that doctrine and truth need to lead us to encounter the living heart of it: God himself, through Jesus, by the Holy Spirit.

    To make firm distinctions between these things, as Jones seems to be doing, looks more like a modernist antithesis than a biblical one. I am not accusing Jones of being a modernist, but I am trying to point out how deeply I believe the modernizing tendency has taken root in all of our thinking.

    To lean too hard into postmodernism in response would not be a move of faithfulness, but would be to fall into the same error with a new kind of worldview. As in any collection of essays, some are more robust and rich while others are thinner and less helpful. On the whole, this book represents an important effort to understand the intellectual and spiritual climate we seem to be moving into.

    The penultimate chapter in the book very helpfully ties all of this together and shows us how to respond in a world shifting towards pagan belief. First, the author demonstrates that we need to recover a robust understanding of and appreciation for the supernatural elements of the gospel. The unseen spiritual dimensions were an important component of the worldview of the New Testament writers and of Jesus himself. One might say that the gospel of Jesus Christ, at least in North America, has become one more coping mechanism to help us survive and thrive in the challenges of the visible world.

    Having urged us to unashamedly recover a clear-eyed, full-hearted supernatural worldview, the author shows us that the best way to proclaim Christ to a pagan world is by a demonstration of the uniquely supreme glory of Christ. Jesus is superior to all lesser spiritual entities, good or bad, because he created them. Accordingly, the right Christian response to Neopaganism is not to question, deny or ignore the reality of the pagan spirits, but to appeal to the greater and deeper reality that is Jesus, the very ground of being of those spirits.

    This book will help equip you to do this with increased knowledge and understanding in order to honor Christ well in our day, and point all peoples to his perfect lordship and his glorious salvation. Tom is married to Nikki and has 4 energetic kids.

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