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I had done another movie where I'd gotten really intense about it before and I felt kind of satisfied afterwards, much more satisfied than I had from other movies. I don't know how it turned out or what the result from getting intense about something is, but you definitely feel more satisfied. I wanted to take that into Twilight and also try to break down the assumption that if a movie is being made from a book which is selling a lot of copies - which every single book that sells a lot of copies now is made into a movie immediately and they're virtually all not very good and everyone knows, even six year-olds know, that it's just to make money — I didn't want to be involved in something like that.

I thought Catherine [Hardwicke] and Kristen [Stewart] would be supportive of that. But they've also got reputations whereas I don't have a reputation at all. So I wanted to make sure that, by the time people got to Portland, that I knew everything about everything and just be like really… I didn't talk to anyone about anything other than the part for about a month and a half of the shoot.

I think it kind of galvanized people. I think most people read the book and it's an easy read. It's a nice book. So I think most people went in thinking, "Yeah, it's a happy film. This is going to win Oscars! No, not really. It broke down as I was doing it, mainly because people wanted me to make it lighter. At the same time, me thinking that my idea would work and all of that, it was different to the book where he makes little quips and stuff.

He's a confident character and no girls, if you're writing the perfect guy you wouldn't write him as some manic depressive weirdo who's trying to kill himself all the time - whatever his six pack is like. So I spent a long time fighting with producers. Catherine got me a copy of the book with every instance that he smiled highlighted and I was just like, "Okay, fine.

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Did she share any of that with you when you talked about character? She gave it to me about two-thirds into shooting. I didn't even know that it existed. I knew that the first chapter existed and I based a lot of my angst from that on the character, from that first chapter that was on the internet. It's talking about how little control he has.

I wanted that element of him to be very prominent. I wanted Bella to be saying, "I'm not scared. You won't do anything to me," but not so certainly. So that it'd suddenly be like, "You won't do anything to me, will you? I think it makes it sexier if there's a very real chance of him just flipping out and killing her. You and Kristen have a great chemistry, but you also have great chemistry with your family in the film. Can you talk about that dynamic both onscreen and off?

It was strange. Like, I definitely had a thing with Kristen like that. I mean, all the scenes are pretty intense and when you're working with one person most of the time, especially on a relationship that seems impossible when you first start it, you get like a little bubble. But with the family, they're just really funny people and so I just got on with them. It wasn't really acting. I just had an American accent. Peter [Facinelli] is one of the funniest people I've ever met.

A Twilight Seduction: What Men Can Learn From Edward

Is the line in there where Rosalie breaks the bowl and Peter says, "Oh, Rosalie always busted my bowls'? What do you think is the secret to the chemistry that you and Kristen developed and shared throughout the movie? I think it was just doing the opposite of what the actual story is, thinking about it in the opposite way.

Right from the beginning in the audition we did the meadow scene, which isn't in a meadow in the film, but it's supposed to be about, I guess, him trying to intimidate her and her looking at him with nothing but love and adoration and awe, as if this god has just come down to meet her. But I really thought and I played it as this god is broken at this normal girl's feet.

Even the position that we were in…at the end, I was literally kneeling at her feet. I can't remember what happens in the movie, but that was in the audition. She was doing this mothering thing as he's looking to this normal girl for support. I think that really works. She's very strong.

She's not a damsel type girl. It's weird. They just cast the opposite people. I'm a wreck and she's really strong and it's supposedly the other way around. I think that's why it kind of worked. Peter Facinelli said that you were really sucking at baseball and that he had to help you with that. I keep hearing that. He must be going into every single meeting saying that. I'm terrible at baseball. Catherine was so intense about wanting me to look like a pro baseball player and I just didn't care at all.

For a lot of the rehearsal period that we could've been doing stuff there, I wanted to be doing proper rehearsals and she was like, "No. You have to look like a baseball player. I'll do a ready position.

I can f--king squat! I think it's really, really necessary. I can't even remember when this happened. Kristen is like, "Yeah, you did. Having it die down afterwards. Having it being the hot thing for a few months and then it just going and no one giving a sh-t. It helps. It helps once you get used to it and know that no one will care. Once you're immune to failure, it's like nothing matters. The thing is that I have to stay the same age unless they recast me. So they'd have to shoot it quite quick because I already look about three years older than I did then. He's constantly adoring her with contact; taking her face in his hands, brushing his fingers across her cheek, securing a protective arm around her waist, sliding his lips along her jaw.

Instead of exploring their anatomy, they explore the anatomy of a kiss. It's first base to the umpteenth power, with true love multiplying their every liplock exponentially. The effect on Bella is beyond arousal. Her heart hammers, her skin flushes, her blood, which Edward craves, races in her veins. It's no wonder romance novels are often referred to as "pornography for women. The most sensuous scene in the book, omitted from the film, comes when Edward, returning in the night, awakens Bella, and demonstrates to her the benefits of his newly acquired big bed.

Their reunion is comfortably sexy; a couple completely at home in each other, their conversation and every caress infused with a deep affection. You can almost hear the soft words and rhythmic breathing in the dark. But in a gender role reversal it is Edward who will stop Bella before they get "carried away. Do vampires take cold showers? It's every junior high school girl's dream: the beautiful, adoring boy who'll take them anywhere except too far. It's an appealing escape in a culture that bombards them with images of tween starlets packaged like hookers to sell music and magazines, encouraging them to see their bodies as sexual before their minds are ready.

As the pressure extends into adulthood, the message becomes more dangerous. You never see cop shows about serial killers where the dead victims are all naked men. In a world where real horror stories mar the nightly news, reporting women and children as prey, the idea of Edward's a relief. He's a natural predator turned mysterious protector who loves Bella so much, just being with her is enough. Edward's unabashedly romantic declarations "You are my world now They've come a long way since their first kiss as evidenced by Bella's perplexed retort, "Did you want to do that part?

But Edward has reasons for restraint. He's concerned for Bella's premarital immortal soul and her breakable mortal body. It's a big problem. With skin like marble, he could give new meaning to the term "Twi-hard," a fear perhaps shared by virginal viewers. But even without the bloodlust, can a vampire ever really have safe sex? Speaking of oxymorons, last time I checked, that physiological act was predicated on blood flowing from a working pump.

I mean the heart, of course, and Edward's doesn't beat. The only explanation given in the first three books appears in Twilight when Edward assures Bella "I may not be a human, but I am a man.

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But for all his talk of responsibility, the fourth installment, Breaking Dawn , will deliver a consummation with consequences. For now, the only things pregnant in the film Eclipse are the perpetually long pauses by its two leads, coming frequently mid-sentence.

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Somewhere, Harold Pinter is impatiently drumming his fingers. Trim a few of those pauses and they might have had time for that big bed reunion scene. But the predominantly female audience I saw it with didn't seem to mind, scoring every dreamy close-up with a symphony of sighs and screams. Judging from their orgasmic reactions, had Rob's head magically appeared on Taylor's torso, it would have induced hysteric convulsions from which some girls might never have recovered.

Apparently, when women say they want a six-pack, they're not talking about beer. If Jacob is the advertisement for abs, Edward is the argument for good grooming. Besides his strategically tousled hair, Bella finds his breath hypnotically sweet, and the delicious scent of his skin, intoxicating. Just a whiff makes her mind muddled. Bottle her blood with his breath and you might produce the world's most potent pheromone. Their craving for each other is like an addiction, making it physically painful to be apart.

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It's why, though Edward never sleeps, he stays with Bella when she does, tucking her quilt between them so she won't freeze beside his icy skin. It's a comforting image for Twilight 's youngest fans, and an over-protective parent's wet dream, some of whom have become "Twi-moms. Sometimes, they just want to be tucked in, too, and if their bedtime reading revs their mood, who are men to complain? In fantasy films, the parents, particularly missing ones, matter.

Be they dysfunctional, disenfranchised or just plain rebellious, the bigger the void, the more room to fill, and Bella, Edward and Jacob are all adapting to the absence of birth mothers. Bella doesn't just choose Edward, she chooses his family, one that will never leave or die. It doesn't hurt that the dad's a doctor. If you're in as much jeopardy as Bella always is, it's not just a convenience, it's a necessity.

But to join the Cullen's unique clan of "blood relatives" she'll have to become one of them. Like the TV ad that preys on women's insecurities by hawking padded push-up bras with the slogan "You With its promise of eternal youth and beauty, it's the mother of all plastic surgeries. But for my money, the best bras, like the best men, let you be yourself. Bella, on the other hand, has some serious self-esteem issues.

She wants to be as breathtaking as Edward to level the playing field, but she has awakened the pre-transformed humanity in him and he wants her the way she is. His idealized love and acceptance is the hope of every girl who ever fantasized about attracting the gorgeous "unattainable" boy, Pattinson included, as if he himself were a possibility. Give it up.

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  • He's not. But a girl can dream, and what else are screenplays but daydreams on paper? Personally, I identify with the porcelain-complexioned creatures of the night. I've never been much of a morning person, though the diet's a deal-breaker. There isn't enough Kosher salt in the world Still, if I ever were granted eternal life, I hope I would have more to show for it than just a really killer CD collection. I guess an undying heavenly love will do for starters, and Bella's love for Edward transcends time. It's the real reason Bella wants to become a vampire.

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    • Without "death," there's no "do us part. Bella's love for Jacob is more earthbound. Their most authentic kiss happens in the book when Jacob, in his wolf form, spontaneously licks Bella's face, showing his playful, impetuous side, but it's the later big smooch that gets all the play. That grand kiss, with him bare-chested, sweeping her in his arms on a snow-capped mountaintop is the classic romance novel clinch.

      Throw a corseted bodice and heaving bosom on Bella and you'd have a tableau worthy of any grocery store paperback. But their film embrace is just a tamped down version of the book's in which Jacob grabs Bella "with an eagerness not far from violence. As George Bernard Shaw once cautioned: "Imagine trying to shave oneself each day in that condition. Love, however, does last, and in the book, Edward and Jacob's love for Bella runs so deep, rather than lose her to each other, they both offer to share. Had Bella taken them up on that offer, it might have resulted in a film with an entirely different rating.

      Think Twi-Hardcore. Things come pretty close in the menage-a-tent scene in which a nearly naked Jacob warms up Bella with his body heat, as ice cold Edward hovers nearby. As the guys verbally duel over a sleeping Bella, the sacrifices that come with commitment are made titillatingly clear. Even unconscious, Bella's got it better than the rest of us, but where Jacob's her reason to steam, Edward's her raison d'etre. For me, the sexiest scene in the films thus far occurred back in the first Twilight flick and it didn't involve physical contact at all.

      Bella, having had the epiphany that Edward's a vampire, waits for him in the school parking lot. When she sees him, a slow motion shot tracks her as she walks up to and past him, the camera turning with his head as their eyes connect, then continuing with them as he shadows her into the woods.