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Step 4: Continue braiding around your hairline and secure it at the top of your head. Step 5: On the right side, create a second dutch braid following steps 2 through 4 above and wrap it around your head on the opposite side, making sure the two meet. Editor Tip: "Figuring out the sectioning and what to put where was definitely a struggle for me. But Sarah told me to keep repeating my 'braid mantra,' which is basically weaving directions, and that helped me find my groove. From there, it was all gravy.

Step 2: Taking the right section, separate your hair into three strands and create a dutch braid remember "left under, right under" along your ear. Step 3: "Pancake" the braid, which means tug at small pieces of your braid so they loosen up and create more volume.

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Step 4: Take a two-inch section at the middle of your head this will be your "mohawk" part and do a standard three-strand french braid right over, left over, grabbing pieces as you go down the middle, stopping at the curve of your head. Step 5: Now, on the other side, create a two-strand twist and secure with a clear elastic.

Editor Tip: "This is such a badass take on your typical ponytail braid. Just be sure not to 'pancake' too much, unless you don't care about your shorter pieces sticking out all over the place. Step 1: Part your hair in the center. Taking a one-inch strand from the right side, create a classic three-strand braid.

Editor Tip: "While this braid was easy, it was pinning the two braids that took some work. Just be patient, and maybe recruit a friend to help if you're having trouble.


Step 2: Clip the right two sections down, and focus on the remaining left piece first. Step 3: Create a small braid, angling it toward the back, but stopping at the curve of your head. Step 5: Pull the braids into a half-up ponytail and style it into a bun. Step 6: Take any pieces sticking out and wrap them around the bun, securing with pins. Editor Tip: "It's tough to braid my hair because my curls are so spirally.

A visual guide to Braid types | braids | Hair styles, Hair, Long hair styles

But going slow and pulling the braids taught helped. I love this as a way to spruce up a bun or ponytail. Step 2: Taking the middle section the "mohawk" section first, start a dutch braid refer to "The Dutch Braid" above. Step 3: Continue braiding down the back of your head, making sure everything is tight.

You can even braid the two together to make it appear even more complex. Doing it in this way helps prevent tangles if you have especially long hair. You can also divide your hair in half right down the middle of your head, create a braid on either side, and then pull each side up into its own messy bun.

The French braid man bun is another sexy braided hairstyle for men that takes a matter of minutes to put up. Just start at the top of your head and French braid as per the usual, but instead of continuing to braid all the way down the length of your hair, stop when you reach the point where you want your bun to be and twist it up in a knot. You can divide your hair in half and do separate French braids that meet in a singular bun at the back.

Just braid a section along the side of your head and pull it back into the bun with the rest of your hair. In fact, guys can combine the side braid with any number of haircuts, including a pompadour , slick back , or messy medium length hairstyle.

The Different Types Of Braids

A short man bun with braids is an excellent style for men who are in the process of growing out their hair or who simply do not want to grow it beyond shoulder length. Braids for men with short hair work best with one or more French braids close to one another. This is because French braid styles help to hide flyaways and loose strands of hair since short hair can easily be tucked under longer ones. When the braid reaches the back of your head, simply twist it up and secure it with a hair tie.

You can do it with braids on top of your head, on the side, or all over. Short man buns look better when kept neat, but if your hair is long enough, you may be able to pull off the messy man bun look. No matter how long your hair, braiding it and putting it into a long man bun can help keep your hairstyle out of your way.

Long man bun braids are also a great way to extend the time between shampoos since braided hair does not show natural oils as readily as unbraided hair. The braided man bun fade is a cool hairstyle that combines short sides with longer hair on top. A fade with braids offers limitless possibilities because there are so many different types of fades to choose from — high , low , mid , skin , or temp — and many different ways to style braided hair.

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The How to Hair Braiding Styles Guide: Different Types of Braids

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