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Last September, her employer, Community Mercy Hospice, asked her whether she had filed for unemployment. She suspects the identity theft came from an incident in when she and her husband sold their house. We finished the sale, and in that office we used a fax. That case was investigated, she said, and the fraud was traced back to the office where she used the fax. The utility bill was dropped. The Youngs had not filed that claim, and so began a long process of filling out IRS paperwork, filing a police report and working to get the fraudulent claim canceled and her tax forms accepted.

Even though she straightened things out with the IRS, her troubles were not over, said Young, 67, of Trotwood. The fraudsters also tried to get an extended line of credit on the card they had maxed out. Young, who has no idea how thieves got her personal information, got the matter resolved by August and chose to hire a credit monitoring company. Sure enough, thieves tried again, and Young got an alert that someone had tried to open an Amazon account in her name.

Young said she saw enough red flags to know the man was a fraud, but she worries about senior citizens or people who have illnesses who might fall for the scam. Other stories by Lynn Hulsey. See where millions have been spent to improve downtown Dayton. How the next recession could affect Dayton.

Ohio remains third in nation for serious hazmat transportation incidents. Hacking the ballot: How safe is your vote. Thank you for reading the Dayton Daily News and for supporting local journalism. Your web browser is no longer supported. To improve your experience update it here. News crime theft. Latest theft news stories including theft scams, stolen property, robbery, shoplifting, stealing caught on video, carjacking and other theft-related news headlines. Nurse found guilty of stealing money from sedated cancer patient A former NSW nurse has been found guilty of stealing two ATM cards from a sedated cancer patient and withdrawing money from her account.

Family left helpless as thief snatches birthday parcel An Adelaide family has watched on helplessly as a thief stole a parcel from outside their home just minutes after it had been delivered. Car explodes as 'theft' backfires A Perth woman has died and her alleged accomplice rushed to hospital after a Ferrari they allegedly stole crashed while they were attempting to flee police.

Family still waiting to see money after church leader allegedly rips them off Struggling family still waiting to get their money back after church leader allegedly rips them off. Teenager threatened with tomahawk by home invaders A teenager has been hurt and her father left terrified after a gang of bandits stormed their SA home. Brave senior tackles intruder during home invasion A brave elderly man has heroically jumped a fence and tackled an intruder during a Melbourne home invasion.

It was gone. They took my info just in case, but I never heard back. Obviously someone took them and since then I have bought a pair that has a clip to my shirt so if I do fall asleep again, I know exactly where they are. Somone must have been sitting next to him while he was stealing the computer and erasing everything on it. This was a fairly empty flight and the one person who could have seen was a man on the other side and one row up.

No one was seated in his row nor the row adjacent, sadly. If you have to go testify against him, where would the trial be held? Not sure. I inadvertently got a professor fired in college over a similar situation. All of the classes for my degree were housed in a small area where everyone knew everyone and I was there late one night and security came through and turned off all the lights. I went back to the common area and grabbed my bag, but in the dark, forgot my iPad. I called apple and filed a report. The next day, one of my professors who was just a shitty and irresponsible person came in with a brand new iPad that matched mine.

Go figure. I let it go. Either it was just a coincidence, or it was mine but I had no proof. And there it is. I freaked out and left until I pulled it together. Then I made up more stuff to talk to her about so I could look at it again. Sure enough. It was my purple case with its cracked binding and grey paint smudge on the cover from a project. They asked if I wanted to press charges and I said no. She was a selfish person but she had kids at home.

But she did quit that day. And not that I know a lot about the faculty relationships but I heard that, that day, my advisor was so happy he was practically skipping down the hall with glee. I am glad this criminal wad arrested. I did have a password on my computer. It was on the login screen which I was showing to the Flight Attendants.

Unfortunately they chose not to look. Apple told me that while in flight he opened up another portal and used that one to wipe all of my data and basically start the computer over again fresh. Terrible situation, shows off the worst in people! I understand, though that the flight attendants are not cops, and really cannot do anything except call the real cops and let them do their job when the plane lands. The last thing you want is an altercation on a confined space like a plane, which is why the flight attendants are taught not to get involved.

The crew handled this volatile situation perfectly! Yes of course I wanted it once I had it. And alleged that I was stealing. I was in complete and utter shock and the FAs said there was nothing they could do about it. It was his for the duration of the flight because I had taken it out of HIS bag.

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It was heartbreaking. The whole situation was so awful to see him flat out lie and then have it back. Should have kept it secure. As far as flight crew knows ur a crazy lady trying to steal a laptop. Seems to me ur not willing to take responsibility for ur carelessness and want to put all the blame on flight crew should have put ur SS number on it as well. Did no one teach u any common sense? Raul did nobody teach YOU how to spell? After reading your story I will ensure I record SN s of my devices; turn on encryption mode on my device. I have personally had my belongings stolen right under my nose.

Its one of the most troubling experiences when your mental agility is questioned. I would take a guess of a 3rd world country? Hmm I think we know where he came from. To answer your question, as the person who went through this, I did have a password set up. I fully understood iCloud and how this work. He was able to do it while on the flight.

I do have pictures and contacts saved onto the cloud which I was able to recover. But anything that was on that computer alone is gone. I can flash an encrypted drive in minutes. This is insane, but a great reminder that people can and will steal during a flight. Thanks for sharing. I am a flight attendant for Delta. I am very sorry this happened to you. However, I would like to remind everyone of the importance of placing your item IN a bag before placing them under your seat for takeoff.

Laptops are especially notorious for slipping and sliding quite a few rows away during take off and landing. This situation is a very good reminder of why that sentence is in our announcements. I feel horrible for her.

The WILL slide on takeoff. They are a fire hazard due to the lithium ion battery. Take care! Thank you so much for this. I feel much better now knowing my lenovo laptop will be safe when i fly to turkey in july. What a crazy story. So sorry that happened to your friend and so glad that the thief was caught! They had the authorities meet the flight at the gate. And it was a Delta staff that suggested another way to access the serial number. It sounds like they handled it in a professional manner.

Kudos to Delta. My goodness, that is an insane story! Unbelievable, but yes goes to show you noone has your back but yourself and you never know the intentions of other people. Why would you put the laptop under YOUR seat instead of the one in front of you? The space under your seat is for the passenger behind you. Had the laptop been under the seat in front of you this would never have happened. I put it in the one in front. Perhaps the wrong language. I had some food and i put it vertical next to that.

We were about to take off and I was finishing writing something so I quickly put it in the seat in front. I did not put it under my seat. But when I saw it had slid it was under the seat behind. Your laptop should be in a bag instead of on the floor… as the fa said when the door was shut…. You should have taken some personal responsibility… what exactly did you want the flight attendant to do?

Sit and watch the man instead of taking care of the other passengers? Also… from a FAs perspective.. The man could have been innocent. And they did. Flight Attendants should have good interpersonal skills. Maybe you should find a different line of work. Yep, that was a typical US FA. Disagreeable, sullen, and unhelpful. Delta, American, United. Another FA with a bad attitude, big surprise! I was shaking as I read this story.

To have anything taken from you is such a violation. To add insult to injury is the fact that your friend was not believed initially and had to jump through several hoops to reclaim what was rightfully hers! I felt her pain!! I am glad Aileen got her laptop back and I hope Karma repeatedly serves the thief a dose of his own medicine! Thanks for sharing this story, Angelina! This is a perfect, yet sobering reminder of how we should all be mindful of our belongings. Aileen: As I read this over and over again I am still in disbelief about what happened to you.

However, I am curious about the part when you asked the thief to open his bag and he did. I mean, he knew he had stolen your laptop.

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He knew if he opened his bag you would see it. He knew if they asked you to log in on it it would work. I am intrigued since it seems he is a professional thief so he probably knows way more than us. Does that mean you did not have a password? I am not sure how could he log in without having the password and be able to delete all its contents without it asking for your the owner approval. Again, I am really glad it worked out for you and I hope you become way more vigilant from now on. The more I read it the more I realize all the detail I left out.

Yes, I had a login screen with a sunflower, my name, and the password. I kept emphasizing my name when showing the airline stewardesses because it was right there as I was showing them before he yanked it back out of my hands. He was sleeping so I kept trying to speak to him to wake him up, eventually he had to acknowledge that I was trying to talk to him. The FAs are really what gets me upset. But while on the flight he wiped it clean. Sorry to hear about this crazy story,glad it turned out ok! I like her style. Thanks so much!

I am currently working on it. But it will be called Points and a Passport. Traveling is something I truly love and I want to share my experiences good or, in this case, bad with others! That is an insane and very well written story. How incredible. Your poor friend. I know there is a lesson in here for me, that is for sure! Thanks for the morning read.

Glad it worked out. I have to ask why would stow something under the seat and not in front of you?

The Thief Tried to Rent an Apartment

If someone was behind you they would have use that same spot to stow there stuff. I have asked people before to not put stuff under there seat because it was my space. Sorry that I wrote this incorrectly. I did stow it in the seat in front.

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Not in my seat. But it did slide back from there to the seat behind. Upgraded to business class on an AA flight from London last year, I got up to use the lav right before landing. The flight attendants were collecting the headphones -Bose noise cancelling.

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The attendant asked for mine and I pointed to my seat and indicated that the headphones were there on the seat I was standing in the aisle. When I came back to my seat, the headphones were gone. Except that the flight attendant then returned and again asked for the headphones, which she said she had not collected. I am now so paranoid about leaving anything in my seat! Pam, I know that feeling so well now. It was shocking for me. I, too, leave my belongings at my seat when I use the restroom never thinking that anyone would take something. After this incident, I have a whole different perspective.

I never thought something like that could happen to me. How stupid you must be to put a notebook under the seat… I hope you have learned the lesson. Furthermore, you must need clicks badly to post this soap…. Looks like she was successful because she got you to click on it! Too bad you felt the need to leave a rude comment as well.

I have to share two stories similar to this. I was the Flt attendant working. Because there were people in the aisle it may have been kicked away. We all looked and asked everyone in the area. No phone and it was time to take off. After takeoff we all looked thoroughly with no results. Jane told me she thought she saw a young women pick it up. I thought she was being paranoid. I asked her if she could describe her. Once I had a description and we were done with the service I went to talk to her. This was very awkward but necessary to appease Jane.

She was starting to get angry. I asked this young girl 25 if she knew anything. She said no. After a back and forth with Jane I asked young girl to bring her bag into galley so we could look together in case she had the same phone and she may have accidentally put it in her bag.

Again I was doing this to calm Jane. The girl emptied her only bag onto blanket I had placed on floor. She had 2 devices. One very similar to missing phone. I took it to Jane who told me it looked just like hers but not hers. Young girl went back to seat and I was done. Jane was not. She insisted we have police meet flight in LA.

The police came and went through bag again, no phone. By this time the young girl was getting angry as she might miss her international connection. The police released her and I helped her get a cart to take her to her connecting flight. Apoligizing the entire time. As I was getting onto the employee bus I ran into my co-workers from flight. They had told me that they had found the phone in the trash in bathroom. I felt terrible. I believed this young girl stole the phone on the flight from Jane. I will be more proactive in the future. The other incident was 5 years ago.

I noticed my wallet was missing on a flight I was working. My bag was behind the last row of seats by the bathroom. After I got off I noticed wallet missing.

Police failing to properly investigate quarter of thefts and assaults

A few days later I got a call from a women that said she found my wallet on the floor. I asked her on the phone to send it to me and I would pay the postage. She told me she would send it and 3 months later, no wallet. I finally told her I would let her keep the cash and then send her a reward after receiving it. The wallet came finally. I now put my wallet in the galley behind supplies.

I am sorry for what happened and it sounds incredibly. Thank you for sharing! You are so brave for dealing with this. I am appalled at how the Delta FAs handled the situation. Thank God you got yours back before having to resort to this, but for him, using Prey Project helped get his laptop back!! It really does suck that he wiped everything. But why did you refer to his ethnicity?

They took him away because he was a thief not because of his race. And your assumption that he was a flight risk and desire to point that and the fact that he had a passport, when it contributes nothing to your overall story of theft is a prime example of the lite-racism whether intentional or subconscious that is so wrong with the country these days. I am so sorry for the loss of all your data. I do it everytime if there is even the smallest possibility someone could have taken something. I was working on a flight as a flight attendant and a passenger decided to steal from us!

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