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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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He married Mamie Lanier who's family purchased land in sct. I believe the Laings may have come to that area Gadsen Co. I will be happy to exchange information with you. I have a great deal of information obout the Lanier family. It's been many years, but we've met previously I would like to know more about Laing ancestry and I'm not quite sure how to get started.

Send e-mail if you like How neat to discover something from one of my own family!!!!! Betty P. Carla, Are you referring to Charles M. Lang who m. Caroline Barbee?

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Nancy Van. I have a little bit of information on Corp. Early E. Nelson and his family moved to Gadsden Co. She was born 14 Oct She and her parents are listed on the Gadsden Co. FL Census. Today, the images he captured with his camera are preserved in a photography collection at the Oklahoma Historical Society. The Society has some , negatives and prints that were created by Z. Meyers and his Meyers Photo Shop. His many photographs of Oklahoma City buildings, street scenes and the city skyline provide a rich pictorial history of the city as it changed over the years.

Zenas Meyers died in at the age of His images are used today for research and to illustrate books about the history of Oklahoma City and Oklahoma. He is the great nephew of Caroline Meyers and Zenas Meyers.

Sutton is currently writing an article for the Oklahoma Chronicles publication that will more fully explore the life and photography career of Z. Donate careers. By Phil Sutton The orphanage was founded in Oklahoma City around and had several locations in the Oklahoma City area until it ultimately located in the area that would become Bethany. Share this Article. By the end of the film, however, Lewis learns to keep moving forward and embrace his failures. He has also shown to accept others for who they are, as shown when he first acquainted to the frog and music lover Franny during the Science Fair.

This kindness was what enabled the Robinson family to expand later. As an adult of 42 years, Cornelius Robinson is highly passionate in his inventions to improve the lives of humankind. As a result, his pure dedication and charisma were what led him to be highly regarded as "Father of the Future" and "Inventor Extraordinaire'. He has also shown to let go of his past, thus coining the phrase "Keep Moving Forward" as his motto. However, Cornelius has shown to turn a blind eye on his failed inventions.

Cornelius: The Orphan

This is shown when he had the failed DOR shut down but not completely as the Helping Hat managed to escape from the prototype room later. This nearly became his undoing and downfall as he was unaware of her escape due to him being on a business trip for a few days. However, his younger self managed to avert this save for the missing second-time machine just before Cornelius comes back home by the near-ending of the film.

His outfit consists of a white short-sleeved collared shirt, blue sweatervest, red shorts, white kneesocks, brown shoes, and glasses. An orphan, Lewis was abandoned by his mother at the Sixth Street Orphanage when he was an infant in Because of his inventing hobby, he has scared off over possible parent pairs and causes some difficulties for his roommate, Goob.


After another adoption interview ends in disaster, he begins to lose hope of ever being adopted. Lewis doesn't believe him and thinks him to be crazy. He's soon confronted by Wilbur, who tries to get Lewis to return to the science fair and fix the Memory Scanner. In an attempt to convince Lewis he's really from the future, he takes him to his home time in with the Time Machine.

Wanting to use the Time Machine to try and find his mother, it ends up crashing into the hills near Anderson Observatory.

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Wilbur tells Lewis he needs to fix it, agreeing on the condition set by Lewis to see his mom, but actually lying. Upon arrival to the garage and meeting Carl , the robot runs off in terror. Wilbur places a Carmen Miranda style fruit hat on Lewis' head to hide his hair, a dead giveaway for him being from the past. Frightened by Lefty at the door, he runs into Wilbur's grandfather Bud. Trying to search for the garage and Bud's teeth, Lewis meets the rest of Wilbur's family. Sneaking out while the rest of the family comes in to congratulate Bud, he bumps into Wilbur, who drags him off to ask what he's learned about the family and tells him to get started on fixing the Time Machine.

Wilbur gives Lewis the "pep talk of the century" as he explains his father's motto of "Keep Moving Forward" and the struggles in actually building the time machine as well as giving Lewis a different hat. After a failed effort to get the Time Machine started, Lewis becomes very frustrated about his capabilities and the Keep Moving Forward mantra. Wilbur tries to comfort him, but Lewis believes he's simply no good. The boys are then called to dinner and have to go out of fear that Franny will come and discover the time machine.

Lewis enjoys dinner with the Robinsons and is asked to fix a PB and J invention that looks like one he had tried to create earlier, but fails and splatters everyone with peanut butter and jelly. To his surprise, the family congratulates him on his "brilliant failure" and he admits that if he had a family, he'd like them to be just like the Robinsons.