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Evangelism that possesses the Gospel is the only kind of evangelism that works. It is less about people or strategy and more about God. The Gospel is the power of God for salvation Rom. Any evangelism that does not possess the Gospel is not evangelism. Words are necessary Rom. It can be relational or personal. It can also be unrelational or impersonal.

Chapter One: The Message of Evangelism

The same is true for what is commonly called relational or personal evangelism. This is the difficulty of adding a category before the word evangelism, especially if it is contrasted with another category. For example, contrasting street evangelism with personal evangelism can imply that street evangelism is the opposite of personal.

Whereas street evangelism can be very personal. The fruit of the Spirit should be reflective in the character of the Christian whether the Christian is evangelizing a stranger or a friend. The Great Commission is bigger than that. The Great Commission extends to all the nations. Christ in His perfect obedience earned the right for the Gospel to be proclaimed. He has all authority in heaven and on earth. He commands the making of disciples.

Evangelism: A Biblical Response to Today's Questions

Therefore, the Christian has the freedom to make disciples of people whom they have a lot of trust and those they have just met. Comparing methods is generally unfruitful. The comparison should be whether biblical evangelism has taken place or not. However, for the sake of the question. The flesh is always with you.

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Satan is a deceiver. The pressures of the world are present. Again, these questions may not even be worth pursuing. The main thing is whether biblical evangelism is taking place. However, if you get arrested for truth then rejoice, you are in the blessed state Matt. You are also in good company with Jesus and the Apostles. This may even make other Christians bold, and it may serve to advance the Gospel Phil. Street evangelism is not thought policing.

It is spreading a message of love and mercy. However, street evangelism may be perceived as pushy or threatening because unbelievers are hostile toward God Rom.

The preached Gospel is threatening to the pride of man who seeks to worship and serve the creature rather than the creator Rom. The preached Gospel is perceived as pushy to the person who is intolerant toward Jesus Christ. Some, because of a love for sin irrationally perceive street evangelism as pushy or threatening.

They will label street evangelism in such a manner because they are in rebellion against God and suppress the truth of God Rom. The Christian life is characterized by the fruit of the Spirit Gal. However, the Gospel must be communicated with words Rom. Your kindness is not the power of God for salvation. Ask yourself the tough questions. Why would this be a problem? What does this say about your evangelism efforts with friends, family, and co-workers? What does this say about your love for Jesus and the world? Theology, not our comfort, must determine methodology. We live in a safe-space culture where some view necessary confrontation and speaking plainly like Christ did as the most abominable kind of sin.

The main concern should be whether God is being offended. Know the Bible. Believe the Bible. Use the Bible. Apply the Bible. I love the universal and local church. I love meeting Christians from around the world and witnessing the power of God at work across the globe. I love being a part of a local body of believers who faithfully serve one another in Christ.

I am thankful that the Christian life is not lived in isolation. Evangelism isolated as a personal task can be terrifying. If Christians were told to pray by themselves, sing by themselves, or read the Bible by themselves, at the exclusion of doing these spiritual disciplines with other Christians, then that would be a disaster. Why would it be any different for evangelism? Street evangelism which is just evangelism flourishes when it is normalized as a ministry within the local church. What should be considered is whether street evangelism is biblical it is , whether there is opportunity usually , and whether it is a priority introducing people to Jesus; it should be.

With these considerations in mind the question is not whether a church should practice street evangelism. The question is, why would a church not want to practice street evangelism? What does it communicate about the heart and priority of a church that has little to no outlet for the members to grow in practicing evangelism on a frequent basis?

Did Christ Jesus not come into the world to save sinners 1 Tim.

The focus is less about doing and more on having a heart for evangelism. Street evangelism is an opportunity to share who Christ is and what He has done. There are different reasons for opposition. First, the seeker-movement has had a large impact on how people think about evangelism, even in some Bible preaching churches.

Specifically, by applying unbiblical standards of effectiveness, bad theology leading to bad methodology, too much focus on how much the world likes Christianity and conflating the abuses of street evangelism with street evangelism itself. As a result, street evangelism has been avoided. Second, those who are interested are often given the label of extreme so that those who give the label can keep themselves at an arms distance. This hinders the normalization of Gospel proclamation. Third, some simply do not know the Gospel. They are false converts.

4 Questions Every Christian Needs to Ask Others

False converts will have little desire to share the Gospel. Fourth, some are cowards. Some are cowards who would rather be exalted by men than God. Evangelism protects us from mistakenly assuming that those around us are saved. Unregenerate people cannot be discipled in any biblical sense. They do not and cannot grow in godliness Rom. Or sometimes fear of man dissuades us from taking the risk of offending a professing believer by suggesting they may not be trusting in Christ after all.

Answering Questions About Street Evangelism | Trinity Bible Chapel

But making the gospel a part of our everyday conversation will often result in nominal Christians actually being born again of the Spirit. The sower spread the seed liberally, seemingly without consideration for where it landed path, rocks, thorns, soil; Mark We too should share the gospel broadly and without discrimination, allowing our sovereign God to use it however he sees fit, to save the lost as well as encourage the saints. Evangelism increases the likelihood of being persecuted for the gospel, which leads to our growth.

In fact, suffering because of our evangelism should be an encouragement to us as it was to the early church Acts And sharing our faith helps ensure that we will suffer because of the gospel itself rather than because of unwise decisions or giving needless offense. Suffering for our proclamation of the gospel can deepen our faith as we look to our suffering Savior. One word of caution: as you push forward in evangelism as a part of your discipleship, be careful with evangelistic programs. Treating evangelism as a program can divorce it from discipleship and our daily lives. In the same way, programs are fine as long as we see them as forms and structures that we will eventually shed in favor of a more natural and normal integration into the fabric of our lives.

Finally, the single greatest encouragement to your congregation and Christian friends to be actively sharing their faith is for the senior pastor and elders to be seen and heard sharing their faith. People will learn best what you are most excited about.

If you as a pastor are excited to share your faith, the congregation will learn to be excited to share their faith. And they will grow as disciples of Jesus as they do. He has over 20 years of student ministry experience. Purchase a Print Edition. Our work is possible by the generosity of our readers. Give Today. What were the attitudes of the disciples in these scriptures? Mark See also Matthew ; Luke ; Then they brought little children to Him, that He might touch them; but the disciples rebuked those who brought them.

How many things did Luke give us to characterize the evangelistic ministry of Jesus Christ? Aside from Jesus, how many people are referred to as evangelist in the New Testament? Apart from Jesus, who else's life and ministry can we look at for teachings on evangelism? On the basis of Phillip's life, we see that the evangelist is:.

Using Phillip as a model, how many points did he give us concerning the evangelistic ministry? In evangelizing, I should stress the sinful things that I did in my life. What are some of the main models for evangelism that have been put forth in the last few decades?

Select all the apply. Keeping evangelism in the forefront of the church is a necessary action. What are some of the keys to successful evangelism on the personal level? Select all that apply. Did you cheat on this exam? Open your bibles to James