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Longtime freelancers disagree with this brash thinking. If you need the answer in a hurry or your question is complex, there is a paid service. If you have larger, ongoing legal concerns related to your freelance work, contact the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts. In some cases, the organization may be able to offer legal counsel free of charge. You may not have heard of it, but the Freelancers Union has steadily gained clout and members. There are a few ways for freelancers to obtain health insurance. Under the Affordable Care Act, plans that offer dependent coverage must do so until the dependent turns Many moonlighters, of course, will have coverage from their full-time jobs.

5 Tips for Finding and Managing the Right Freelancer

Health insurance is typically purchased during open enrollment Nov. When shopping for health insurance, think like an oracle. In other words, plan for future coverage based on past experience. How much did you spend last year on health expenses, including premiums, co-pays, and deductibles? Is it finally time to get that creaky knee checked out? There are four tiers of health coverage: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. The difference is the percentage of health care costs covered by the provider. These packages tend to have lower monthly premiums but higher out-of-pocket costs.

Gold and platinum plans have higher monthly premiums and lower out-of-pocket costs. You can use HealthCare. Freelance work, by nature, tends to be uncertain and sporadic. If you want to make a career out of freelancing, though, you need to get serious about setting aside money for your later years. Dragging your feet today can really set you back with your long-term saving plan. Try deciding on a uniform amount to set aside every month for a year. If in one month you earn more than you were expecting to, allocate more that month. The tax process is much different for freelancers than it is for traditional employees.

You pay a self-employment tax, and then owe quarterly estimated income taxes. This can lead to many budgetary headaches.

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For years, creative professionals, like freelance designers, writers, and photographers, have trumpeted the benefits of creating an elegant web portfolio akin to a digital trophy case. As more of the freelance marketplace moves online, freelancers from all backgrounds have begun constructing online presences that showcase their best work. Non-creative professionals like accountants, lawyers, and consultants can still create digital portfolios.

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New freelancers can take advantage of a number of free portfolio builders, including Crevado and Coroflot. If you choose a paid service, remember that you can deduct the expense from your taxes. One way to do this is to embed yourself in an online community where you can find job leads, read industry news, and participate in discussions. Here are a few online freelance communities:. Owned content helps optimize your search rank and bring new clients to your site, while contributed content exposes your work to new audiences. Both strategies demonstrate your credibility and expertise in your field.

This could live on her website, in a newsletter TinyLetter and Reachmail are free and easy services , through a syndication partner a medical blog that needs content, for example , or on a larger publisher that has a contributor program, such as The Huffington Post or Forbes. Look, we know networking is a pretty stigmatized term these days. You probably think of some guy in Dockers handing out business cards in a Holiday Inn conference room. For freelancers, on-the-ground networking is absolutely critical to winning more jobs and building a career.

Offline, attend a Creative Mornings talk in your area. The events feature member-delivered lectures on a variety of topics and plenty of opportunities to meet other creative types and local influencers. Online, use EventBrite and Meetup to find professional events and offline get-togethers in your area.

Harnessing the Entrepreneur Mindset

At the event, keep yourself on a clock. No one needs to hear your life story, so distill your spiel into an elevator pitch and make it active instead of passive. Want a free or low-cost opportunity to talk shop with other professionals in your field and land the occasional project? Professional association memberships come stocked with events and networking opportunities. You can search CareerOneStop by occupation or industry to find groups in your field.

Many are free to join. Nearly one-third of freelancers are very concerned about finding assignments. If the next few months are full of gaps where paid work should be, plan what to do with that time. I did exactly that, and the feedback was outstanding.

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Not only was he happy with what I did, he commended me publicly for such, and made my article a reference point for others. The result, he was willing to offer me more projects as soon as I was through with that one. In Europe, and other parts of the world, the gig economy is taking centre stage, and Millennials are embracing it too. But despite this, freelancers are still looked down upon and are unrecognized in most countries. Professionalism makes you stand out If you truly want to be exceptional among your peers, then you need to portray yourself as a professional.

Many freelancers make the mistake of approaching their craft as a side hustle. Of course, you can be a part time freelancer but you should still be outstanding at that. As a professional, you should have a website to showcase yourself and your business, your social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, must be alive and portray you as such.

25 Things I Learnt From Freelancing In A Year

This has helped me so far, and led to many leads. A solo freelancer should be actively involved in branding. To be factual, most success stories are scripted and edited. It takes time, targeted efforts, and hard work to get there. Your network are the people you know, willing to know, and ready to work with. When you have one, you look up to him or her, learn and also benefit in the long run. I joined his group on Facebook, subscribed to his email list, and read a lot from his website.

I learnt this earlier on, and it paid off a great deal. The moment I started, I worked hard to establish social proof on top publications in the world, I started blogging about freelance writing, and later on I published my first book. This was a lesson my mentor taught me when I started. It could be tiring, you might not get results, and you can even fail. If you can try out different approaches as given by experts, then your productivity will soar higher.

All you need to do is to stop wishing, and start acting. My second business was on the verge of collapse- I sent out a lot of cold pitches, but most bounced back, ignored or rejected. While solo freelancing is an exciting option for a beginner. The long term goals should be to scale up.

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