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Also, the longer the time until expiration, the higher the premium will be.

Covered Call Strategy Used By Traders To Generate Income - YouCanTrade

However, the longer the term before expiration, the greater the chance that the security can rise too far. For the strategy to be successful investors must find a balance between expiration time and expectations of volatility. This circumstance still results in profits, but usually it amounts to less profit than if the option strategy had not been used. So even thought the investor still keeps the premium received from the option, they no longer benefit from any additional gain in the underlying price.

In other words, in exchange for the premium income , the investor caps his or her gain on the underlying. Ideally, the investor believes that the underlying will not rally in the short-term but will be much higher in the long-term. Suppose an investor believes that XYZ stock is a good long-term investment but is unsure of when its product or service will become truly profitable.

The trade will only lose out on the difference between the exercise price and the market price. Note that this is money not received, rather than money lost. Investopedia uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Investopedia, you accept our.

Your Money. Buy-write orders give you the ease of creating one order and having it filled at your specified price.

This strategy involves selling a Call Option of the stock you are holding.

When selecting a stock to write a call on, you want to find one that is trading with average implied volatility. A stock with high implied volatility runs the risk of the stock moving around too much. A stock that moves around too much is difficult to control and plan for. Finding a stock that has average implied volatility will give you good premiums and be more predictable regarding movement.

When you trade without a plan, you will enter a position and have it move against you, leaving you frozen like a deer in the headlights. When trading without a plan, you let emotion take over your decision making. It is impossible to leave emotion out of trading, but allowing it to make the decisions for you is a great way to ruin your portfolio.

All trading strategies come with some risk.

How To Make Money With Covered Calls

With covered calls, the dangers lie in the underlying and not with the options themselves. First, covered calls limit your upside potential. You run the risk of having the underlying shoot past your strike price, leaving you unable to capture the profit. The solution is the same for both.

Generating Extra Income: the Buy-Write Strategy

Before you sell calls on your long stock, you need to be okay with letting your long stock go at the strike price. Otherwise, what happens is that the call will begin to increase in price not what you want to happen , and you will be forced to repurchase it at a loss. Your second significant risk with covered calls is having your underlying move down. This is only a problem if you are not committed to holding the stock for the long term. Long-term investors are fine holding a stock that drops in price because they believe in the long run that the price will increase.

Best Stocks for Covered Call Writing

However, if you are not a long-term trader, then having the stock drop in price could hurt your overall position. To do so, you could sell three call options against your shares. That's yours to keep, no matter what happens. Up to now, we've talked about writing covered call options against shares that you already own.

But what if you want to execute the entire transaction at the same time? This means you buy the shares, then write the covered calls. You just need a target price for the stock and the same for the option you're selling against it. The price you pay is called the "net debit" once the option premium is deducted from the price of the stock. Doing so gives you two benefits:. You enter your target prices for each part of the trade at the prices you want.

This avoids "chasing" a stock and option at the outset and allows you to obtain optimum profits. If neither the shares nor the options that you want hit your stated price targets, you don't get into it at all. By using a buy-write, you also avoid the inadvisable "market order" request, where you basically tell your broker to fill you at whatever the current market rate is. Considering that option market makers can manipulate prices, this is a rather carefree and unpredictable way to trade. The buy-write technique is also much easier than placing a "limit order," where you'd have to set your buy price on the stock, verify that you were filled, then execute the option trade the same way, using another limit order.

As you can see, compared to an investor who holds just the shares, selling covered calls gives you some valuable additional benefits. And if used with the right stock, it's a great way to collect regular income from your stock holdings, and reduce your net cost. The bottom line is this: You don't just have to let your shares sit idly in your account, waiting for them to go up in price.

If you have a pre-determined sell point in mind, someone will be willing to pay you money today for the right to take your shares from you at that price.

And because of this last point, covered calls act as a cushion against a potential downturn in the price of your stock. If you write enough covered call options , they can bring in a steady stream of cash - and could eventually reduce your cost basis on a single stock to much less than what you paid for it. This means you can own shares in quality companies at your price. Elevate yourself above the crowd and make your stocks work harder for you, turning ordinary stock holdings into dynamic income-producing vehicles. For immediate access, please join Investment U by entering your email address below.

Toggle navigation. There's a way to potentially make them even more profitable. The strategy is something that any investor can do.

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It's very easy. And right off the bat, there are five benefits You generate income You mitigate risk You lower the original price you paid for the shares You can use covered calls in any market The strategy beats the market averages over time Here's how it works Got Shares?