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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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Types of illnesses and disabilities. Stories, celebrities, chats, and other fun stuff. Quiz: How much do you know about taking good care of yourself? Click on a topic below for links to more information. The topics are listed in alphabetical order. For more information on dealing with health issues in general, check out " Dealing with a Health Condition. Too Smart to Start: Tweens.

10 Things to Stop Doing If You Have GERD

Food Allergies. Amputee Coalition of America Youth Camp. Resources- Amputee Coalition. Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. Read our section on learning disabilities and ADHD. Bipolar Disorder. Is it Just a Mood Or Something Else? Understanding von Willebrand Disease. Visual Impairment. Types of Cancer Teens Get.

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Celiac Disease. Recipes for Teens with Celiac Disease. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Dealing with a Health Condition. Dealing with Cleft Lip and Palate. Inflammatory Bowel Disease. Cystic Fibrosis: Diet and Nutrition. Recipes for Teens with Cystic Fibrosis. Hearing Impairment. Hearing Impairment: Advice from Kristin. Read our section on Deafness and being hard of hearing.

Tips for Teens with Diabetes: What is Diabetes? Down Syndrome. Read our Spotlight on Katie Sullivan. Dealing With Addiction. My friend thinks I have a drinking and drug problem. Little People of America. What Should I do? Children's Digestive Health and Nutrition Foundation. Growth Problems. What support is there for parents who have M. What helps other people with M.

What should I do if I'm too ill to work? What support is there for people with severe M. When will I get better? How common is misdiagnosis of M. Where can I learn more about M. Where is the nearest specialist M. Why is there no single diagnostic criteria for M.

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)

How can Action for M. How might M. How can I support my student with M. How might symptoms affect my employee? What about phased returns to work? What are reasonable adjustments in the workplace? What is best practice regarding confidentiality? What to consider when recruiting someone with M. I am feeling worse than usual: is this normal?

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  • An Existential Reading of the Confucian Analects.

What medication can I take? Will changing my diet help me manage my symptoms? Do you fund research which involves animals? How can I donate to M. How do you decide what research to fund and support? What does your Voice Committee do? What does your Scientific Advisory Panel do? What's the aim of the paediatric study you're funding? What is the autonomic dysfunction feasibility study you're funding? What is the neurophysiology of pain in ME study about? What is the understanding muscle dysfunction study? How can children and young people manage activity? How can schools help support a pupil with M.

What education support is a young person with M. What's the evidence for children with M. What can I do if my child isn't supported at school? How might CBT be useful for children and young people? How can I communicate more effectively with my doctor? What's the focus of your Edinburgh PhD studentship? What's the brain inflammation study you're funding? Dear Doctor: Diabetes and M. When friends turn away Sneezes and wheezes Dear doctor: heart problems and M.

Dear Doctor: Fluctuating symptoms Becoming a carer M.

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Dear doctor: M. Taking back control Dear doctor: Postural tachycardia syndrome and M. The last word: Christmas angels Spring cleaning with M. Dear doctor: nerve pains at night Medication review Standing up to disbelief The collaborative therapist Care Act a brief guide M.

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GP education part four: severe M. Fundraising advice for M. Severe M. I have acid reflux and try my best to help myself by monitoring my diet but my doctor is only interested in prescription-only medication, or surgery to wrap the stomach around the oesophagus quite frightening for anyone at any age. It seems there is no one to go to. The specialist I did see knew less about acid reflux and diet than I do, or friends of mine who have it.

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  4. Africa’s Ogun, Second, Expanded Edition: Old World and New (African Systems of Thought).
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  6. Can you share any advice? Prof Julia Newton says: This question raises some important issues that I think probably affect a large number of people with M. Dr Gregor Purdie says: When an M. Trigger foods Regarding diet, I totally agree that looking at this is core to managing the problem. Home News What is M. Categories All categories What is M.