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For most people, vegetarianism is temporary phase. Why?

In other sections, those same animals are used as food sources. Dogs, cats, guinea pigs. Here, that would be bizarre if not downright horrific to some, but that's just a way of life in certain portions of the world. Different people, different upbringings, different diets. Being bombarded by grotesque "this is the reality of meat" photos.

We don't mind a documentary once in a while, or even truth-revealing photos. We're openminded people -- remember, we eat meat and vegetables. But suggesting is a much better strategy than forcing it into a social media feed.

Vegetarians don't enjoy being ambushed because of their vegetarianism. Please, grant us the same courtesy. Furthermore, most of us have never had romantic notions of what goes on in a slaughterhouse. We realize animals need to be killed and butchered in order for us to eat them, and that was never supposed to be a pretty affair.

We also know that some actors in the meat industry are worse than others. You're not blowing any minds here. Yeah, the meat is delivering tasty care packages to a hunger zone desperately in need of them. Listen, we know in large quantities meat isn't the greatest thing for our health, but you know what?

It tastes delicious and we're not perfect. No one is. If happiness to you is carrying around hundred pound bags of kale and tofu to prepare for the CrossFit Games, go for it. Being expected to cater to vegetarian visitors, while vegetarians are never expected to cook meat for visiting meat eaters.

Why Do Most Vegetarians Go Back To Eating Meat? | Psychology Today

You choose to eat what you want. We choose to eat what we want. You've never heard the phrase "meat eater option. You know it is still possible to cook meat without it getting into your stomach, right? Relax, we're kidding. If you make this argument to your vegetarian friends, you're probably kind of a jerk.

Absolutely, when profit and cost cutting are the primary concerns, any industry can become a breeding ground for environmental insensitivity and ignorance, and food production is particularly vulnerable to this.

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Feel free to write your congressman, boycott those companies or organize a protest. Your friend eating a cheeseburger after a long day at work is just trying to live his life. Mmmm, yeah, like beans, lentils, chickpeas, quinoa and yogurt. Those things all sound good. But it begs the question: do you grocery shop in a retirement home? Or perhaps another place where teeth are optional? Having to utter four syllables as opposed to just one?

Sorry, this is the age of brevity, and people have short attention spans. Having to accommodate vegetarian friends when going out to eat. Vegetarians are not the only ones with a limited number of places to eat. As meat eaters going out with vegetarian friends who insist on eating a real meal, we have fewer places to eat, too. And we don't always mind making the sacrifice. Hey, they're our friends. We accept them for who they are.

Most of the time. It's hard to understand if you don't eat it. Bacon is really great and meat eaters are not shy about expressing their love for it. We absolutely respect that it doesn't fit your diet, but don't ask us to explain its powerful and delicious magnetism.

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Being lectured on how humans were never meant to eat meat. Humans evolved into the superior species of the planet in part because of eating meat.

Carnists will resort to shooting the messenger in order for their meat-eating practices to remain, what in their mind, is legitimate. But if eating meat is so normal, natural, and necessary, then why do we feel the need to distance ourselves from our own behavior? Until people will become aware that eating animals is a choice - an unnecessary one - we will live with the same mentality of oppression, contributing to an absurdity that knows no bounds.

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7 Reasons Why I Refuse To Stop Eating Meat

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