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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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A sage once captured an Arpeegy and shaved it in an effort to see what an Arpeegy looked like under all its fur. As the fur was shaved, more fur instantly sprouted from the Arpeegy to replace the lost fur.

Every time the Arpeegy sprouted more fur the smaller its eye became until finally the sage was left holding nothing but a pile of fur! Arpeegy are truly kindhearted and mean no malice to any living creature, but they are drawn to books. This would not be a bad thing but Arpeegy are also very giving creatures and they freely lend their books to other Arpeegy to read. This can result in the "borrowed" book not being returned to its owner for days, weeks, months, or even years!

Many an Arpeegy has been refused a village library card for failure to return a book and the resulting overdue late fees. Arpeegy usually live deep within a forest but have been known to inhabit human dwellings such as libraries and bookstores. Most recently there have been rumors of Arpeegy residing under living room furniture, but this has yet to be substantiated.

Arpeegy have never been seen eating anything and are thought to exist solely on the energy created by their imaginations.

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Arpeegy are peace loving creatures and avoid confrontation whenever possible. However, a cornered Arpeegy can defend itself by making its normally soft fur stand straight up, this has the effect of surrounding the Arpeegy with thousands of needle-sharp quills. Once every century the best storyteller among the Arpeegy is elevated to the status of Arpeegy Chief. The Arpeegy Chief is the most respected of the Arpeegy community and acts as a governor and the voice of the Arpeegy.

This title and status are only given to an Arpeegy who has the ability to capture the "aura of imagination" within a book and then use this aura to weave a tale of great history, knowledge, wisdom, adventure, mystery, drama, or excitement. Such a tale is as captivating as the greatest illusion and listeners of the tale are encouraged to participate in its creation. Arpeegy Chief responsibilities include the weaving of elaborate stories, protection of the Arpeegy community, and safeguarding the community's collection of books. These tasks are accomplished with the Arpeegy Chief's ability to capture the "aura of imagination" within a book and then to use the aura to create illusions that enhance stories, lead would be attackers away from the Arpeegy community, and to hide the community's books from the clutches of villainous thieves.

The shop was small and mainly catered to the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons crowd.

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It seems the request was a blessing because I had been toying with the idea of changing the store name for some time. Since my shop was based in Utah at that time, I was always bombarded with well meaning customers looking for church sanctioned hobbies to mail to their loved ones serving LDS missions. Although this was great for public relations, it was not so good for selling Role Playing Games. So I went back to the drawing board and created a new word, complete with character and meaning, to serve as my store name, trademark, and mascot: Arpeegy.

For those of you who know me, you will also know I use this as my online moniker. My minute a day hobby had turned into an over 8-hour a day job. This presented me with numerous problems, the biggest one was where do I get the time to do everything I needed to accomplish. When the Orange Aura glows bright and clear, it symbolizes a person who can manifest success in ways others can only dream of.

The lighter the shade of Yellow in the Aura, the more optimism exists. When Yellow moves into Gold we are talking about the Divine mind and spiritual awakening. If the Yellow in the Aura, particularly near the head, looks muddy it represents someone who is having a lot of trouble learning something new, or someone with sleep problems. A Green Aura can be a very healthy hue symbolizing growth, new changes and a strong connection to nature. Green is the most common color associated with Healer spirits, inventive souls and people with the ability to communicate effectively.

A Blue Aura denotes someone with great compassion and the potential to become a healer of some type. These people want to reach out and have the sensitivities to simply know when something is awry. This can be a little unnerving to people who feel their shields are rock solid — just forget it. The Auric Blue Ray is not only perceptive but also clairvoyant. An Indigo or Dark Blue Aura ties to our emotions and also psychic senses as communicated through the 3rd eye.

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The amount of Indigo in an Aura represents the level of spiritual development, magical aptitude and overall visionary acuity. Purple moves further up the Chakra scale to the Crown. It is the most attuned area of the aura that can see and think forward in truly visionary ways. It represents sagacity, insight and vision. Akin to Indigo it has strong spiritual and metaphysical symbolism along with revealing creativity and resourcefulness. A Purple or Violet Aura indicates that a person is attuned vibrationally to the Divine and angelic realms. Because of this, those with a predominantly Purple Aura are likely to be powerful psychics and mediums — even if they do not offer readings professionally.

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Conversely dull Gray shows fear about personal health. Healers tell us that a lot of Gray in a specific part of the body reveals some physical problem to which to attend in that region. The Gold Aura goes up one notch from Silver as the color indicating an evolved soul or one who is under the safekeeping of specific spiritual entities like angels. Such people are driven by those things that they see as being best for all humankind. They are sages and seers and, as such, often misunderstood by the mainstream.

Service to others is their highest intention. Though soldiers and police officers must often times use brutal force, most of them presumably assume these roles in life because their soul lives to serve. It is not unusual to see a Gold Aura surrounding those who put their lives on the line so others may be free from harm. A White Aura expresses spirituality, honesty and purity.

Pink or Red Aura

Rare is the human who has a significant amount of White in their Auric Field. Many healers have a significant amount of White in their Aura — especially energy healers. That energy then flows through them through to whomever needs healing. Though healing energy can be all colors, White is most associated with Divine love.

This love is considered the highest and most healing of all.