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The Chosen Ones will keep you guessing until the very last page. Double Wow What a book! I am loving it Well Done Carol Wyer for another 5 big fat star book. I love this series and this didn't disappoint it was beautifully written, dark, emotional and full of twists I didn't see coming. I really enjoyed this book one of my favourites for I have no hesitation in recommending. I've just finished the Silent Children and I now want more more more I'm gutted I read this too fast as I wanted to savour every word Fabulous and very highly recommended.

I cannot wait for her next. I was on the edge of my seat I highly recommend this one! Get A Copy. Kindle Edition , pages. More Details DI Robyn Carter 5. Other Editions 2. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Chosen Ones , please sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. And if so what is the connection? Robin Carter is a clever, relentless, and committed Detective I found this case so intriguing and compelling and I loved the approach to solving it I would give this book all the stars but for one small problem View 2 comments.

May 22, Carolyn rated it really liked it Shelves: thriller , , netgalley , netgalley , police-procedural. In this fifth novel of the series, DI Robyn Carter finds herself investigating three murders. All different but something tells her they are related. First there was the young delivery driver, found posed as a scarecrow in the middle of a field, then a friend of his, killed in his garage by a sharp implement inserted through his ear, and then a local doctor knocked down and run over outside her clinic.

What is it that links these murders and why would someone want these three people dead? It's al In this fifth novel of the series, DI Robyn Carter finds herself investigating three murders. It's always a sign of a good thriller when it takes you most of the book to work out who the murderer is and then the rest of the book to work out why.

The case moves slowly for DI Carter with the clues coming slowly at first so that the links between the murders are hard to see. Several possible leads involve a drug racket, a brawl between football teams and property development and there are several twists and turns until the real underlying motive becomes apparent. Her private life is almost non-existent as she is still not certain whether to believe that her fiance was killed in Afghanistan or has gone into hiding. The ending suggests that we may find out more in the next instalment which would be good so that poor Robyn can move on with her life.

Apr 24, Sue rated it really liked it Shelves: book-5 , crime-mystery , mystery-thriller , bookouture , kindle-paperwhite , detective-crime , part-of-series. I have read the first four books in this series and loved them, so now plan to read the remaining last book in the series. This book could be read easily as a standalone novel, but I would recommend that you take advantage and enjoy the whole series.

A treacherous serial killer was out there, and Robyn had to find the link between the victims, amid a dark web of secrets. But it is proving to be a difficult process going nowhere. This is a thrilling murder mystery full of twists and turns that is sure to please. Many thanks to Bookouture via NetGalley for my copy. Expected publication: May 24th View all 32 comments. May 26, Lou rated it it was amazing. I actually have the previous four books on my Kindle waiting to be read but, as always, there are too many great books and too little time.

One thing that gets my goat on NetGalley is when a title that is number 2, 3, 4, etc in a series is not described as such.

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Luckily, Bookouture seem to one of the best at making this clear, so although I hadn't read number 1, 2, and 3 I still decided to grab it. I am glad I did, it's a fantastic ride and, as a consequence, I've moved the rest to closer to the top of my to be read pile. The opening chapter had me excited about what the rest of the book had in store for me. It manages to get its claws into you and has you turning those pages swiftly.

The only words I uttered from the beginning until the very end were ones that politely told the rest of my family to be quiet as I was so engrossed. I am assured by those I know who have had the pleasure of enjoying the previous books that they are all as deeply engaging, I genuinely found it impossible to put down! Robyn Carter is a likeable character who almost feels like a friend. Her tenacity, strong female traits, and the fact that she has to operate in a male dominated profession although it is getting better than it once was makes her a very inspiring lead.

Wyer certainly knows how to hook you in with her excellent writing and an exciting story you can become invested in easily. I appreciate the unpredictability of the plot, the twists and turns are plentiful and kept me on the edge of my seat. Bookouture are without doubt one of my favourite publishers, I am yet to find a title that is less than average from them.

In my opinion, they are one of the most consistent publishers out there. I know that friends who also love crime fiction feel the same as I do, they are so reliable and I urge anyone into the genre who hasn't already, to give them a go - I'm pretty confident that you won't be disappointed. May 05, Sean Peters rated it really liked it. Firstly, thank you to Bookouture, the author and of course Net Galley, so pleased to read another great author, and yes another great find, sits alongside an array of great detective authors including Robert Bryndza, Angela Marsons, Mel Sherratt , Patricia Gibney and Sharon Bolton.

A well paced, gripping, clever story filled with lots of suspects, and also a great team working with DI Robyn Carter, a very realistic character. A great shock ending, with an added climax at the end which makes this series even more readable, and also tells me which I had read the first four beforehand! Another series to catch up with, and another great new author to keep us with, thanks. A clear four star. Apr 12, Eva rated it it was amazing.

From the very beginning, the Robyn Carter series captured my heart. From Robyn and her team, to the incredibly well thought-out cases and all the stuff in the background involving Davies, it had me hooked and I knew this series would be special. With every single book, I think this is the best one y From the very beginning, the Robyn Carter series captured my heart. And yet every time, Carol Wyer effortlessly proves me completely wrong.

Not surprising then that I think The Chosen Ones is an absolute corker and the author has knocked it out of the park once again. Like way out of the park. At least two cities beyond it. A young man is found murdered in a cornfield. It seems the killer is somehow trying to convey a message but will the team figure out the clues? I enjoy moments like these. It makes them look human instead of just randomly psycho. That makes sense in my head and maybe it will to you as well once you get to reading this book.

There is an event vague, I know, so sorry! Like serious lump in throat sort of thing. I may never recover. In short, The Chosen Ones is an absolute corker and it will leave you begging for more! Aug 28, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: , netgalley. What would you do for the ones you love? This book explores that. Sometimes you have no idea how far you would go.

I would say this series keeps getting better but since I've begun reading 3 books ago, I've given each one 5 stars. That's how great these books are. I love Robyn and her team of investigators. They are skilled and characters that are well fleshed out. In each one, we get to know more about Robyn. Which dangles little snippets of her personal life that keep you wanting to know more.

As for the investigation, they are also exemplary. Right away we witness the murder of a young man that is gruesome. Robyn has her hands full when another murder is committed within a day of the first. With no idea as to why or who is doing this, the team is kept busy until the very last chapter. These are well thought out and you'll be kept on the edge of your seat trying to figure it out. Carol Wyer is great at keeping you guessing. Love these books so I hope she keeps writing them! Apr 17, Book Addict Shaun rated it liked it.

So after loving this series up until book four, The Silent Children, I ended my review of that book doubtful of whether I would continue with the series. I am mostly glad that I decided to read it. The Chosen Ones is a timely read because it deals with a story that is similar to others that have been in the press recently. Highly topical, sensitive and emotional cases. I must award marks to Carol Wyer for keeping me guessing throughout. I had no idea how things would conclude as I read and was impressed with the revelations that came out as everything started to unravel and the case came to a close.

The story was really well-crafted.

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Unfortunately, the same can be said of this book. Unfortunately one character who does stand out, her PI cousin Ross, is absent for the majority of the story. And once again we are left on another cliffhanger waiting to see just whether he is alive or not.

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Again it was a little frustrating. Peter James dragged the Sandy saga out for a decade, how long is Carol Wyer going to do it here? Either let Robyn move on with her life or show us where Davies is. Jun 04, Adrian Dooley rated it really liked it. A lot better than book 4 but missing that certain magic of the first 3.

Here we have have Robyn trying to solve 3 murders, seemingly unrelated but with imagery of biblical references for the way the bodies have been laid out, Robyn is convinced there is a serial killer at work. So, after the disappointment of book 4, we do have an improvement here. The story is solid enough. Plenty of red herrings and you are kept guessing for a large portion of the book as to who the 3.

Plenty of red herrings and you are kept guessing for a large portion of the book as to who the killer is and their motive. They have always had a really good dynamic and he was always an interesting character to spend time with.

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A shame he was sidelined so far into the series. A fair but if criticism from me but it is a very solid read. Slightly too long for what it is, it still held my attention and I enjoyed it overall. I marked it as 4 stars even though I think it just barely makes that score. View 1 comment. Jun 10, Kris - My Novelesque Life rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , arc-netgalley , suspense , police , britain. I do wish there was more of Ross in the book, helping to solve the case. I enjoyed the story and the suspense in this book was more towards how this would get wrapped up and will we find out more about Robyn's husband.

I am looking forward to more books in this series and there is a new series coming out, which I am excited about. This is a great British mystery! View all 4 comments. May 19, Mandy White rated it it was amazing Shelves: net-galley. After the way book 4 ended I could not wait to get stuck into this one and find out what happened next.

The Chosen Ones

Robyn Carter is one of my favourite female detectives at the moment. She is strong, respected and well liked by her team. Underneath it all she has her own demons and finally in this book she starts to feel like she can move on with her life. Although, just like the rest of the series Carol Wyer leaves us on yet another cliffhanger.

Seriously, I need book 6 now!! This books sees Robyn and the team called to the scene of a gruesome murder, a body of a local man is found hanging like a scarecrow in a corn field. As they set about working this case more locals are murdered and they begin to find links between the victims. Seemingly average people are hiding dark secrets and Robyn needs to start to find the killer before they strike again.

I loved this book, could not get enough of it and was sad when it was finished. Easily 5 stars from me. Thanks again to Bookouture and Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book to read in exchange for my honest views. Jun 09, Monica Mac rated it really liked it. I am really enjoying this series by Carol Wyer and have read every book so far. This one is just as good as all the rest of them! Robyn Carter has to solve some very gruesome murders. There is a message in the way the bodies are positioned but it takes the collective brains of all her team and just plain, good, detective work to figure out what is going on.

I really like this character - Robyn is a dedicated police officer but she is also a real person and the author doesn't hesitate to let us kn I am really enjoying this series by Carol Wyer and have read every book so far. I really like this character - Robyn is a dedicated police officer but she is also a real person and the author doesn't hesitate to let us know this too. She is smart enough to take full advantage of her teams skills when it comes to various aspects of her cases and I like this about her.

After five books, I feel like I know Robyn Carter personally. I am already looking forward to the next one : I am giving this one 4. Thank you to NetGalley and Bookouture. All opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own. Jun 24, Ingstje rated it it was amazing Shelves: netgalley. Each one is a true book-sized treasure trove because it never fails to surprise you when you see where the story takes you. So yes, I stayed up far past my bedtime to know how this one was going to be resolved.

The crimes commi 4. The crimes committed seemed just a little more graphic and violent than usual and I quite liked the darker tone. I also loved reading the snippets set in the past even if they were cruel and disturbing. I was frantically searching my mind who the little boy who had to endure such unfair punishment from his pious mother could be in the present but I failed to figure out who was so mistreated as a child.

How the, why the…? I literally gasped and luckily nobody was around to see my state of distress. It made me suddenly love someone I grew to hate Jun 04, Lisa rated it it was ok Shelves: net-galley. Right from the get-go I was absorbed in this story. The murder was gruesome, "just the way I like it. Which is really a record for me. But nearly halfway through, I had been reminded 2 or 3 times that this wasn't a t.

This is not C. Gosh, I was so confused Dear Ms. Wyer, most readers aren't imbeciles who need to be spoon fed. We know these facts alread Right from the get-go I was absorbed in this story. We know these facts already. If you wish to say something that we, as readers already know, then fine. But to repeat it again, just in case we idiot readers didn't get it through out thick skulls the first time is downright insulting.

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I don't read author's who talk down to their audience, and I won't be reading anything more from you. My thanks to Bookoutre, and Netgalley for letting me read this for the price of a review. May 07, michelle rated it really liked it. The story starts when the body of Jordan Kilby, trussed up on a scarecrow pole, with crows pecking at him is found in a corn field.

Jordan is the son of wealthy business man Nathaniel Jones Kilby who is responsible of several redevelopment projects, including the field that Jordan had died in. Not only because of his father but they thought he was quite weird due to him be into Marvel comics and figurines, he was always under the thumb by his girlfriend Rebecca but, he was also mad about cycling. They thought his death was due to rivalry but, when they find his friend Owen dead as well, DI Robyn Carter knows that she has a serial killer on her hands. I have read and enjoyed all books in this series and this was another thought provoking, gripping fast paced thriller, with lots of red herrings to keep you guessing throughout.

The cliff hanger was a bit samey. So because of this I give it 4 stars. Thank you Bookoutre and Netgalley for a copy of this book for an honest review. May 31, Alison rated it it was amazing. I think the whole world probably knows by now I have a mega girly crush on DI Robyn Carter, in my eyes she can do no wrong. Parents Guide. External Sites. User Reviews. User Ratings.

External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This. Unrated 1h 45min Drama 20 January France. Director: David Pablos. Writer: David Pablos. Cannes Un Certain Regard. Mexican Movies Want to Watch. Spanish Language Films I have seen.

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