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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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This turned out longer than I expected. You're welcome! For centuries the Darkwing Blade had drained life from its every owner, granting him great power in combat and common life instead. Thus the only cure for this sword is For only the small and innocent can pay the price of corruption. The Sword of Dracula. Centuries ago, when Dracula ruled over Transylvania, he used this cursed sword to kill anyone who went against him.

One day however, someone managed to kill him but on that very day, he vowed revenge and thus cursed the sword. Many had tried to destroy it since his death but none had succeeded, instead it would curse whoever touches it with bad luck that would range from carriage accidents, the disappearance of the wielders to even the death of loved ones before the new wielder could destroy it. To this day, no one had successfully destroyed the sword without bad luck following behind.

The jewel is rumored to turn red when the sword is touched to represent the blood of Dracula's many victims. Thanks and you're welcome! Perhaps with a candy cane themed sword? I don't know yet. Perhaps I'll hold a Christmas contest! Stage 1 Being strong is everyone's desire.

Having equipment is one of them. Rumors say there is a sword that can make anyone become the strongest and no one can defeat it. Those who wisely stay away from the sword, those who are filled with passion and ambition want it for themselves. Red gems that glow like fire, and ice-cold black metal attract anyone, even those who are good. So that it becomes a slave to the sword forever. Fighting while swinging and freeing his strength, melt away everything.

While the owner will lose his sanity. That is the curse, and why is the name of the sword the Dark Battle. Thanks for taking part in the contest, for the story and the potion! The sword grants its wielder great power and immortality when wielded. However, the more one wields it the more it devours their inner light until they become a denizen of the night, no longer aware that they were once human.

Just another demon or beast to plague the people of the land. The stronger the wielder the stronger the beast they become. Some people have wielded this sword in order to slay such beasts only to become one when the task is complete. Awesome Featured By Owner Oct 30, Deathly Hallows Blade turns the user into a mindless Werewolf-Bat at night.

The sword becomes the sternum for the time being. Upon death, the user will grow into a gnarled tree, with the sword lightly held in place for the next user. Ill come back with a picture of the elixer. The Lonesome Rider This sword seems and finds souls it can bond to, providing them with knowledge and power and demonic strength. Their eyes and hooves glow with flame, leaving burnt hoof prints wear they tread. The Ember's Rage Thee who takes my hand, shall seek forth rage Darkness shall cover your mind, prisoner of this cage My flaming light will seek no rest Cause this curse is an endless quest Blinded by my ember eye, through nights of cold No one shall escape our rage, as it is foretold The legend of the Ember's Rage is not a tale that has not reach a single soul.

Its jewel that was formed from a single ember from the fiery head of its master, the Headless Horseman, the same horseman…that beheads all in his path. The ember separated, and set raging flames throughout the forest, blazing heat no one could compare. The heat was strong and boiled even the source, nothing survived, but the ember which turned to a jewel.

The jewel toppled and twirled off hills and slopes till it rested on an obsidian stone, its heat melting into the rock. Being a part of the headless horseman, his rage has been shared into the jewel, pulsing into the rock itself becoming one. Little would the unfortunate soul who found the jewel, foolishly attempting to separate the jewel from its resting place, fusing with a beating life itself. Till the host dies, the sword will remain where its host falls. Link for the potion is down below: For Rittik-Design contest.

Wow, even with a poem! And I really like the story you've created, especially about the jewel-ember! Sword of The Pumpkin King This sword is used by Jack Skellington when he needs a great and powerful weapon to strike fear into his enemies and those who need a good scare. It is cursed to always make whomever is cut or slashed with this sword become absolutely terrified and unable to feel anything but gut wrenching fear of the attacker. This curse also has no effect on Jack since he is the king of nightmares and duke of dread. Prev 1 2 3 4 Next. More from Rittik-Designs. View Gallery.

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Adoptables, I sold one, now what? So you started doing adoptables, made or used a nice lineart, put some pretty colours on it and someone liked it enough to shove money or points in your face and demand it for themselves.

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Awesome, you just sold your first adoptable and I can tell you that the main part making one and finding a buyer is done. Since selling adoptables is not easy, many people concentrate only on the first part of it, which is made up of designing and advertising the adoptable.

And then suddenly a buyer appears and pays. The aluminum bats have captured the market for the wrong reason. Customers prefer them because they are lighter, easier to swing, and supposedly contribute to greater distances on those occasions when bat meets ball. One store clerk estimated that the aluminum bats outsell wooden models by about ten to one. The result is a generation of young players learning the game using bats that aren't permitted in professional baseball. The pros use wooden bats, not too different from those used by Ruth and Gehrig, Williams and Musial, Aaron and Dimaggio.

The Fridge

Of course, few young players will ever be talented enough to play professionally, but wouldn't they derive some joy from just swinging a bat of the type used by today's big leaguers? Players are learning the game with a tool that can't be used in professional leagues and some other collegiate and amateur competition.

Maybe the time will come when traditional wooden bats, made primarily of ash, will be keepsakes and the professionals will approve the use of aluminum. If the claims about aluminum are true, no batting records will be safe, and it won't be a very pleasant world for pitchers.

I put all those considerations aside, however, in order to make an objective study of the bats. Let's talk about price. Ball park hot dogs have increased in price, but nothing like the bats. For a person with a batting average like mine, aluminum is not in my ballpark. Please Sign In and use this article's on page print button to print this article. Email Share Share Tweet. Apparently not. The characters will develop as much as we need them in for whatever space of time we are reading them.

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This is not to say that the preceding books should be ignored rather they should be all the more treasured for holding the dim secrets of the past that the characters are now going on about. Exposition, like so many nice things, is unequivocally nice. It is only good manners to fill us in on the proceedings. Unfortunately as one knows so well about things that are filled in, the filling can never quite satisfy the anticipation. One cannot appreciate filling at all if it is filled in before you appreciate what has been left empty.

If anything these expository flourishes should be left towards the end of the book where they will explain away the mystery that is building upon us. Wasn't that the vampire I relish that fact that by the time one reaches book six in a series one begins to receive what little should be ex-posited. Let us assume we want to be caught up. We read to be caught, no?

Hallow your speech or hollow your home

We read to be choked up. We read to be throttled. Do I not want to be caught up in the present scene? Imagine then how difficult it is to do when the scene you are trying to watch in a soap opera is blasting you with flashback after flashback so that the kiss which should be coming to us is delayed.

This isn't the best example since one wants a kiss to be delayed. Let us say our soap opera hunk is crossing the street when he is bombarded by a long series of flashbacks that explains his relation to the crosswalk This again falls short of proving my point. Let us say our soap opera harlette is consulting the mirror when a fairie appears. Instead of spending time developing the appearance of this beauteous creature to another beauteous but achingly mortal creature, we are entertained by all the harlette's previous consultations of the mirror.

At this point, I give up. Somehow all these flashbacks work. I sat down to read Hallowed Circle. I began reading meanwhile wondering how soon this was published after the last. I finished. My inner thoughts read something like: "I appreciate that the author caught me up over those first sixty pages, to prime me for what will follow, but even so little in a three hundred page book is too much and what is unforgivable is that some of the primer does not even get painted over.

She ruined that colorful scene out in the cornfield. For this I cannot forgive her. All the more reason I would fire back that she should be turning these thoughts over and developing them beyond the fact that the vampire was here, the werewolf was there. To sidetrack finally and to talk about the glitches in the system in a glitchy manner, Persephone is a name that I cannot understand even fictional people being unable to pronounce.

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  7. People should be getting her name right. Persephone has got to be in the upper echelons of mythological names that are easy to pronounce. She remains honest under the most distressing situations. Her honesty, in fact, under the gavel in one scene comes across as nigh unbelievable. What I liked about the previous book was how it defused otherwise predictable proceedings.

    This book kind of makes me want to put my foot in my mouth because every defusal feels forced and campy. Some of the best scenes are what I complained about in the previous book, scenes where nothing supernatural occurs and three people just sit at a coffee table and relate their beliefs. So the strengths reside in its treatment of mundane scenes like pumpkin carving or kung-fu fighting. These events are taken slow, even a terrific sex scene. But following that the gears start to shift, speeding through a concert setting where a rather forced catalyst occurs.

    Seriously girl if you just hung around a little longer All in all, a lot of the witchcraft testing reminded me of Harry Potter and the Goblet. The ending then rushes you out and the action gets confusing and other characters have to explain it to each other over and over and all of the minor characters lose development and become hollow. I think the cover is a good summary of the proceedings: very colorful but only in that upper right hand corner where Persephone or some other character because!

    Persephone does not rock out in this book holds her hand out. Dec 29, Regina De Los Reyes rated it liked it. Second book in the series was pretty good as well. Some things detailing history of who and what the Lustrata is was a little rough for me to understand possibly not enough coffee still enough to keep me intrigued and ready for the next in the series. Dec 14, Shelley rated it liked it Shelves: witches , release , fantasy , vampires.

    Synopsis: Persephone Alcmedi has been persuaded to compete for the position of High Priestess of the Cleveland, Ohio, coven now that the former priestess, Vivian Diamond, has strangely gone missing. Not only does Seph know rather more about Vivian's disappearance than the other witches realize, but the epic struggle she's just survived has left her with some highly unusual powers; ones that could be dangerous to reveal.

    Despite her rel Synopsis: Persephone Alcmedi has been persuaded to compete for the position of High Priestess of the Cleveland, Ohio, coven now that the former priestess, Vivian Diamond, has strangely gone missing. Can Seph hide her secrets including her connection to the master vampire-wizard Menessos and from the terrifyingly wise judges? Plus, there's her rock 'n' roll werewolf boyfriend, Johnny, and some angry fairies to deal with as well. It looks as if one of the contestants is willing to do anything -- including murder -- to win.

    Suddenly Seph has even more on her plate than she thought: from solving a murder to working out what her new powers really are Seph is dealing with the fact that she's becoming step mom to Beverly Kordell, who's mother, a waerewolf, was killed by Vivian Diamond in the first installment of this series. I like Beverley's character alot. She's sweet and there's a part where she and Seph and Nina have a moment for her departed mom. She also has her grandmother Nana Demeter to deal with and her so called prophecy that she's the Lustrata. The Lustrata can walk between worlds.

    She also hears a warning from a fae, a 2 foot mermaid named that she is in danger as long as she is linked to the Master Vampire Mesesses who's also a wizard sorcerer. Seph believes that she is tainted with his stain, however, later it is learned that she is the owner of the stain, and that Menesses is actually at her beck and call. Seph, in her spare time when she's not trying to save the world, also writes a syndicated column under the surname of Circle Muirwood that encourages the rights of the waerewolves and how they live.

    Since the last installment, her column is now nation wide thanks to the Master Vampire. Seph's problem is that if she doesn't agree to participate after saying yes, she can be Blindspoken, and lose any link to her magic and be ostracized from the witch community itself. Something that will be harmful to those she's sworn to protect.

    And, yes, Johnny and Seph have their romantic rollabout on her couch while Nana and Beverley are sleeping. At which time she runs to her spirit guide Amenemhab for advise and council. He also helps her learn about her dominance over the Master vampire.

    Marg Watt's tag cloud

    As the contest goes on, Seph finds herself nearing the end with a great chance to actually win. One of the challenges is how contestants react to certain situations, thus, there's a murder s that may or may not be real. The last contestants standing are Hunter and Herself, and Hunter wins in a tie breaking vote between the elders. In the end, Seph and Hunter are asked to join Xerxadrea's lucusi, and the fey try to take Beverely as a payment for their missing mermaid fey.


    Seph kills a fey, and a war is imminent. Thoughts: This is an interesting series with plenty of mysteries left to be resolved. Seph, herself, is a reluctant heroine, but her character is well written and her courage to save those she cares about, is compelling. I want to see what happens now that Hunter is in charge of the coven, and both she, and Seph are members of this new lucusi.

    Fun part: the ending when the witches actually, yes, use a broom and fly. I enjoyed the Eximium itself and the way the writer put us in Seph shoes as she proceeded step by step through each phase of the contest. Of course, you had to know that Hunter would win. Fatal Circle Persephone Alcmedi, Book 3 is next on my list to read. Ever see an archetype paranormal creature de-evolve into a caricature, without the intention to be self mocking? For example, when I'm looking for vampire books, I avoid books where you've got a character named Dracula with a widow's peak who swirls around a cloak.

    Beyond the original that's just a caricature. It really works when it's self-mocking like in Jim Carrey's "Once Bitten". Outside of that, it feels lazy and a bit cheesy. Well, towards the end of this book - not a plot spoiler - we see witches flying around on broomsticks. Immediately the theme music for "Bewitched" started playing in my head. Using the pointy hats for a ceremony was bad enough. Overall, I'm enjoying this series, but every once in awhile it goes off the rails like above. The backbone of this series seems very similar to Laurell K.

    Hamilton's "Anita Blake" series, my personal favorite urban fantasy. There is the beginning of a setup to mirror Anita's Triumverate and the so called Mary Sue-ish central female character with all the power, but the similarities end there. Tangent In the book, there was an argument on the difference between seeing things in black and white, versus seeing things in shades of grey.

    The normal progression is to move from black and white into seeing shades of grey, but Persephone seems to be pushing herself in the opposite direction. I'm not sure I get the reversal there. I always thought "growing up" meant seeing the nuances of situational ethics. In the meantime, she and Johnny give into their mutual attraction, then turn around and let misunderstandings drive them apart. By the end of the book, Persephone's grandmother has dug up more information on the Lustrata, and Persephone fully accepts the mantle of the role, with all the responsibilities and relationships that role demands.

    I'm still unsure as to whether I like where this series is going, or not. I like Johnny and the werewolves, but I'm still a bit put off by the vampires.

    Hallow's Eve (2017)

    The comparison to King Arthur isn't helping on that matter. Nor is Persephone's insistence that it's a "stain" not a mark. The adoration of all things King Arthur, and things like the pumpkin fight, are so strong "not my personality" that they conflict with the first person POV of the book. I love first person, but I really need to be happy inside the lead's skin in order for it to work for me. I think this second book works much better because those relationships are now familiar to readers.

    Persephone is still wary of her feelings for Johnny, but she is at least willing to admit to them. You want to appreciate me but your thoughts are always turning to him! Robertson hits us with several romantic developments in the first half of the book, but then she puts the romance aside and focuses on the witches plot in the second half.

    There is more of those wonderful witchy chants and rhymes and a closer examination of witch politics. The other major relationship development in this book is between Persephone and vampire, Menessos. Persephone is a wonderful heroine, ballsy and upstanding, but prone to bouts of foolishness and bull-headedness.

    Jan 19, Kelly rated it it was amazing. In this second installment, Robertson spins a highly original plot if this has been done in urban fantasy before, it was in a book I missed! She changes her mind when she meets the front-runner, Hunter Hopewell, who has her nose in the air and a chip on her shoulder. But Seph gets more than she bargained for when contestants start turning up dead. The Eximium is such a unique and fun plot. The murder mystery is compelling, and so is the contest itself, in which five revered crones set challenges for Seph and the other would-be priestesses.

    Hallowed Circle has two other plotlines running alongside this one; one of them concerns Johnny, and the other deals with the vampire Menessos and a group of ticked-off fairies. Robertson creates a vivid sense of time. Hallowed Circle takes place during the Halloween season and it really feels like it, in every detail. Between the sympathetic characters, the well-grounded magical lore, and an exciting plot in which nothing is quite what it seems, this is a standout urban fantasy.

    Read this and my review of Vicious Circle at FantasyLiterature Oct 10, Jennifer rated it it was ok. Seph seems to spend most of her time sharing her own mental ramblings and meditation sessions with the reader. Things one should know, considering the column she writes. So what does she write about? The most she knows is that they kennel at her house once a month. In terms of bonding, I feel that Nana spends more time mothering Beverly than Seph does.

    Now please tell, what does this mean exactly? The Authority for Justice. C'mon, really? You have got to be kidding me! She is unable to even make decisions about her own love life. She even consults her totem animal to help in making these decisions. She accepts her role as the Lustrata, by performing a ritual. All in all, I have a preference for more action less romance, so I found the relationship between Seph and Johnny rather tedious at times.

    Get it on already! And move on, to more story and interesting plot themes and so forth. The Eximium was the most exciting part of the book. The witchy stuff is entertaining. I find myself wanting to read on, purely to learn more about Menessos and Johnny, still trying to figure out who I like more. I seem to be stuck in a love triangle. How ironic.

    In Hallowed Circle , Persephone has her hands full.

    The Competition by Marg Watt | NOOK Book (eBook) | Barnes & Noble®

    What else could happen? Well, the nice little witch down the street nominates her to compete to be the next High Priestess in the Eximium, which she cannot be since she is the Lustrata. Oh yea, I forgot, she also has some fairies threatening her and the vampire! There is a lot going on in this bo In Hallowed Circle , Persephone has her hands full. There is a lot going on in this book but that seems to be the way the author writes. I will have to say I would not recommend this book to you if you do not like a great amount of info on witch ways and spells.

    The author is very detailed. For me, I enjoyed it to a point but then it was a bit too much I think I flew through that part! I think I even fell in love with him. I do have to say shame on Linda Robertson for putting us through what happened. It does get a bit emotional and thank you for giving us that great scene on the couch.

    I really loved how the whole group of characters is coming along. Everything is so interesting and intricate with all the different layers. I really like how Nana and Persephone's relationship is evolving and it makes me so happy how things are going with Beverley. The ending was great and I loved the "ride" at the end!