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Being a woman in public is bad for your health in Kabul. So is educating women. Among other things, CPS can provide your family with food vouchers, free diapers and even help with housing! One of the most important things to remember is that Child Protective Services investigators are just people doing their jobs.

Sometimes they miss things and sometimes they make mistakes. Sometimes, they see some truly horrific things. At the end of the day, they just want to leave their jobs and move on with their lives. I hate being broke - and I always have too much month at the end of my money. As a journalist, I decided it was time to use my skills to investigate ways that my family and yours could thrive despite our less-than-ideal incomes CPS did everything this article said they could not. They removed the child from school without notifying the mother, nor allowed her a chance to answer the charges.

She was arrested on a charge that was later dropped, but CPS had the child by then. Oh my goodness! That is horrible!!! Think about every thing all of yall are saying is so try it just make me wont to cry no body should have this much power over somebody live but God i been throw this a eleven times put the last time wad bad somebody attack me comeing out my car and they put a safety plan out on my kids it took me nine mouths to get them back they say do this and you will get them back every thing they said to me was a lie just to get me to go throw hops they even try to do thing to get mental records and that they naver had a problem i this befor Mr.

Gaylen stirpe. This took place in Beaufort sc i told hem wy would i go get something like that if my rites are partaking me on. I dont rven no what he wonted but its someing that had noneing to do with the case the lady tould hem and me but he told me if i would sign for it then i would of got my kids back another one of hos lies yall dss was call on my mother back to back as a girl i was raped in the foster parents home as a child by the foster parent son my brother was stabbed in the back with a shove at a birthday part when he was in a foster home did dss care no they did not i dont care what they had say about my mom she was a good momma every body got their problems but she love us cared for us and kept us from harm untill dss step in but she falt for us back not untill years later did she find out about every thing that took place at the foster home one the place us there they stop checking up on us and not to years lader after blocking it out.

Did i remember the scary truth when i seen my brother back and asked hem what happened and i toul hem tjey next day afther seeing his back and dreaming about the past and told hem about what i new from my dream and he ask me how did i no and i told hem i dreamed it only then after that did i remember every thing geting drag in the bath room by the lady son telling her what happend and geting beting becouse she said i lie on her son.

When you get yall kids back ask questions about what was going on the the foster place get them chick out by a docter. Becouse in most case kids try to bock bad stuff out and they feel that they most have done something wronge to deseve it. This is how i feel about them becouse what i been throw my hole life.

What if my family and friends told my sister who now is placement for my child 7yrs old how to report me to cos when there involed n kicking me n my son out when he was three and beig accused of something i never had a record on like sexually assault on children wen they have the sex offereds n there homes and illegally using my identity n getting my son against me whwn they had no part n his life til dec 11 Dee, Your questions my be better answered by an attorney.

Here is a link to our legal aid directory. I hope this helps. Thank you for coming fourth and giving your true testimony. My girls and I thank you. They are out for themselves and are trying to take your chilren so they get a paycheck. Do not believe anyone that tells you different! My best friend contacted CPS all they did was seperate the parents say they would look into it and did nothing.

That breaks my heart! Keep calling CPS. Keep reporting! The more calls and evidence they receive, the more they can help! Thanks for what you do!

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Please stop telling people this stuff. Cps will go to a judge and lie to obtain someones kids. They will lie in court. The judge will ignore evidence and proof of innocence. They will make up excuses to keep your kid until they have the 15 of 22 months to terminate parental rights and sell them to the highest bidder. They get cash incentives for every child they take and every child they get adopted. The safe family act that Clinton passed provides that. Abandon all hope ye who enter here. Actually the motivational funds is through title IV cps foster matching federal funds.

Trumps omnibus budget included an additional one billion in funds for cps to take and foster children. Family assistance was decreased while cps under title IV line items 52 and 53 provides over seven billion to cps access to the funds. Projected numbers are , kids will be taken and placed with cps in , outside constitional due process. Its true, they said that my daughter had tested positive for heroin and she had been clean for months. However, when she had told her lawyer it was false and she wanted to see the test report, they showed some lame typed paper without even a logo from lab.

She was forced to allow their aunt to adopt her little boys, thank God it was family. WE also fought Administrative hearing and of course lost, even though so many mistakes were made by CPS. Can cps take kids next day My 2yr got admitted to the hospital due to his breathing problem I also was with my other two kids due to one nurse assuming that I was under the influence all hell broke loose that day CPS came out next day kids got taken away all this happened at the hospital. My best advice would be to get an attorney as soon as you can because it can be really difficult to navigate a case with CPS.

I was detained locked up for two days and lost custody of my daughter. It took almost a year to get her back despite no abuse. It can be so damaging to deal with a situation like that and I definitely can understand your frustration. I just got my kids tooken by CPS because I didnt go to court, but every time i went to court they would cancel it, and i did in home with a social worker and completed 6 weeks of that, i was told police would not bother me and no need for court, but afterwards i was being harrassed by the djo and she could never give me a reason so i started ignoring her fraudulent court papers so after 3 days she comes and takes my kids.

They never gave me paper work and could not tell me the reason they were doing it they never gave me court orded a card with name on it or anything,the other lady had a bad attitude and mentioned knowing me from back in the day i asked her for her name but she refused to give it to me, they refused to tell me where my children were going what are my rights. An attorney may be able to better assist you. Here is a link to our Legal Aid article so you can find more help in your area.

Cps needs looking info. I was falsly accuse raising mine 15 yrs ago. But then i never had my child took awAy for even. A min. But now that daughter had my grangkids. And she does drugs gets n Trouble. They try say im a danger and cant have my grandkids Even when their mother was nog removed they knew she lied. But now im only family my daughter had go try help. Well 5, out of my pocket for lawyer to say Just as everyone on here is saying.


Dcs is liars and dirty. And my lawyer no matter Just kids their ass. And lawyer had ask Them to replace those babies back with me. My husband and I took Them to church with is the last 5 yrs. And cps said on. What do why again i needed pay 5, to head lawyer wat my husband is a preacher and we try raise Them right. And after saying priar cps reported i could never get Them. So u tell me cps how a lawyer telling u what i did.

And 5, later i amazingly have permanent guardianship of all Them. Not one court date did i neef go to. Just pay up the bucks!! Do not go public Defender if anyway at all. Pay Them liars off. Its all politica and money for your gov office jobs in whatever town of city u are. They terminated our parental rights in less than 10 months.

It was unproven allegations. They hit and hit hard. She was telling the social worker all kids of falsehoods and the worker believed her! She saw this as an opportunity to rid the family of me and Katie was the available pawn. They even told hubby to divorce me get rid of me and he can have his daughter back. Needless to say we were striped of rights courtesy of CPS and in laws adopted her.

He could see her but not me. We saw her many times very careful because they would punish Katie. At times they were not very nice to her. No one would. My in-laws were Soo angry at her. CPS did not believe me when I told them. Bad experience all around… My daughter has grown into a beautiful now 25 year old happily married with a young son. She is taking classes after work to be a LCSW.

She said , they have no clue what they are doing and the garm they do to happy healthy families. Rebecca, How terrible! But how proud you must be of your daughter! She sounds wonderful! I totally agree. Then wanted to drug test my 18 month old because an immature ass said I was breast feeding and using drugs. They got the the same they needed. I left town to avoid a dv situation knowing they would use it against me.. On what grounds?? I am concerned that if they get him he will suffer severve emotional and mental abuse. I am his constant. But do they care,????

I am in need of a good attorney. I know I have his best interest in mind just need help proving it. Here is a link to our legal aid directory if you feel you need to reach out to an attorney. I hope this comment makes it in this thread. My grandson got sick when he was 3 wks old. He was taken to the hospital at 10am and was kept at the first hospital for hrs. My grandson was dehydrated and barely urinatjng. At 8ish at night, urine that was squeezed out of his diaper, was tested, it came back supposedly positive for morphine.

The doctors stated that my grandson was overdosing on nanograms of morphine for over 10 hrs!! Impossible, he was a 5lb preemie baby at that time and he would have died. CYS took my grandson out of my house on a handwritten legal notebook paper, not signed by a judge or even on letterhead. If he was near fatality, I will go after the hospital because they never called code and never treated my grandson in the manner that correlated with a baby dying. Also, my grandson is in kinship care with the paternal grandmother, who continually lies to CYS and the Judge that my family, daughter, etc threaten her and bully her.

She just perjured herself in court today. Thanks for sharing your story. Do you have family in the same state? They can get temporary custody. File for an emergency hearing I had my dd at age 7 removed from me and she and I are both suffering Please know I am praying for you. Sometimes, having family take care of your child can lead to an even messier situation that nobody benefits from not always, but sometimes. Our best advice is definitely to try to find a free lawyer to help you. Taking my arm swiping things into boxes not knowing everything in there.

The next day I took a nap with my granddaughter upon waking I went in to get her juice cup not even 5 minutes.

'AGT' Singer Michael Ketterer's Wife and Six Children Share Their Family Story (Exclusive)

They said she seems just fine but wanted to transport her to a better hospital for 24 hr observation ok. Next morning drs said she was fine could go home but I had to wait for cps. Not knowing what to do I waited. When cps got there. No paperwork showed to me cps took my granddaughter away to foster home told me call Tuesday I can get her back. I have been treated like complete trash! I cannot live without this baby! Any help appreciated greatly. Thank u. It breaks my heart. However, it would be better to direct your questions to an attorney.

Lilly you are absolutely right! I know this for a fact because we are living proof. They did all of this to us but the outcome, we did not allow. We finally hired an attorney and got them back after 12 months. They are a government agency that can and will lie to legally kidnap your kids. Cps took my kid sad we abuse,neglect. Darter was seeing school nurse she was really nice to her and starting buying her things and and next telling nurse we are betting her and fighting with mom.

We was finish 1working another. Now did? Cps ask me if I like living like this i sad what she sad poor. Now what 2 court coming up soon getting as much as I can together for evandce. Can u help. Steven, An attorney may be able to better answer your questions. I agree percent with you. They are not out to help families. My child just turned 18 never been in trouble with the law. Only problem I had was after her older sister left about 4 years ago , she did not like going to school anymore.

She is much like me and struggles in social situations. Long story short the only thing the child or us did wrong and was not done with the child we actually both learned about it when I went into a coma bringing DCS to my door by my ex claiming drug use. I was on several different medications and a depressed person does not eat. I non intentionally overdosed and Potassium and Magnesium levels were 0. I used THC for my appetite, anxiety and depression.

That knocked out taking 3 medications that eat my liver up and almost left me for dead. My daughter I had no idea was using THC also. I quit last year and passed my screenings to get them out of our lives somehow my daughter never quit but was passing. This year they are back in my life cause I called a cop for my daughter throwing stuff at me , shoving me, and knocking my cup out of my hand sending the liquid in my face. Of course they found no findings of that and my daughter admitted she lied cause she wanted to come home.

They did let her come back now she is not passing her drug screen so they warned her and removed her to a lock up facility. She has been there now over 60 days no trouble and they denied to dismiss her case , letting u know she turned 18 on the 26th. They want her to obtain her last 8 credit hours for her diploma in the lock out facility. The judge never listened she did not give us five minutes to discuss why it was in the now adult child best interest to get out.

She already was biased against us for asking for an attorned. So when the attorney tried to speak she shut him down in two seconds. She has now requested her own attorney in hopes of getting out before four months but we return in two months to court. My heart aches for anyone that has to go through this.

My best advice is like stated everywhere. Call an attorney and start praying cause you will have to do what they say in the end and they will go and tear every part of your life to shreds and throw you to the wolves if you let them. My daughter has lost out on a job , obtaining her license and most of all her freedom at She has shown the facility she is in such greatness but not once did theys ask how she was doing there to her counselor. They made her choice to stay there to graduate cause that keeps her away from Me her mother, Her Fiance and anyone else who they believe might be the pressure for her drug use.

I never did any in front of my child and what my child did was pressure from a sibling and her choice to continue to use it..

Please anyone going through this find the best attorney you can cause the heartache they cause is far more worse than the money you will be out if you can afford it. Marie, My heart is breaking for your family. Again, here is the link to our legal aid directory. CPS rarely puts kids up for adoption. They will give them back to the parents at all costs or a relative. I have had toddlers who were given back to their parents even after they failed drug tests because they completed the 6 month parenting classes.

Being adopted out is considered a failure for CPS. I am a social worker for CPA and you are incorrect about your statement. Can you show me the empirical evidence you are citing? Thank you. Some jurisdictions, like Alabama and Allegheny County, PA, have been working harder to preserve families and rely on non-abusive kinship placements — and for good reason: children are supposed to have the legal right to familial affiliation with non-abusive family members.

Moreover, the removal and severing of family ties is a form of trauma for the child and other family members. In most cases, it is probably not in the best interest of the child to sever all kinship relationships. We gotta keep in mind: the real purpose of foster care is to provide a temporary home for the child ren and hope that things will work out for the biological family.

I wish someone would get this through to the CPS systems in Arizona and Montana, among other high-rate-of-removal states. At least in Arizona, due to perceived abuses and incompetence in their CPS system, high caseloads and the lack of open records in CPS cases, I would be very concerned that kinship relationships might be kept out of the loop in the placement process.

This concern has been brought up in Arizona before. And well, if their high rate of kids in foster care and their pleas for folks to adopt are any indication, it would seem that in Arizona, they view replacing biological families with foster families as success. I think that mentality is horrible — especially considering that the vast majority of their cases are said to be due to neglect — in many cases, probably poverty. Jesca, I edited your comment to protect your privacy. LET THEM DO IT as no judge is going to sign off on a warrant for their favorite-probable cause-they must have a distinct reason to enter the home and it is to be ink signed not a fill in the blanks copied signature- we have rights.

IF they arrive with the police—still ask to see a warrant as only law enforcement can serve this kind and most times the police are there as THEIR escort as in protection. Cys in Alleghany county, does not protect our child ,children. The mother my grandson.

Has had no water for 3 months lies n threaten him if he tell us anything. Staying with people who. Son is. Eleven n teaching. Sexual things. They are nt. Doing anything. She has 5 charges against her the. Police told my son to get his son. N the house wasnt livable for adult let alone child his older sister went to. Live with her dad n told us all this. My best advice is to keep calling and keep reporting everything. That way they have enough evidence to eventually act.

Call and report daily even.

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Unfortunately, some times it takes a while. Document everything you can. I hope you find some help! That is a true story! In my son Logan was 3 an my daughter was 6 mos old. I was living with my gma an my bf at the time. I started getting very sick and went to hospital.

Perfect Father

My gma am my bf stayed with my kids. I am appalled by them. If you are broke and are being investigated please consider doing the following: 1.

Ready for the good news?!

Make sure any forms you are asked to sign are filled out. This will protect you that you are not in agreement. Request your CPS report and additional records not disclosed in the report. You will need to send a certified letter and you can also send a letter through email requesting your records. Please during the investigation do not speak with CPA and do not trust your family doctor or school staff. I can not stress this enough.

When you receive your CPS report. Make a chart of anything that is conflicting or what you can prove that is untrue. People interviewed in the report contact them, best by email. You can type what is reported they said and ask if they said that? Do your own investigation on what has been said in the report. You should record if in person. Consider home schooling your children if possible. CPS can interview your children at school weekly. They can Forensic interview your children at school.

Isabella, Thanks for the tip! However, due to the complexity of regulations and laws, I would definitely advise anyone considering these measures especially 5, 6, or 7 to contact a lawyer before doing these things as they may cause additional problems. You are so right , I did try a few of these but the biggest one I wish I could have did was moving out of this county.

I had no means or way to get out. I thought we had privacy rights for us and our child. NO think again. My info was released and my childs also. Had nothing to hide but its the point its none of your business and yeah in a way I did have many year of different antidepressants. Yes everyone beware what you say and how you say it cause they change the words to fit their case. Your question may be better answered by an attorney. Letters talking about nothing serious,just about braiding hair,favorite songs.. That sounds weird to me, but you should direct your question to an attorney.

Cyf did not help me they used me being a single mom and low income against me. They favored the foster family. I got nothing from them to help me. I was told no or ignored when I asked for help. Maybe you could reach out to an attorney? My adult son was in a severe car accident that left him with multiple brain trauma.

When he finally woke up out of coma he didnt know who I was or any of his family. He dont remember any of his past even as a child. I stayed with him in the hospital for 8 weeks,he almost died several times. After hospital he had to go to Frazier rehabilitation for therapy. I stayed almost every night. I had got into it with one staff for letting him lay in urine for 2 hours. Through our stay there he ends up with a broken collar bone.

Well 2 days after we r home social worker shows up and said they were sexual allegations made against me. She made me move my son to my parents home in another county. I told her I wanted some paperwork cause I was going to get attorney. I never received anything so i go in front of judge to let him know those allegations are false and i never got a chance to prove my innocence. My kids are my Life. Here is a link to our legal aid directory if you want to reach out for legal advice. Here is a link to our legal aid directory if you feel a lawyer might be of help. And now Dhs follows and harassed me and my grandchildren even though I changed my life around.

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Horrible people Melody Sever is her name she is the worker that destroyed our lives now my children she is after also and grandchildren. Crystal, I edited your comment to protect your privacy. We never contact our readers directly. What can we help you with? His mother had custody of her from June to Feb 1st , he had legal custody since then it yet decided to go with him to build a relationship with him but has since started cutting herself.

When she was interviewed by the case worker in the presence of her father, who can be intimating she agreed with things he said that made me look horrible. Hopefully everything gets sorted soon before I lose my cool on this case worker and my ex. I hope it gets sorted out as well. Been in my life for almost a year now. Been through so much drug test pass all do everything they ask. They think things that are so off base. They need to help families that truly need them.

Any good info 2 get them out of my life forever would be so helpful. Here is some information on legal help around the country:. Second year going through this now had a break for about five months and back again they came like you stated. Quickest way do everything they want, pass all drug screens, therapy , parent aide if they gave u one. If you comply with all still isnt fast but they can close the case if they want without going back to court. Just my advice of what I have dealt with the last two years.

In Florida they do. They spoke to my son at school before they came by. And many times said one more time they will file charges. Never have. Like most I think, I go shopping once a week. Leave it in case you run low they see stocked. Same with freezer. Keep some chicken, steaks and hamburgers in reserve. Of course always keep milk eggs and basics in the fridge. I have a cleaning lady. I always just let them in with a smile. I note the video cameras on the wall.

And learn difference dcf police vs Dcf, which are less militant. For the past 3years CPS has been called and they have spoken to me yet every one of the times they have closed the case but on the night of January 10 a femal officer walked on to private property were I live calling out my name to ask me if I failed to open the door to CPS ,then she searches me finds nothing to arrest me on runs my name and detains me on a mistermenor warrant and takes my little girl to a nieghbor house and know my child is in foster care and I am being accused of not providing my child with a safe home..

They do under most state laws. It is best to teach your kids how to answer questions if they are pulled out of class. Usually I want my mom or dad here with me is good enough. Yes, always ask to see the warrant and be sure its signed! The investigator will say anything to get in your home, they will threaten you, saying if you refuse to let them in, you will be arrested, that its the law, you have to let them in your home, etc.

Stand your ground. Without a warrant, they have very little power. Once you let them in your home they start building a case against you, and they can do this with practically nothing! Dont speak to them if at all possible, they can build their case by everything you say.

They twist your words and outright lie to get a case against you. Tell family not to talk to them. The less you say the better. Unfortunately , Yes. I have researched every state not just mine when it came to that exact question. Like stated on somethings to help with DCS , try homeschooling , I did with my daughter for a year and its free. K12 I believe is offered across all the states if you meet the income criteria your approved for a loaner computer that u keep until completion of the diploma.

My daughter just would not do it being in High School so I sent her back. Something to consider if they keep harassing your child in school. My kids were taken today, first visit, no warning they were coming for a messy house and roaches. My daughter is homeschooled, because the public school could not meet her academic needs. My son is only 4 with cerebral palsy.

They have him in a foster tonight and are supposed to try to place him with family tomorrow.

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Christopher Walken and Jr. Frank Sr. Desperate to trying to win the favors and affection of his father, the angry and vulnerable Cal is frustrated at every turn and can never seem to do right or stay out of trouble. Worse, a dark family secret about their mother is uncovered and it leads to tragic consequences when finally unveiled. That farmer, Ray Kinsella Kevin Costner , decides to heed this advice and overturns his cornfield to build a baseball field.

As the film ends, Ray is able to resolve his issues with his father by playing catch with his ghost. Although it sounds corny see the pun?