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The Georgicks of Virgil, with an English Translation and Notes Virgil, John Martyn Ipsi in defossis specubus secura sub alta Otia agunt terra, congestaque robora, Pierius says it is confecto in the Roman manuscript. And Tacitus also says the Germans used to make caves to defend them from the severity of winter, .

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One aspect of city life where Van City is trying to shine is as a place to start a family right in the heart of downtown. Vancouver has policies in place that ensure a certain amount of high-density housing is intended to be for people with children, and that has resulted in high rates of families living in the city's center, CityLab reported.

In addition to attempting to create space for families in a very expensive housing market, the Canadian city has initiatives to maintain the city's green image. Starting in , the city has tried to eliminate food waste through a ban on scraps that requires uneaten food be put in a special bin for recycling rather than the garbage.

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Together, the plans aim to keep Vancouver a place where citizens can enjoy a clean, beautiful city. Vancouver is also host to North America's only supervised safe injection site, a controversial harm-reduction initiative that aims to curb the city's immense problems with intravenous drug use. Since its inception in , the program has been shown to substantially cut fatal overdoses. Cyclists wait at a traffic light in downtown Stockholm on Jan. Stockholm has strived to make itself a city that is thoroughly accessible through bike and foot, while trying to wean itself off reliance on car travel.

Some streets have barred cars completely, and in the city adopted its "Walkable City" plan to turn the city into a series of interconnected districts with easy access in between. The urban design initiative offers a strategy for Stockholm's city government that includes the creation of green spaces, building up of infrastructure and focus on bicycles as a means of transport.

In a growing city, the plan aims to make sure that new development doesn't sacrifice quality of life. Where cars are necessary in Stockholm, there is already a plan in place to reduce road deaths through a focus on safety regulations. The "Vision Zero" plan has been so successful -- Sweden now has the world's safest roads -- that it has been exported to cities like New York. The midtown skyline remains lit as lower Manhattan remains mostly without power on Nov. After Hurricane Sandy devastated New York in , the city was delivered a harsh reminder that it would have to adapt to the threat of violent weather and climate change.

A far-reaching initiative, the plan involves building barriers against storms , as well as ensuring that power plants and hospitals are prepared for disaster. Proposed construction also involves such ambitious projects as retractable flood walls that function as art installations when not in use.

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The Icelandic parliament building in Reykjavik pictured on Jan. While the initiative isn't one that can be universally adapted, Iceland's unique geology has given Reykjavik a means to cleanly and efficiently heat homes and buildings. Geothermal heating uses the power of steam from underground heat sources -- in Reykjavik's case, this involves hot springs and even magma -- to produce electricity and heat.

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An impressive 95 percent of buildings in Iceland's capital use geothermal heating, making for a city with a renewable energy source that limits carbon dioxide emissions. The result is that Reykjavik is at the forefront of sustainable energy usage. Visitors look at a view of the city skyline from the rooftop pool of the Marina Bay Sands resort hotel in Singapore on May 20, As a means of unclogging foot traffic during peak hours of the commute, the city-state of Singapore implemented an initiative in that gave free subway fares to riders who left a little earlier in the morning.

If you could make it out of the system by a. Originally intended to only run a year, it has been repeatedly extended due to its success. Singapore's Land Transit Authority has said the free fares have shifted a full 7 percent of their morning riders to an earlier schedule. The annoyance of carrying around luggage all day when exploring a city is an undesirable side effect of traveling.

However, Hong Kong has found a way around the issue through a service that allows you to check in your bag at designated stations of the Airport Express -- the subway line for airport travel -- that can handle the baggage and ferry it to your flight, CityLab reported. The result is an international city that aims to make the travel and business experience easier and remove unnecessary extra steps. By offering a variety of settings, the schoolyard gives students the ability to choose where and how they spend their time at recess.

Her conviction is based on decades of academic research by others, her own experience analyzing and designing schoolyards, and her gut feeling about the topic, as both a designer and a mother. They are defensive and ever more so, even provisionally, given gun violence in schools. Many schools have as much charm as storage facilities these days, and the worst are, in their environmental design, practically penal.

June 20, by zachmortice. And that was the realization that convinced him to commit to a merger. June 18, by LAM Staff. A landscape design course for Ohio middle schoolers could open new doors to the profession. Scott Mental is a sculptor and middle school teacher from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, a southeast suburb of Cleveland. Between Chagrin Falls and Bucyrus, Mental made a few pit stops.

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In , he earned a bachelor of fine arts in sculpture from Northern Michigan University. At Bucyrus Middle School, where he has worked since , his range of activities has not narrowed: He teaches art, coaches football and baseball, and advises both the art club and the yearbook committee. In , after the Bucyrus City Schools administration invited its staff to propose their own curricula for elective courses, Mental began leading a course in landscape design for seventh and eighth graders. June 17, by zachmortice.

The site is a former pasture, Christmas tree farm, and nursery. For a few years after his undergraduate studies in geography, Michael Geffel, ASLA, worked as a gardener, performing the most literally and conceptually reductive type of landscape maintenance—weeding. In Bologna, the Regulation of Urban Police, which has, for the first time, extended anti-bivouac legislation to the whole Municipal area, explicitly forbids, in article 12, bivouac, indecent, indecorous and out of place behaviour, such as sitting or lying under the arcades or in other public spaces, and behaviour which causes annoyance to citizens, including begging.

On March 1 st , , the new Regulation came into force. Banned behaviour in public space includes satisfying physiological needs outwith places specifically designed for that, camping or dwelling in tents, vehicles, shacks or makeshift shelters, bathing in fountains and in public water or using it in an improper way, littering the streets. Other bans are on behaviour which causes annoyance or harassment to other citizens, the consumption of food and drinks in an improper way which impinges on decorum and begging which causes annoyance to pedestrians.


The aim of the latter is towards a general improvement in the degree of real and perceived security against urban disorder, in the framework of a renovated synergistic context between the Town Council and the Prefecture. One of the basic concerns of such political measures is the visibility of homeless people and their improper activities in the gentrified inner city which is now increasingly designed to be consumed as a real commercial good and to which a population which feels unsafe gravitates. The homeless are a nuisance because they are visible to the common citizen, to the consumer, to the elector; hence, they must be controlled.

So control policy is presented by its supporters and accepted by the ordinary citizens as right and necessary and concerns almost exclusively the city centre, where homeless tend to settle. In fact, although not all the measures are directed to the homeless, many of these affect their daily life, translating automatically to a restricted right to the city. We must not forget what Wirth said in the s: heterogeneity is one of the basic characteristics of the city. Amendola, G. Magie e paure della metropoli contemporanea.

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Davis, M. Indagando sul futuro a Los Angeles.

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    The Magazine of the American Society of Landscape Architects

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    The Magazine of the American Society of Landscape Architects

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